Philippine Working Holiday in NZ Application Guide 2018 Edition

More than a year ago now, the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) completed a massive overhaul of its official website. Most webpages had been updated but Online Services and Immigration Online, the systems they use for visa applications, were not included. Sometime last year, I noticed they had finally updated the Online Services website which would mean the webpage layout for submitting visa applications for Silver Fern Visa and Working Holiday Visa and submitting Expressions of Interest for residency had changed—making my existing Philippine Working Holiday in New Zealand Application Guide obsolete! It is now at least three weeks until the Philippine Working Holiday Scheme opens once again. I hope I am not late in sharing with you the  Philippine Working Holiday in NZ Application Guide 2018 Edition. Again hopefully this helps applicants immensely in their fight for a slot.

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Silver Fern Visa 2017 Update

Good afternoon!

I’m currently at work so I didn’t get to see the events today unfold.

I am now getting a quota filled notification. Congratulations to those who have secured a slot. Really hope that my tips have been helpful to you all.

To share your experiences with other applicants, please do make an account at Pinoy Kiwi, it’s where all Filipino migrants converge.

You can also make a group on Facebook like the Working Holida Visa 2017 batch has done, if someone could facilitate please?

EDIT: Facebook group has been made. Those who got slots, please join!

See you all in New Zealand!

Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate in New Zealand

Let me get ahead of you. You cannot obtain a police clearance certificate in New Zealand. Even the New Zealand Police says so. What you can get in New Zealand though is a document that contains your criminal record. This document would show your criminal and traffic convictions if there are any. In this post I would share with you how to obtain New Zealand’s version of a police check.

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