Silver Fern Visa in New Zealand for Filipinos

The 3rd of November is fast approaching and a lot of people wanting to go to New Zealand have ants in their pants waiting for this day. Why? On that date this year, New Zealand’s Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa application is opening once again for the 6th time since its inception in 2010 for young, highly skilled people all over the world. There are only 300 slots available for every citizen (except Australians and New Zealanders) annually so I cannot fault people for being anxious as this can be their golden ticket to New Zealand.

Update: This year 2017, application opens once again on 30 November, 10:00 NZ time.

This job search work visa enables someone who qualifies for the program to find skilled employment in New Zealand for nine (9) months and once he or she gets a job offer, he or she can apply for the Silver Fern Practical Experience Work Visa, which I will talk about on a later entry.

To qualify for this visa, you must:
• not have previously been granted a Silver Fern Job Search Work visa
• be aged between 20 and 35 years of age
• be outside New Zealand during the application process
hold a recognised bachelor’s degree or higher qualification, or a recognised trade qualification with a minimum of two years of work experience in that trade
• meet the English language requirements set out for principal applicants under the Skilled Migrant Category (IELTS level 6.5)
• have a minimum of NZ$4,200 available funds to meet your living costs while you are in New Zealand
• meet New Zealand’s health and character requirements
• be genuine in your intention to gain skilled employment

If you think you qualify and you want to come to New Zealand, then I highly encourage you to try your luck and apply.

How do I apply?

The application is made online so you would not find any paper forms in Immigration New Zealand (INZ) offices or PDF forms on the internet. You would have to create an account with INZ Online Services. The form will be accessible on the day itself. You do not need to upload any documents as if you are granted a slot, you will be asked to send supporting documents to your application to the visa application centre nearest you. Once you have finished answering the form truthfully, the system will ask you to pay NZD 298 using your credit or debit card (any card with sufficient balance and with a Visa or a MasterCard logo will do). A successful payment confirmation secures you a slot in the Silver Fern program. You will receive an email containing instructions on what to do next, which is submitting supporting documents. You will be given three months to submit the documents.

What should the confirmation email/s contain?

You will be assigned a client number (this will be your client number for life for INZ purposes) and you will be given a checklist of documents you should submit. Here is what my friend received a year ago:

The documents you must supply are listed below:

• Your passport.

• A General Medical Certificate (INZ 1007) and Chest X-ray Certificate (INZ 1096) completed by an INZ panel physician. Refer to the INZ guide Health Requirements (INZ 1121) or the Health Information page on the INZ website for further details.

• A police certificate from your country of citizenship and from any country in which you have lived for 5 or more years since attaining the age of 17 years.

• Evidence of the equivalent of NZ$4,200 for maintenance (e.g. bank statement in your name showing current balance)

• A Test Report Form from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), showing an overall band score of at least 6.5 in the IELTS General or Academic Module

Note: Since 21 November 2016, INZ has allowed for the submission of English proficiency exam results other than IELTS. Required scores are as follows:

Test Minimum score required
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – General or Academic Module Overall score of 6.5 or more
Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT) Overall score of 79 or more
Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) Overall score of 58 or more
Cambridge English: First (FCE)


Cambridge English: First (FCE) for Schools

Overall score of 176 or more
Occupational English Test (OET) Grade B or higher in all four skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking)*

* A score of Grade B or higher in all four skills is required for the OET as there is no overall grade for this test.

• A qualification equivalent to a New Zealand Bachelor’s degree (level 7) or higher OR

• A trade qualification equivalent to a New Zealand National Certificate (level 4) AND evidence of two years of relevant work experience in that trade.

Note that if your qualification is not on the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment (LQEA), an International Qualification Assessment from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is required. If you require an NZQA assessment for your qualification(s), clearly state on your application to NZQA, that the assessment is for an INZ Silver Fern application.

• Evidence of holding, or being able to obtain, New Zealand registration if your qualification is relevant to an occupation that requires registration by law in New Zealand.

What documents can I submit to support my application?

The documents that you can submit will vary depending your circumstances. In my case I did not include evidence of occupational registration since my profession does not need registration. If you are a married female and has changed your name, you would need to submit a marriage certificate. Exercise your best judgement.

If I were to apply, I would submit originals (or unless otherwise stated) of the following:
PassportThis can prove my identity and age.
NSO or PSA Certificate of Live Birth (Birth Certificate) – Secondary document to prove my identity and age
eMedical Information SheetThis is to prove I am of good health. Contrary to what was listed on the checklist above, the clinics in the Philippines have shifted to the eMedical system wherein the clinics will submit your medical tests directly to the immigration. No more INZ forms. You just need to supply the reference number which appears on this sheet. It should have the format NZERxxxxxx. eMedical countries are listed here.
Police certificate from the National Bureau of InvestigationThis is to prove I am of good character. It has to say ‘no derogatory records’. Please note that the police certificate from the Philippine National Police would not suffice.
English proficiency exam results certificateIf you have read from another source that IELTS or any other English proficiency exam is not needed anymore because you can just submit a Certificate of English as a Medium of Instruction from your school, then that is lapsed information. INZ used to accept alternative documents to substantiate your English proficiency but they are now in strict compliance of the rules.
Bank certificateThis should have NZD 4,200 equivalent of our local currency. This would be around PHP 150,000 (at NZD 1 = PHP 35).
Bank statementThe money should be kept in the account for at least three (3) months just to show I held the amount in my name for a while.
Credit card statements
International Qualification Assessment (IQA) result from NZQAThis is a full assessment of the qualification you have gained outside New Zealand. This costs NZD 746. This should say that your qualification is equivalent to a New Zealand Bachelor’s degree (level 7). I do not have to provide this because my school is exempted.
Certified copy of diplomaThere is no way in hell I would submit my original diploma unless explicity requested.
Official English translation of diplomaMy diploma is in Filipino so I requested an official English translation from the school. If your school does not provide an official translation, then please seek the help of translation services like Orange.
Certificate of GraduationThis is to further prove I have a tertiary degree.
Transcript of RecordsAgain this is to further prove I have a tertiary degree.
Cover LetterThis is not required but there may be some circumstances I need to explain (e.g. not submitting the original passport because I have an upcoming trip).
Authorisation LetterINZ would verify the documents I have provided and my school and my bank may need this to release information about me.

Where can I have the medical examination?

You cannot just go to your family friend slash doctor to get a medical examination. INZ has an approved list of panel physicians. The Philippines has five (5) locations where individuals can have their medical examination.

Country: Philippines
Type: Medical and Radiology
Doctor/Clinic: Nationwide Health Systems Baguio Inc
City or County: Baguio City
Address: Room 1, EDY Building, 144 Kisad Road (near BGH rotonda), Baguio City, Benguet 2600
Phone: +63 74 661 5801
Fax: +63 74 442 6811
eMedical enabled: Yes
Country: Philippines
Type: Medical
Doctor/Clinic: Nationwide Health Systems Cebu, Inc.
City or County: Cebu City
Address: G/F Gillamac’s Building 169 Sanciangko, Cebu City 6000
Phone: +63 32 238 6053; +63 32 414 1983, +63 933 328 9914
Fax: +63 32 238 6053, +63 32 414 1983
Mobile: +63 933 328 9914
Email: /
eMedical enabled: Yes
Country: Philippines
Type: Medical and Radiology
Doctor/Clinic: Nationwide Health Systems Davao
City or County: Davao City
Address: Suite 4, Pelicano Building Ecoland Phase 1 36 Quimpo Boulevard 8000 Davao City
Phone: + 63 82 282 2419
Email: nhs_cebu_inc@yahoo
Hours: Monday to Saturday 8 am to 5 pm
eMedical enabled: Yes
Country: Philippines
Type: Medical and Radiology
Doctor/Clinic: St Luke’s Medical Center Extension Clinic – Global City
City or County: Manila
Address: Room 1002 Medical Arts Building, St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global City Bonifacio Global City Taguig
Phone: +63 2 789-7702, +63 2 789-7703, +63 2 789-7705
Fax: +63 2 521 7753, +63 2 526 0208
Hours: Monday to Friday 7 am to 3.30 pm
eMedical enabled: Yes
Country: Philippines
Type: Medical and Radiology
Doctor/Clinic: Nationwide Health Systems AUX Inc
City or County: Metro Manila
Address: 2nd Floor Annex, Zeta Building 191 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City 1299
Phone: +63 2 810 0785, +63 2 759 5022
Fax: 63 32 238 6053
Email: / /
eMedical enabled: Yes

Please contact the clinics directly for costs. The list of panel physicians can be found here.

Where do I submit the documents?

The embassy does not accept documents directly so we would have to deal with visa application centres or VACs. The email you received after payment should instruct where you should submit your application. The Philippines’ VAC for New Zealand is VFS. They have two (2) branches in the country.

VFS Manila
Mezzanine Floor
Unit M01
Ecoplaza Building
2305 Chino Roces Avenue Extension
Makati City
Metro Manila 1231
VFS Cebu
9th Floor Keppel Centre
Samar Loop cnr. Cardinal Rosales Avenue
Cebu Business Park
Cebu City 6000

You can find your nearest INZ office or visa application centre here.

In summary, how much would I spend in applying for this visa?

Visa application fee – NZD 298 or PHP 10,430
Medical examination and chest X-ray – Around PHP 10,500
IQA – NZD 746 or PHP 26,110
IELTS – Around PHP 10,000
Documentation – Depends on your school, bank, etc. Estimate at around PHP 3,000
Lodgement fee – Around 300 (if picked up by VFS)
Show money – NZD 4,200 or PHP 150,000
Total – Around PHP 60,000 not including the show money (since you are not spending this yet)

Whew. That should create a big dent on your wallet. It really s*cks if your school is not exempted because the IQA takes a large part of the costs. Good news is you do not have to spend this much if you do not get a slot. Hah.

What do I do before submitting my documents?

Have your priest pray over or bless your documents, if that is what you prefer. Just ensure that the documents you have prepared are complete and not fakes. New Zealand takes lying very seriously and if you lied in your application, it may cost you your slot.

What do I do after submitting my documents?

Wait for the decision. Pray. Whatever works to ease your mind off the application. The decision is now on the hands of your case officer.

The processing times varies depending on your visa application centre. The system sends an email every time there is a change on your application (such as receiving the medical examination, or getting the decision) so check your inbox from time to time. You may also be contacted by your case officer if needed.

What are the conditions of the visa?

• You must come to New Zealand within 6 months of approval of the visa.
• You must have enough money to live on while in New Zealand.
• You can study for up to 3 months.
• You can work for any employer in any occupation in New Zealand.
• This visa will allow work and multiple entries to New Zealand for 9 months from first arrival

Do you have tips on how to secure a slot?

Yes, in fact I do have. Please check this link to know how to secure a Silver Fern application slot.

So I guess that is it. If you have questions, just leave a comment below and I will try to answer your query. Please note though that I am not a licensed immigration adviser so do not consider this as professional advice.

134 Replies to “Silver Fern Visa in New Zealand for Filipinos”

    1. Hi Queena

      The International Qualifications Assessment (IQA) is a full assessment of qualifications you’ve gained outside of New Zealand. It assesses which level your international qualification aligns to on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF), so you have a report that you can use for immigration purposes, for New Zealand employment, study and other reasons.


      Unfortunately, this is a requirement if your school is not part of the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment. You can find the list of degrees/schools for the Philippines here:

  1. Hello!,..what if mam i got the slot but unfortunately i wasnt able to comply all requirements within the period of completion or say for some instant i cannot continue my application, the visa fee nzd 298 can be refunded?or not?
    Thank u so much

  2. Hi! Is it required to submit 3 months bank statements or a balance certificate letter from the bank will do?

    And, as for the documents to be submitted such as passport, is it enough to submit attested copy?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Eliza

      1. In my experience (working holiday, same $4,200 requirement as SFV), I submitted both a bank certificate and a statement of account for a WHOLE year—-but that’s just me. I wanted my immigration officer not to doubt my evidences. I know a batchmate who only submitted a bank certificate. Her visa got approved. I also know someone who only submitted a bank statement and his immigration officer called him up to ask for a bank certificate. So it depends on how strict the IO is. The point is, the INZ would want to be able to verify the details of the account to someone they can contact. Showing 3 months isn’t explicitly required BUT you have to be able to explain where or how you got your money, when asked.

      2. Yes, just explain this on a covering letter. If the application gets approved eventually, they will ask the applicant to send the passport.

      Thank you for your questions!

  3. im having a hard time understanding the university thing. i graduated at university of perpetual help. BS HRM do you think i am qualified?

    1. Hi Lyka

      Why are you having a hard time understanding this “university” thing?

      Immigration New Zealand wants to an individual’s degree or qualification obtained overseas assessed if it has the same standards as a degree or qualification obtained in New Zealand. (In short, they want to know if Philippine degree is equivalent to New Zealand degree.) They have identified some schools/degrees in the Philippines as having the same standards as the schools/degrees in New Zealand hence not needing an assessment.

      Please check this page to see if your school is listed:

      If your school is not listed, then you would have to seek the help of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) to assess your tertiary (college) education. You would need to submit your high school details, college transcript of records, college diploma, and pay the fee of NZD 746.

      Here is the IQA guide in PDF from the NZQA website:
      IQA Information Page –
      Documents required –

      Hope this answers your question. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ericson

      Your situation is a bit complicated because your profession needs occupational registration and according to Silver Fern instructions you must provide evidence of holding, or being able to obtain, New Zealand registration if your qualification is relevant to an occupation that requires registration by law in New Zealand.

      Are you able to provide evidence that you already are an NZRN? Did you undergo the CAP already?

      I am not really knowledgeable about professions needing registration for Silver Fern so you may need to ask INZ about this. I am not sure if you are qualified (even if you meet the other requirements) since I am not sure if you’re an NZRN.

      If you are a Philippine registered nurse and seeking for New Zealand registration, then that is a different matter altogether. As per New Zealand Nursing Council you need to have a band score of 7.0 on the academic module of the IELTS or a score of B on the OET.

  4. Hi,

    What if you did not get any slot at all? Will you be able to refund the payment?

    Or successful payment already means a slot pero need pa ng approval if qualified? In this case non-refundable na rin ba?


    1. Hi Albert

      No payment = no slot

      Only the first 300 will be able to pay. It is non-refundable. They don’t charge money to those who do not successfully submit the application.

      So your second statement is correct.

      Thanks for your question.

    1. Hi Aleth

      In terms of securing a slot = Really hard. You are competing with lots of people around the world.
      When you get a slot = Just submit everything required and it will be hard not to be approved.

      Thanks for your question!

        1. Hello po,

          Ibang visa po ang kailangan niyang applyan at hindi ito. For skilled migrants po ito na gustong pumunta sa NZ through their skill and not family relations. 🙂

  5. Hi, what if i have a relatives in new zealand whose going to support my show money and everything, do i still need to show my own bank account?

    1. Hi Lyka

      I have not heard of anyone using the Sponsorship route when applying for the Silver Fern, though I think it may be worth the shot. If you get a slot, ask your immigration officer if this visa allows for sponsorship undertaking.

      Here is the sponsorship form so you have an idea:

      If however though that it isn’t allowed, then yes you need to provide proof of your own funds.

      Thanks for your question!

  6. I have a question if ever you’ll not get the slot for silver fern visa still they will charge the registration fee?

  7. Hi,

    Anyone able to get thru? Nag simula ako 5am and until maubos ang slot hanggang dun lang ako sa open ng modal na di na tumuloy. 🙁

    Better luck next time 🙂

    @mslab ilang weeks ang ideal to check the site again baka may mga na-deny (hoping pa rin na magkaslot 🙂 )

    1. Hi Albert

      Unfortunately, ‘yung mga kakilala ko hindi rin nakapasok, ni hindi man lang nakita ang form.

      I think every day mag-check ako hanggang mag-three months =) Kung ganun talaga kapursigido!

      1. Hi mslab,

        awts… hindi ko inexpect na ganito kahirap.. ung kaibigan ko naka fillup na ng form unfortunately nalagyan nya ng special characters kaya bumalik cya at di na rin nakaabot…

      2. Hi mslab,

        May iba pa bang way to get to NZ other than this and the normal visa application? Ala bang nag-ooffer ng sponsorship?

  8. Hello.
    I have a little doubt. When I apply this Visa, I must already have the IELTS results of my exam?…(I read that the documents must be sended after application)

    If I have programated to take the IELTS 2 days after the application, I can´t apply?

    1. Hi Francisco

      You don’t need to have the IELTS results to apply. You will be asked to choose how you can prove your English proficiency (IELTS, other forms of prooof, took college in the US/AU/UK/CA/NZ etc)

      The application has opened today. You can try if there still are slots.

  9. It says on their website…

    CLOSED: Applications for this visa are currently closed until further notice.

    What does this mean?

    Does it mean that the servers were down and no one got through or the slots are all taken up?

  10. Hi mslab,

    Good day!

    Will below satisfy this requirement: Police certificate from the National Bureau of Investigation

    Purpose: ABROAD
    Purpose Details: VISA NEW ZEALAND

    Thank you!

    1. Hi JL

      Did you get a slot? Congratulations!

      Yes you can use that. I don’t think they really mind what the purpose is on the NBI Clearance. Mine was Immigration Requirement.

      Thanks for your question!

  11. Hi mslab,

    Questions 🙂

    1. I listed the requirements and the docs I’ll send to immigration, will those suffice?

    2. Will it be a problem if I complete medical, bank docs, and NBI Clearance this November, and then pass all requirements on January 2017? Just concerned about the gap from time taken to time passed to immigration.

    * Your passport.
    – original passport

    * A General Medical Certificate (INZ 1007) and Chest X-ray Certificate (INZ 1096) completed by an INZ panel physician. Refer to the INZ guide Health Requirements (INZ 1121) or the Health Information page on the INZ website for further details.
    – medical general exam + chest x-ray from appointed panel physician from partner clinic
    (taken this November 2016)

    * A police certificate from your country of citizenship and from any country in which you have lived for 5 or more years since attaining the age of 17 years.
    – NBI Clearance
    (printed this November 2016)

    * Evidence of the equivalent of NZ$4,200 for maintenance (e.g. bank statement in your name showing current balance).
    – bank certificate
    – bank statement
    (printed this November 2016)

    * A Test Report Form from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), showing an overall band score of at least 6.5 in the IELTS General or Academic Module OR
    – IELTS exam result

    * Other acceptable evidence of English language.
    – no documents to pass, will fulfill bullet above instead

    * A qualification equivalent to a New Zealand Bachelor’s degree (level 7) or higher OR
    – photocopy of transcript of records & diploma, certified by CHED (with red ribbon from DFA) last October 2014

    * A trade qualification equivalent to a New Zealand National Certificate (level 4) AND evidence of two years of relevant work experience in that trade.
    – no documents to pass, will fulfill bullet above instead

    * Evidence of holding, or being able to obtain, New Zealand registration if your qualification is relevant to an occupation that requires registration by law in New Zealand.
    – no documents to pass, do I need to?
    I’m a software tester (IT industry)

    1. Hi Rachel

      Congratulations on getting a slot!

      1. Yes the documents you listed will suffice. You don’t have to submit anything regarding registration.

      * The medical should be submitted to INZ within three months so submitting in January 2017 is fine.
      * NBI Clearance = Still okay; Note that if you are applying for any visa after Nov 2018, you will need to submit a new one.
      * Bank docs = This I don’t really know for sure. I think to be careful it should be most recent upon application. You can try submitting though and if they aren’t satisfied they can ask you for updated copies.
      * School docs = I submitted documents signed in 2013 when I applied in 2015. Should be okay, but ideally most recent. Some NZ institutions don’t like this practise though, like the Nursing Council of New Zealand.

      Why are you opting to submit in January? Are you trying to time your entry to New Zealand?

      Thanks for your questions!

      1. mslab, thank you so much for the detailed response, and you covered all my concerns!

        I’ll be taking the IELTS on December, and the earliest I can submit everything to INZ is on January 1st week. In the meantime I’ll accomplish the medical, NBI, and bank docs.

        Will it be a problem if I submit January, and the deadline is on Feb 3?

          1. Hi mslab,

            Update: got an overall score of 8.0 in the IELTS. I’ll be submitting my requirements on January 3 🙂

            Thanks again for your help!

              1. Hi mslab,

                Question. I went to the VFS Manila branch, and they don’t know how to handle an online application (Silverfern job search) with requirements to be submitted physically. What they are aware of is that documents should be attached together with the online app. They advised me to contact NZ embassy regarding this. How did you submit your requirements?

                1. Hi again

                  When I applied the visa application centre still wasn’t VFS so I wouldn’t know anything about their processes. It was PIASI until April 2016. You should show them the emails you got which references VFS as the VAC and they should be the one to determine how to handle your application. It would be the first time they are going to handle online applications so I could understand their confusion.

                  1. Hi mslab,

                    I already have my SF visa. So the next step is to fly to NZ and show immigration officers at the airport the visa proof and the POEA letter INZ provided?

                    Is there anything else I still need to do?

                    Thank you in advance.

                    1. Hi Rachel

                      For now I don’t think there’s anything left to do immigration-related-wise…

                      Get your affairs in order probably since you only have 6 months to fly to NZ…

                    2. Hi, Rachel!

                      I just saw your comment. Congratulations on getting your SF Visa!

                      I’m one of those who secured a slot as well. Was just wondering if there’s a way to contact you outside this blog as it would be great to be in touch with fellow SFV mates. 🙂

        1. Hi Rachel,

          I’ve read na you got a slot last year for SFV 🙂 Congrats! Just wanted to ask kung ano yung question nila for the English Proficiency? Kasi I’m confused if I have to take it before the date of application or I can take it fter I got a slot. Do I need to provide a score right away dun sa application form? Or hindi naman po? What is their question sa form for the English Proficiency?

          thank you and all the best! 🙂

          1. Hi Rachel,

            Also my question. Hope to hear answers from you! I am planning to apply for this visa this November 30 and I haven’t taken IELTS yet.

    1. Hi Sanu

      Did you mean the application? There’s no stand-alone website for the Silver Fern application.

      I don’t think it would open again this year. People who got a slot still are probably gathering their documents and have not submitted their docs.

      Maybe you can try next year? They may open a slot when they reject a visa application. Try your luck.

      Thanks for your question!

  12. Hi!

    Thanks for your post.

    I must say though that man, why are they so d@mn discriminating about the schools where one have graduated from! :/ :/ :/

    Btw, may I ask, do you think they will continue opening this type of Visa every November of each year from then (Nov. 2016) on? I read in a forum that they usually open it on April of every year but then the website had a problem that was why it was changed to November.

    Thank you.

    And btw, good for you that you graduated from one of the schools exempted for the Educational qualification requirement >:// ! :))) 🙂

    Congratulations and thanks again for sharing these useful info.! 🙂

    1. Hi Judith

      1. I disagree regarding the exempted degrees (not schools). Look at it from the point of view of the New Zealand education system. They need to ensure the standard of education is the same. I am guessing they have reviewed the courses of the ‘famous’ schools and they can’t possibly do this to every school and every course. They don’t discriminate upon the school because for example UP Dilimans Bachelor in Library Science is not exempted from assessment while other UPD courses are exempted.

      2. It’s been November for a few years now. INZ used to have the Silver Fern visa application in April from 2010-2013 IIRC and they transferred the dates…

      3. You’re welcome.

  13. Hi mslab,

    I understand what you are saying and I have actually preempted your response.. But I cannot help but feel this because from where I am at, I am confident that my English proficiency is good enough to be accepted for the visa and it’s not only me, but most of us, Filipinos, I think. Remember, a lot of people go here to learn English, and even during our elementary days, we were already trained in the English language, that’s why even the security guards or the ates and kuyas who sell stuffs in the street can speak in English. And that is exactly my point, that “famous” schools have an advantage and are the ones privileged enough to be assessed, but and so how about those from the not so famous but offer good education?. That’s where the discrimination comes from and a not so cheap amount is at stake. Well, there has been a mistake in their national exams in Mathematics which I don’t think ever happened here in the country. I say this because I have high regard for our educational system, it’s just that it’s still a time when we are treated as the “inferior ones”.. A sad reality.. Anyway, again, while I say these, and I’m just being objective about it, I am still happy for those who got through. And who will be able to get through, God bless.

    1. Hi Judith

      Sure a lot of Filipinos know English BUT not everyone has the proficiency required for complex situations. Imagine if an IELTS 4.0 person will be admitted as a nurse in New Zealand. How can this person be expected to explain to a patient things pertaining to the patient’s health if he does not have the vocabulary or the grammar structures required of professionals? I don’t think foreigners go to the Philippines for ‘remarkable’ English teaching but I think they go there because it is cheaper than say, going to NZ, Australia, or the US. I don’t want to nitpick but you didn’t actually preempt a response from me because here I am typing. 🙂

      I think I made a mistake of using ‘famous’ to pertain to schools. If only famous schools are included then it’s just UP, ADMU, DLSU, and UST. These are the most commonly known, in my opinion… And these schools have the reputation of having difficult entrance exams. There are degrees from schools in the peripheries so it’s not just the big 4!

      If you do not like INZ’s rules and you actually question the rules, then I guess you shouldn’t apply? If you don’t agree then why be subject by their rules? It’s not just New Zealand though. You’ll be hard-pressed to find countries with no stringent rules for migration. At least NZ has exempt degrees (I stress that schools are not exempted (like you claim) hence the list name: List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment). Other countries like Australia and Canada have no exempt degrees. Australia has different assessment authorities. Canada has WES.

      And implying New Zealand is inferior just because there has been a mistake in the NCEA? The Philippines doesn’t even have a recognised secondary education standard (IB, O Levels, A Levels, etc) and standard testing for entrance examinations…

      Migration is not a right, it’s a privilege. You have to fit in their rules or don’t migrate at all…

  14. “300 slots available for every citizen (except Australians and New Zealanders) annually”

    Does this mean 300 slots for Filipino citizens and NOT 300 slots in the Philippines? This may seem a lame question. In the NZ site it only says 300 per year so I thought no matter what citizenship you have or which country you are in, they will only accept 300 applicants worldwide. Thanks in advance. 🙂

    1. Hi Kaye

      The Silver Fern is not just for Filipinos and the Philippines. This blog is a guide for Filipinos.

      I did say it’s open to every citizen of the world except Australians and New Zealanders. Aussies and Kiwis need not apply because they have the right to live and work here.

      On that date this year, New Zealand’s Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa application is opening once again for the 6th time since its inception in 2010 for young, highly skilled people all over the world. There are only 300 slots available for every citizen (except Australians and New Zealanders) annually.

      I didn’t say young, highly skilled Pinoys/300 slots for the Philippines/only available for the Philippines or Pinoys. Don’t bother with the title much, my target audience are Pinoys and you know how there are clickbait titles. :/

      I’m sorry if my communication skills wasn’t able to explain clearly.

      Anywaaaay, I’m only just a blogger. Your primary source of information must still be INZ.

      Hope that settles your confusion.

  15. hi mslab,
    Just want to ask you about the evidence of money? I understand clearly and it says that money should be in your account, pero kung bitin talaga yung pera, is it possible to submitted other’s bank account from one of my relative, let’s say from my parents? Do know somebody with the same situation?

    1. Hi ednams

      It is possible to submit bank statements of other people (no one stopping you from doing it) but I am positive that this will not be accepted by the INZ. Just borrow money and put it in an account under your name.

  16. Hi mslab,
    thank you for opinion. I have another question, i didn’t see trade qualification in the documents to be submitted. Is this optional?

    1. Hi ednams

      If you read the article again, I specifically mentioned that if ‘I’ were to apply, I would submit the documents I listed. I am not trade qualified so if ever I do apply for SFV, I do not have to submit those docs because I do not have them.

      You have to choose if you would claim you have a recognised qualification or if you have a trade qualification. In some instances, tertiary degrees could satisfy a trade qualification requirement if your nominated skill is on parts B or C of the list of skilled occupations. Please see list here:

      1. Thank u mslab, although application for sfv is still in novmber, i am already preparing myself for this visa. I also had read ur aticle about how to secure a slot in sfv and it was very helpful. Thank u

  17. Hi,

    I’m just wondering how did you guys got the slot? Did you logged in early? I’m not sure if that’s the first time, but I did not even get the chance to see my page load.


    1. Hi jspin

      No one’s answering. Anyway, I didn’t apply but I did try accessing the website. I didn’t get in as well. I don’t think those who got in did something special or extraordinary. I do think though that they logged in early. If you’re going to try to logged in at exactly 10 am NZ time, there’s a slim chance you’d still be able to access the website.

      Good luck for this year!

  18. Hello, your blog is really informative! I am very interested in applying for the Silver Fern, but I just want to ask how you found a place in NZ when you started looking for a job, and how much the cost of living was for those 9 months? I am asking these questions because I know that the application is tough and once you get in you have to be ready, especially financially.

    1. Hi K80

      I did not really have plans really when I arrived and I do not recommend doing that (note that I am not an SFV holder, I was an WHV holder). I chose Christchurch because a friend offered her room.

      Cost of living is hard to answer because it is subjective. Those who have higher income would probably say they are not having a hard time at all with their expenses. Hope these numbers would help you though:

      I believe this would be helpful to you as well and would apply in any part of NZ:

      Good luck!

  19. Thank you mslab for your quick reply!

    Another one though, I am confused in the application process. Are the documents submitted on the day you apply online (before you pay using your credit card) as attachments? Or are they requested from you or submitted after you get a slot the application process (as one of the 300)? Either way, can I prepare the documents before the application date?

    1. Hi again K80

      I remember specifically mentioning you have three months to submit the documents. This sentence was in the blog: “You will be given three months to submit the documents.”

      Submission is analog. You have to submit paper evidences and you can start preparing your docs beforehand.

  20. Hi mslab,
    I understand that an IELTS score of at least 6.5 is required for SFV. Is there also an option to take other tests instead of IELTS, e.g. PTE? I saw this is true for SMC, and I would like to know if the same also applies for SFV.

    1. Hi jo

      You most certainly can. When I wrote this blog though, they haven’t implemented taking in results from other English aptitude tests so I didn’t include it even if I knew about it. That started on 21 November 2016.

      You could get an idea from “meet the English language requirements set out for principal applicants under the Skilled Migrant Category” I’ve written in the requirements section of the blog. SFV follows a lot of SMC rules…

  21. Hi Mslab,

    I am interested in applying for silverfern visa, I’m a Nurse by profession but I haven’t really practiced my field. I am now in Dubai working in sales. I’m just wondering if it’s possible for me to apply for this kind of visa. And one more thing regarding the school documents, I have some authenticated copies way back 2012. Is it still possible to pass those requirements if ever I will be selected. And for the medical also, Do you know some accredited hospitals here in Dubai? Sorry to bother you. I just find your blog really helpful. Hoping to hear from you soon.

    1. Hi Carylyn

      1. Nope I am not sure if you can apply. Surely if you submit your credentials they will assume you will want to work as a nurse and you need registration to do that.
      2. Better have newer ones.
      3. Please Google INZ Panel Physicians Dubai.

      1. Hi Mslab, I appreciate you taking time to reply to my comment. I just want to know what could be the possible or easiest way for me to go and settlle in New Zealand? should I apply for student visa instead? And if ever I’ll do so, Is it possible for me to apply for another course, say, Business Management or Marketing related courses. Thanks again. Hoping for your reply soon. God bless.

        1. Hi Carylyn

          There are lots of Kiwis in business and marketing. How can you compete with them when they have right to live and work here and you don’t? Why study business? Are you going to start a business here?

          Truth is business and marketing people are not in demand in NZ.

          Please see this on enlightenment regarding business courses:

          If you are going through the student route, find a job in their long term shortage lists and study one of the degrees listed in their list.

  22. hi mslab!
    Will you help me to get this straight? ok here goes.
    1. So the most important this is get a slot? if you got one, then eligible ka to how do i say this, spend money to complete all the requirements, and on my case the major IQA and the occupational registration or before you get a slot you must complete all these stuff?For the ielts, i know na, since you explained ok lng kahit na wlang ielts muna because later after you got the slot u can get one naman. tama ba?
    2. So if i dont get a slot.,and if I completed all the requirements like maybe an IQA and occupational registration, all these will be in vain until maybe next year till it opens again. right?

    because honestly i have this notion na kelangan kong kumpletuhin ang mga papeles ko, like the major IELTS, IQA and OR (occupational registration), and the rest of the minor papers, like the TOR, NBI and bank certificate. So yes, a MAJOR dent on my wallet. so to recap (sorry ang kulit lng ano : ) ) please tell me if i got this right or wrong?

  23. Hi Alma

    Please note I am only basing my answers to the experience of the older batches, I wouldn’t know if INZ decides to change things up for this year’s application period.

    1. Most important thing is getting the slot and ideally you should have the requirements at hand. Ideally. Kasi without qualification assessments, occupational registration, and exam scores, how will you able to say you’re qualified to apply for the visa ‘di ba? For example, bakit ka magsasayang ng pang apply ng silver fern visa kung hindi naman pala umaabot ng 6.5 ang IELTS score mo… ‘Yung IQA pwedeng after makakuha ng slot kasi may fast track option ata for silver fern visa applicants… Pero ang hindi dapat mawala on the day of application is ‘yung proof ng occupational registration. Nasa batas ng NZ na kapag ang trabaho mo ay nasa listahan ng may registration requirement, kailangan talaga ‘yung registration at hindi pwedeng to follow lang…

    2. It wouldn’t be in vain because you can choose to enter NZ via different visa pathways pa rin, kung qualified ka. Advantage pa nga ‘yun pag registered in NZ ka if ever gustuhin mo mag-tourist at maghanap-hanap ng trabaho.

    I know it is costly but kailangan talaga ‘yung mga requirements… and nga pala, kung ang profession mo ay kailangan ng registration, hindi mo na kailangan mag-IQA kasi ang assessing/registration authority mo na ang gagawa ng qualifications assessment. I need to know your profession para mas masagot kita ng specific.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  24. Hi mslab, thanks for this guide on silver fern. I’d appreciate your help in clarifying one of the qualifications which is either having a recognized bachelor’s degree or a recognised trade qualification with a minimum of two years of work experience in that trade.

    Medyo naguluhan kasi I have a recognized bacherlor’s and my school is also in the list of exempted from assessment but, my current work is under trade qualification part c. I’ve never seen how the application form looks like so I’m not sure tif this will be asked, but which category kaya ako? Thank you!

  25. I’m currently working as an Executive Assistant, I’m in this role for more than a year now. Before this job, I was a secretary for 5 years – similar to my current work really, since administrative ang function.

    1. Hi again Rogue

      Though though situation. There are lots of Kiwi executive assistants; how would you stand out?

      I know a story of a kakilala’s kakilala. She got a job offer as an admin but still she had to go home as they cannot prove there are no Kiwis to do that job.

      Another problem is how would you prove you are trade qualified? Is Community Development even remotely related to being an admin person?

      Hope you research more and find out if NZ really is for you. Maybe Canada will be a better fit. 🙂 I know is from the admin industry and she was able to move to Canada as a permanent resident. May be worth a look.

      Don’t mean to put you down but this is the reality here…

      1. Hi mslab, my job is listed in Part C of the List of Skilled Occupations, where it is indicated that Part C may be considered skilled employment provided that certain requirements are met – my work and experience satisfy these requirements. I don’t have the link now, but I did read on an official NZ site that parts B and C are trade qualifications. How do I prove it? The government would obviously have a set of requirements for these as well, one of which is at least two years of experience in that “trade”.

        I agree, Community Development is not related to administrative function. But I’ve known people working in roles completey different from their pursued education. I know that people in support function roles are not sought after compared to those who work in the IT or medical field. It is tougher for us, especially competing with the locals and other foreigners. I’m well aware of the risks. I have after all, experienced taking risks with starting a new life in another country. Considering all these, I’ve decided to take a gamble in NZ anyway.

        Though there was no direct answer for my question, I still appreciate your response. You don’t have an obligation to answer the many questions you receive here, but I see that you do. I’m sure it’s been very helpful. Thank you for the Canada suggestion too.

        1. Forgot to mention that that kakilala was a silver fern visa holder. To be fair I don’t really know much about this silver fern visa; only know the general stuff. And if I did qualify for this visa I wouldn’t be trade qualified so I don’t have incentive to actually know about it.

          Although I did read about being trade qualified before so I know having the two years’ worth of experience is not enough. You also need to have a trade qualification (at least level 4 NZ standards) relevant to your work. It’ll be the applicant’s job to prove his or her work is relevant to his or her work. I know of people who have IT degrees (level 7) and have their IT related occupations on parts B & C who qualified for the silver fern. They had it easy as work and qualification are related.

          Anyway good thing you’re doing your research… 🙂

  26. Hi,

    Any chances for a pinoy without a job offer (currently working in a country considered as a comparable labor market) getting a successful EOI? The silver fern route seems stressful and id rather have a much secured way in.


    1. Hi Ana

      A job offer makes your entry secure 😉 That’s the way NZ likes it that’s why they assign 50 pts for a job offer!

      Try to calculate your points here, you should get 160 even without NZ job offers or NZ work experience.

      Even better look at other countries as their migration programs may fit you better.

  27. Hi Ms. Lab,

    I would just like to ask if all requirements need to be processed with the DFA for red ribbon and stamped by the NZ Immigration.

    I’m not so sure if I will be qualified for the Silver Fern Job Search Visa Application since most of my work experience is on Business Process Management (almost 4 years) which is not that related to my Bachelor’s Degree (BA in Social Sciences, major in Economics). In addition, I have shifted my career last January 2016 to Economic Development due to family concerns. I would like to ask if the NZ would accept applications with educational qualification matched work experiences only?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Fate

      Not really sure how INZ treats applications like yours. 😀 It’s your job to prove to NZ you qualify for the visa so what I can advise is to research more, check the Silver Fern immigration instructions here

  28. Hi,

    I would just like to ask were you or your friend in the PH when you applied for WHV or Silverfern Visa respectively? If yes, what was your internet’s speed? Higher the 8mbps? Thanks!

    1. Hi Guess

      I would very much prefer that you post your question here so others would benefit. Otherwise please read everything on this website so you’ll find my email address. It’s not hidden.

      1. Hi Ms. Lab, thank you for you r fast reply. However, I still have some questions that still bothering me, I hope you can have a long patience. Iam really confused in the following points:

        1. IQA – As I checked on the list of universities, it is sad to say that my school is not included on the accredited one that is exempted on the IQA. For this one, should I get the IQA before or after I get a slot? If before, do you think I can still make it to meet the deadline since this silver fern opens at november right?

        2. OR – Iam really confused with this OR. Ho w can I know if I can fit on this? Should I get a slot first and do all this thing or I should I proceed to get a slot before getting OR?

        Please help me Ms. Lab, Thank you very much.

        1. Hi again Guess

          1. Per the experience of other batches, IQA result wasn’t needed on application day. As discussed here in the comments section before, the applicant is given three months to comply with the requirement.

          2. As discussed here in the comments section, evidence of occupational registration IS REQUIRED if your job requires occupational registration.

          Please see WL2.20.5d

          So in case you get a slot you need to obtain registration within the 3 months INZ gives you to comply with the requirements. IQA is waived if you have registration (source: WL2.20.5b ii)

          I suggest to also read the other comments here. I’ve answered questions similar to yours…


          1. Hi Ms. Lab, thanks for your answer, I hope you will allot a long patience to me. My question again is under occupational registration, do you think I’m qualified? I cannot see my job in the list of registered occupational registration. I graduated having a BS Entrepreneurship and working as an Office/Admin Staff for 3 years.

            Thank you Ms. Lab 🙂

              1. Hi Ms. Lab, how about the proof for my past experience?

                * Where do you think is the best way in applying a working visa? Is it under SFV or WHV? Any pros and cons on both parties?

                Thanks again. Thank you for your patience.

                1. Hi Guess

                  Have you searched for the job prospects of being an Office/Admin Staff in New Zealand? There are lots of Kiwis on this job. 😀 Do you think you have the chance?

                  You would soon find out that due to the nature of the application process a lot of people don’t make SFV vs WHV comparisons. First come first serve so people just pick whatever lets them in.

                  Obviously on paper the SFV is better because it leads to a proper work visa but what if you don’t a slot ‘di ba? Would you still think na mas okay ‘yung SFV kung pahirapan namang kumuha ng slot? Not saying that applying for the WHV is easier… mahirap din makakuha ng slot diyan.

                  If you’re asking me now if you need to provide proof of your job experiences then I think you haven’t read everything on this blog and on the INZ website…

                    1. Hi Guess

                      Just try. I think you’re still safe. The system wouldn’t let you go through anyway if the passport validity of your passport does not meet their requirements.

  29. Hi mslab,

    I just want to clarify, my school is included in the list of qualifications exempt for assessment but under the academic qualifications table, bachelor of science in engineering – requires assessment by NZQA. Does this mean, I still need to do the IQA because of my graduated course even if my school is exempted?

    Thank you in advance for your response.


    1. Yes you still need to do the IQA. Your school being on the list of exempted doesn’t have any bearing anymore as your degree together with nursing and teaching degrees got singled out.

  30. Hi there,

    Thanks for the article!

    Just two questions;
    1.) what is the general notice period for the opening dates? It’s so late this year
    2.) are they usually on business days?

    1. Hello

      1. This year’s an outlier. I can’t answer this question 🙂 Usually by this time there should have been an application date already.

      2. The application date? They try to place it on a weekday.

      1. Hi!

        Thanks for the info!

        Just one last Q:

        Let’s say I create an account beforehand, and I was using a few desktops at once on this account to apply, would it decrease the connection speed or slow the process down? Or would it be simpler to just use one PC?

  31. Hi. Thank you so much for all your tips! I am also from the Philippines. So I just wanted to ask, how did you secure a good internet connection when applying? I plan to go to an internet cafe but I’m curious on what did you do haha!

    Also, for the English requirements, should I ready a screenshot of my results for the application or do we simply just type our score? and just send the proof of english proficiency after we secure a slot?

    Sorry for asking so much questions haha! Would greatly appreciate your help! 🙂

    1. Hi Miguel

      Not sure if you read this:

      Not sure if you read this post either. I said, “You do not need to upload any documents as if you are granted a slot, you will be asked to send supporting documents to your application to the visa application centre nearest you.”

      If you read the other comments, my answer regarding the English results is I don’t know. The previous batches didn’t have to input their scores, but who knows if they change it this year?

  32. I am here in New Zealand and my current Job Search Open Work Visa is about to expire. I intend to apply Silver Fern Job Search Visa so i can look an employer who with assist me to further extend my visa.
    Can i apply for Silver Fern Job Search Visa while i am here in New Zealand? Will the requirements be still the same?
    I will go to the Philippines on the 1st week of December and hoping to be back again once i secure my Silver Fern Job Search Visa.

  33. Hello ma’am

    Will I have good chances to get this kind of visa if I am a licensed teacher from the Philippines but my teaching experiences are abroad? Is that the right kind of visa I should give it a try? Thank you po. PS: I’m a Primary teacher.

    1. Hello po

      If you read this blog carefully, you would know that you need occupational registration or proof that you can register before you can qualify and apply for this visa.

      This may not be the visa for you if you haven’t started preparing for the registration yet. 🙂

      1. I got you dear. This isn’t really for me. Now I understand what you’re trying to say about the registration and the NZQA..

        Thank you for your info. Cheers!

        1. Hi Kay

          That’s just my interpretation though. Other people may have other ideas. Best to consult a licenced immigration adviser or contact the INZ themselves. +64 9 914 4100

  34. Hello ma’am
    Will I have good chances to get also this kind of visa? I am a licensed teacher here in the Philippines and been teaching in a public elementary school for 6 years.
    When do I need to pay for the application fee? Is it before or after having the slot already?

  35. Hi po.

    Would just like to know more info on age limit. This 2017 i’m 35 yrs old if papalarin po na makakuha ako ng slot this nov, am i going to have issues on my age since the processing and submission of reqmnts might take 3 months..meaning tatawid na ng 2018 and by july 2018 i will be 36..ok lng po b yan since i applied for this visa when i was still 35 yrs of age?

  36. Greeting,

    Just wanna ask two things, please

    1. If I get slot on 30th November, How many days I will be given to submit documents like IELTS certificate, Police Character certificate, Medical certificate etc
    2. Do I need to have IQA? I already have PAR and my qualification is assessed at level 9, will PAR be sufficient or I need to have an IQA for this Visa?

    Thank you

  37. Hi there, I hope you can help.

    Question 1 – Do you need to complete IELTS before the applying? My exam date is set for end of December this year.

    Question 02 – What if your occupation is not on the skilled category list, does that mean I have no chance of utilizing the Silverfern Visa for migration after 9 months (After 9 months , do I have to return back to my country?)

    Thanks so much, love.

    Appreciate your very informative article. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi AR

      1. IELTS isn’t needed before applying (in case of previous batches).

      2. Which occupations list are you referring to? Now what they treat as skilled enough to be eligible to apply for SMC (skilled migrant category residency) relies on base salary and ANZSCO skill levels… Skill levels 1-3 at least 23.50 per hour, skill levels 4-5 or with no ANZSCO at least 35.24 hour.

      If your skill isn’t on the whole ANZSCO list or it has a low skill level then you need to find a job paying at least 35.24 if you want to be a resident in the future.

      If you only want to utilise the Silver Fern Practical Experience Work Visa then find a job related to your qualifications and in Appendix 6 then you’re set. 🙂

      Otherwise you may need to look into low-skilled essential skills work visas (work visa for skills with low skill levels). Only granted for 1 year at a time and have a maximum 3 years stay… after three years you will have a 1 year stand down period to apply for the same low skilled essential skills visa.

  38. Hi Mslab!

    I’ve graduated with a course of Bachelor in Elementary Education and i’m a board passer here in Philippines, but i did not practised my profession as a teacher. I’ve worked abroad (UAE) as a F&b supervisor in a hotel for 4 years and a receptionist in a company for two years. Please advise if i’m eligible in applying for SFV.

    1. Hi Bella

      You’re in a tough situation.

      1. If going through the usual route (showing proof of qualifications of at least level 7 by NZ standards), you need to show proof you are able to register as a teacher in NZ upon submitting requirements for SFV.

      2. If using F&B Supervisor, we can try going for the trade qualification route. First you need to know the job classification under ANZSCO. The nearest ANZSCO code I can find for this is 141111 CAFE OR RESTAURANT MANAGER (Alt Title FOOD AND BEVERAGE MANAGER). Then you need to find out if this appears in Part B or C of the Skilled Occupations List (trade qualifications must appear in Parts B or C). This job appears in Part A of the Skilled Occupations List. So no go here. You also need a qualification related to F&B services. Do you have one? If you don’t you wouldn’t qualify.

      3. Receptionist isn’t on the Skilled Occupations List at all.

      I suggest you look into Canada. 🙂 They still accept people in your profession (until permanent residency). I’m not saying NZ doesn’t but your path will be hard!

  39. Hi mslab!

    I’ve graduated with a degree of Bachelor in Elementary Education, I’ve passed the board exam but i did not practised my profession as a teacher. I’ve worked abroad(UAE) as a f&b supervisor in a hotel for 4 years and a receptionist in a company for 2 years. Currently i’m in the Philippines. Please advise if i’m eligible in applying for SFV.

  40. Hi!

    I wanted to get a slot but apparently Im over age as per required.
    By any chance is there any other option to consider.
    Thanks & good day!

    1. Hi Geraldine

      Try looking into the following:

      1. Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa
      2. Student Visa
      3. Visitor Visa
      4. Consider other countries.

      Good luck.

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