Philippine Working Holiday in NZ Application Guide

There is less than two weeks left until the Philippine Working Holiday Scheme application opens again on the 8th of February 2017. Have you started preparing for it? This application is highly competitive (100 slots only!) so it would be very beneficial if you are able to know the contents of the application form beforehand. Luckily for you readers, I am able to share with you the screenshots of the working holiday application form for the Philippines. Hopefully this step-by-step Philippine working holiday application guide will help you to secure a slot to come to New Zealand!

Here is the step-by-step instructions:

1. Log-in to INZ Online Services. Please see here how to create an account with INZ Online Services.

Select Working Holiday visa from the dropdown list (see arrow) and provide your login details.

Tip: You should log-in an hour (or more, just make sure you are not accidentally logged out) before the application opens. Why? How? See number 4.

2. Click Working Holiday on the left sidebar.

3. A pop-up page will appear. Select Philippines on the drop down list at the bottom of the page.

4. The next page will confirm whether or not the scheme is open. If the scheme is open, click Apply Now.

If the scheme is not open yet, you should see this:

Tip: This no-slot-available page must be the page you are refreshing before 10 AM NZ time. Refresh from time to time until ‘Apply Now’ appears.

5. The form should load next. It has the following sections:

A. Personal
– Personal Details
– Identification
– Occupation Details
B. Health
C. Character
D. Working Holiday Specific

Tip: Please only answer the questions appended by a red asterisk. Ignore everything else. This would speed up your application.

Personal Details


Second Form of Identification – You must be able to put an issue date.

Occupation Details – PLEASE SKIP!



Working Holiday Specific

Note: Your passport must be valid at least for 15 months (one year visa validity plus 3 months extra passport validity) from your intended travel date. You can set your intended travel date as early as possible (9 February 2017). You do not have to travel to New Zealand exactly on this date. The immigration understands that plans can change.

If you do not have 15 months left on your passport validity, you will get this error message:

6. Once all the sections have green checkmarks, click Submit.

7. Read the declarations. You must agree to everything before you can hit Submit.

8. You will be notified you need to pay the application fee to secure your place. Click Pay Now.

9. Click secure payment site.

10. Write applicant’s name (your name) as Payer Name.

11. Select card type.

Only credit or debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo will be accepted.

12. Enter card details. Click Pay Now. The amount charged will be NZD 208.

Tip: If you are using a debit card, please allot extra money for exchange rate fluctuations and foreign currency fee.

13. Check confirmation text from your credit card company (if applicable).

Please disregard the amount. The visa application fee was NZD 165 in 2014-2015.

There are many New Zealand Working Holiday forms published in the internet but I believe this is the first that caters to Philippine working holiday applicants. Not that it matters a lot anyway since the only thing that differs is the country listed on the form. If you are curious, someone from Malaysia wrote a guide and that immensely helped in my application.

Now that you have had a look at the form, you should memorise the layout and the answers you would type in the form. I even created an Excel file containing the answers I should put on the form so when the application form opens, I will just copy and paste.

Please note that you are not to open forms of any other countries other than yours. I read somewhere on the internet that someone’s application was denied because he practised filling out another country’s application form some weeks ago and that application had gone through because the scheme he picked was visa fee free. I will not disclose what country it is so that it will discourage you to open forms of other countries.

Good luck, applicants! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write on the comments section.


283 Replies to “Philippine Working Holiday in NZ Application Guide”

  1. Hi Ms Lab,

    Question pls.just to double check please. On the Address part under Personal details tab, say if I am currently based in Singapore, shall i put my address in Singapore or I need to put my address in my home country?

    1. Hi Danan

      Please place your current address. During the last years, it was only the Manila branch that handled Philippine working holiday applications. Who knows this year they would change it? It would be more convenient for you if that happens. What if you put Philippines then your application gets processed there when it could have been in SG?

      Ultimately it’s your choice.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Hi Mslab,

    I would like to know why you mentioned that we should skip the “Occupation” section.


    1. Hi Raeanne

      I specifically mentioned to skip those parts not appended by a red asterisk.

      The occupation details section isn’t required. No red asterisks. You will only waste time by trying to look for your industry and occupation code. There are heaps!

      Hope that helps.

    2. Hello! May tanong po ako, actually nakakuha ako ng slot, at finilled up ko lhat ng info na need, and then pg click ko ng submit, bigla sabing scheme unavailable. Pero pg chinicheck ko status ko, completed pending application. My chance paba n ma submit ung application ko? Or naunahan nko?

  3. Hi Mslab,

    I would like to ask my validity of my passport is until july 2017. Is it possible i could apply in working holidy visa? Thanks

    1. Hi Liz

      The system would not let you go through the application. You have less than 6 months left.

      What those people in the same situation as you did in the last years was change the expiry date on the form (add one more year) then if granted a slot, they explained to their case officer that their passport renewal is on the way.

      Please do note though that while there were some people who were successful in their attempt (forgiving case officers) changing your details is a false declaration/providing misleading information. It’s your risk to take. I also need to mention that lying on a previous application can affect future applications. INZ has trust issues!

      Hope that helps.

      1. Thank you mslab for your response. Unfortunately i cant find slots this january and I scheduled my renewal this April 2017.

        I also checked also the extension of passport in Dfa same way it was’t possible to stamp it. I think i cant make it in working holiday. I’ll take about it if i will add one more year. πŸ™

        1. Hi Liz

          You can always apply next year as long as you aren’t 31 yet. πŸ˜‰ You can also try applying for the Silver fern visa in November.

          In the meantime, work harder to fatten your CV up! Invest on your human capital. Go to trainings and everything. Make your CV stand out. Malay mo, ma-direct hire ka πŸ™‚

          Good luck! Hope you keep visiting this blog.

        2. Hi Liz, did you apply for the WHV today? Is it possible to continue the application after renewing the passport? We have the same case and I don’t know what to do next.

  4. Hi! MsLab,
    Can i use my bdo mastercard for the payment? And does the visa have a validity period? Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi Ms Lab,
    Can I apply here in NZ for my niece in Philippines? She’s been here on sponsorship visitors visa last year. I know once application gets process evethough it’s a declined they take the fee, but we won’t know unless we try. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Cherry

      I would advise against it. Isn’t it prohibited by INZ to fill out someone else’s application form if you’re not an authorised person (e.g. licenced immigration adviser)? If you make mistakes in the application and if found out that it isn’t really the applicant who is filling out the form then it may cost your niece her future visas in NZ. Please keep it fair for everyone else who’s applying for themselves.

      If you want you can seek the help of a licensed immigration adviser. They can apply for you.

      Hope that helps.

  6. Meron po educational requirememt? Kasi yung pamangkin ko gusto mag apply kaso 2 yrs course lang ang natapos nya. Dapat po ba 4 yrs degree holder ang applicant?

    1. Hi Arah

      Depends whether or not you can categorise it as national ID (the other kinds of IDs listed are drivers licence and birth certificate — I updated the post to show a screenshot of the choices.). You can try using it then please report back here if it was accepted.


  7. Hi Ms Lab,

    Good day!

    Does it need to be IELTS exam passer? Do I also need to provide my full medical before applying online?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Cholo

      I talked about the English language requirements here. Answers to your question may be found there as well.

      You do not have to upload anything when submitting your application form.

  8. Your post is extemely helpful! Thank God for bloggers like you! πŸ™‚

    My passport will expire Jan, 2018. Do you think the system will mark this as invalid during application? I’m still working out on renewing this. Let me know your thoughts!


  9. Hi Mslab,

    Would you please share what are the choices for second form of identification? I am assuming birth certificate is one. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. Hi danan

      I have updated the post to show what kinds of second forms of identification are accepted. There is no issue date on the birth certificate so you can just put your birthdate or any other dates (the receipt will have a date).

  10. Good day Mslab,

    Just want to ask about the proof of fund. Strict ba sila dito na kelangan 3 or 6 month prior to application dapat may fund na yung account? Any advice. Thanks:)

    1. Hi Ian

      As I mentioned here, there’s no requirement of holding the money for months.

      You must be able to prove the source of your funds when asked though.

      Good luck.

  11. Hi Liz,

    The validity of my passport is 09 January 2018. If the system reads less than 15 months, will it not proceed my application? Can you explain what happens to the page after providing the expiry date of my passport? Thanks

    1. Hi Manleh

      This is mslab. I updated the blog post to show the error message that appears when you do not have enough passport validity duration left. It is in the Working Holiday Specific section.

      You will not be able to submit the application form. Please also read my reply to Liz above.

      Thanks for your comment.

  12. Hi Ms Lab,

    any idea if its okey to use other persons credit card on paying online application. My niece doesn’t have credit card, and she gonna use mine for her application online.

    God bless!

    1. Hi Alona

      Yes she can use your credit card. If your credit card company sends you a text / pin / code every time you use the card online, you have to be able to give this code to her ASAP when it gets sent to you.

      Hope that helps.

  13. Hi Ms Lab

    The form has sections and before going to the next section it would ask you to save or to go to the next section. Should we click Next to speed up? instead of Save Section/Save Details.

    Thanks again

    1. Hi Alona

      Depends on the application day itself and the state of the website. When I applied (2015), the form deleted my details when I hit next instead of save. Then when I hit save and had moved on to another section and finished that, the previous section I saved got deleted/overwritten by the new one. The website was probably having some issues.

      Last year I read somewhere people were able to hit next instead of save.

      Decide as you go. Good luck!

      Hope this helps.

  14. Hi!

    I would like to ask, I am currently in Riyadh, but ill be going home by the end of April this year. Will I put my address in the Philippines or here in Riyadh, also the contact numbers.

    Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ingrid

      Put the address where you are currently living during the application process.

      If you can successfully secure a slot, you are only given 15 calendar days to submit your requirements. Still February. You will still be in Riyadh by then. The contact numbers are not required. Please take note of the absence of the red asterisk.

      Hope that helps.

  15. Hi,

    Thanks for the tips. If you’re able to secure a slot, does it guarantee you that they will grant the visa? Given you’ve completed all the requirements you need.


    1. Hi Charm

      Securing a slot does not guarantee the approval of the visa. If you lied on the form or submitted fake documents, these may be grounds for denial.

      Although if you’re sure you did not do anything wrong, then the grant is possible.

  16. Hi!

    Thank you for sharing this to all of us!
    And btw i would like to ask if i could use my PRC ID as a second proof of identification?

    Thank you again! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Sasa

      Thanks for commenting.

      As I replied to danan’s comment above, the receipt would have a date but if you don’t have the receipt anymore, just put whatever date you want.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Hello mslab!
        I am just curious, if we just put whatever dates, won’t it be dangerous? Hindi ba nila malalaman na fake yung date? Coz I also lost my receipt. ?

        1. Hi Jen

          A friend put a random date. She was able to go to NZ on a working holiday.

          If you’re worried, just put your birthdate. That isn’t fake, is it?

          Hope that helps.

  17. Hi there,

    What if we opened the application on the other country but we didnt fill it up. And plan to delete it. What will happen?

    1. Hi Ram

      If you delete it then it would be deleted. πŸ˜‰ As long as you don’t submit it it’s probably okay. But people make mistakes sometimes and don’t be that person.

      1. I was really worried about that warning. Thank u mslab. Also, I am confused on whether the debit cards are allowed for what I’ve read on the comments and on the steps you provided, there’s a 50/50 chance of the debit card not being able to process. I only have debit card for the payment processing..

        1. Debit cards are definitely allowed as long as it is Visa or MasterCard. It’s the bank’s problem if it doesn’t work online.

          Maybe you should make sure that it would work online. Do a test purchase on Lazada or wherever.

          1. Last question po: When you applied for WHV, where you in the philippines? Coz i know a person who also applied for WHV but she was in NZ at that time and she was able to secure a slot.

  18. Hello mslab!

    Can I use my voter’s ID as national ID?
    But there was no mention of issued date. Thanks! Or can I just use my TIN ID since there is date issued there.


    1. Hi Jen

      I did not use my voter’s ID specifically because it did not have an issue date. I did not want to manufacture an issue date out of thin air.

      I have not heard of anyone who used their TIN ID but I suppose you may be the first. Just be ready to show it in case they ask for it.

      Hope that helps.

  19. Hi MsLab,

    I am currently in NZ under limited visa, can I apply for a Philippine holiday visa while I’m is in NZ? My return flight to the Phillipines is on 19 February. Looking forward for a reply. God bless!

    1. Hi Eljohn

      You cannot apply for any visa while in NZ when you currently hold a limited visa. Your limited visa label covers your visa conditions. Please read that again.


  20. Good day MsLab,

    Is PRC would be categorize as National ID? Do they not needding any English Test language?

    Thanks much

  21. Hi Mslab,

    You mentioned that you can set your intended travel date as early as possible (8 February 2017).

    Let’s say you are able to secure a slot, do you mean that putting an earlier date means better chance for your visa to get approved? or it doesn’t matter?

    I am thing of inputting Jul2017 as intended travel date. Any advice please?

    thank you.

    1. Hi danan

      Ask yourself, why would an earlier travel date mean there is a higher chance of a visa grant? Do you think there’s an acceptable reason? Why would INZ favour someone who wants to go earlier than the others? Is favouring others fair?

      The answer is it does not matter. You may plan to actually go in July 2017 and you put another date on the form. Putting an earlier date is strategically sound for someone who does not have enough passport validity duration left it he or she chooses a later date. INZ will only care if your passport would not be valid during the time you plan to go.

  22. Nice guide! Based from your experience, how long did the 100 slots filled up? Do I need to have a fast internet connection? Thanks

  23. Hi mam. Ako po si ralph. Kakatapos ko lng po mag CAP last dec. ngaun po waiting nlng po ako ng APC ko e feb na po. Ang visa ko po matatapos sa april 15 2017 ( open job search visa). Pede po ba ang mag apply dyan sa whv? Nag woworry po kase ako kase wala pa apc ko tapos malapit lapit na din mag expire visa ko po.
    Question number 2 po: since andito na po ako sa nz, need ko pa po ba mag pa police vetting instead of nbi? Tnx po

  24. 1. paano po yung akin passbook kasi ung gamit ko sa BPI ? kahit un nalang pakita ko or pde naman ung statement of account?

    2. at ano po ba ung options dun sa fund regarding sa pabalik na ticket pag aalis ka na daw ng NZ

    1. Hi allan

      1. You can use it. Make sure it is updated. If you can get a signed bank certificate or a statement then you can give those as well.

      2. Extra money (so more than 4,200 NZD), credit card, bank draft…

  25. Hi mslab! For example, my visa got approved after payment and completion of documents. How soon should I use the WH visa? May one year allowable time ba to use it? And then upon entry sa NZ, dun din magstart yung 1 year duration ng WH visa validity?

    For example, approved ang visa ko ng 22-Feb-2017, pwede ba ako pumunta ng NZ ng 31-Jan-2018 tapos pwede ako magstay dun until 30-Jan-2019? Thank you.

  26. Hi ma’am.. my passport will expire on June 3, 2018.. Will I still get a chance to proceed on my application?
    And if ever, my desired date of travel is on March 2017 just to cover the 15months validity of my passport, will it be possible??

  27. Good day! Ms. Lab I’ve read that they prefer explorer as a web browser during payment is it same with the application or i can use google chrome. Tnx a lot

    1. Hi Chelle

      Where did you read the preference of IE? On the INZ website?

      Ignore that and use the browser you are familiar with or use the browser that loads the application form on the 8th. IE is slow!

      Good luck!

      1. Hi mslab, i checked it on INZ website that during payment they prefer IE browser, firefox ect. but doesn’t include google chrome :-(…and i find IE slower than chrome…

  28. Hi Mslab

    If I secure a slot for the working holiday visa and when I am asked to send the documents, in what way am i going to send these back e.g email or through the mail?

    1. Hi again Eljohn

      Please read this for more info. You have to submit hardcopy documents to the embassy through VFS, the Philippines’ visa application centre (VAC) for NZ.

      Hope that helps.

  29. Hi mslab!

    This is regarding dun sa money in the bank na 200k (including flight ticket pauwi). In my case po kasi, since i dont have this amount of money for now, I planned to just borrow from someone and deposit it in my account ang get a bank cert. Then, if the visa is already approved, I will return the money.
    Ok lang po bah yun? Hindi bah nila hahanapin ulit yung 200k when i arrive sa NZ?

    Thank you?

      1. Hello mslab!

        I have pocket money. Its just that it is lesser than 200k ?? My relative is there also.

        Thank you very much!

  30. Sa monday pa po ako mkakapag open ng bank account with 200k sa nearest bank to me. meron naman po ako 40k pero sa another bank. okay lng po kaya yun? di kaya siya medyo suspicious sa embassy why now lang nag deposit ng 200k?

  31. Hi MsLab

    I notice you put “Write applicant’s name (your name) as Payer Name”. But what if I am using someone else’s credit card?

        1. Hi eljohn

          I don’t think it matters anyway. I used my parent’s card but I placed my name on the Payer Name because I wanted my name to appear on the receipt—-because it was MY application. My application was approved so putting my name in that field didn’t cause problems. To be fair, there’s another guide on the internet (other than mine) that says to put applicant’s name.

          It’s your choice, really. If you want to put the cardholder’s name then go ahead. No one’s stopping you.

  32. Anyone here experiencing “page not found” when searching holiday working visa in their website? Ganito ba lalabas until Feb 8? Please help! Tnx

      1. Thank you Mslab, another question po, if granted for Working Holiday visa mdali po ba humanap ng work? If God willing ma-grant ung visa mg isa lng po aq no friend and relatives plan lng po ng ate ko to meet me there and stay for a week as she live in Australia.

        Thank you so much and God bless u!

        1. Hindi po madaling makahanap ng work. You will be competing with locals who have full work rights and the priority (Kiwi-first policy).

          You can apply for an Australian visit visa as well, if you want.

  33. RE: Second form of Identification
    sadly my driver’s license has just expired.
    What will I put in issued date and expiry date if I will use my Birth Certificate? Thanks

  34. hi again maam

    since i cannot apply for WHV, because my passport is still on the dfa.. can i apply for a limited visa? Is there a particular date to apply?planning to apply by march .Or pls help me give the link of an updated website..i have a brother in new zealand(dairy farmer) but i dont think he knows what to do first. i need ur expert opinion maam… thank you again πŸ™‚

  35. Hi Ms. Lab,

    Are you working in NZ under Working Holiday Visa now? or just Working Visa? For how many months or years now you’re in NZ? After the Working Holiday Visa expires do you think there would be a chance to gt a Working Visa and stay in NZ for good? Hope to receive feedback from you. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jc

      1. Are you working in NZ under Working Holiday Visa now? Or just Working Visa?
      – My WHV had expired. I’m now on a work visa.
      2. For how many months or years now you’re in NZ?
      – 15+ months.
      3. After the Working Holiday Visa expires do you think there would be a chance to gt a Working Visa and stay in NZ for good?
      – This is not for me to answer. This would depend on your work experience, strength of your job applications, maybe luck, and a lot more variables… When you’re here you just hope for the best and find that visa support from an employer.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Hi Ms. Lab,

        Sorry to bother you but I have few questions again. I just want to make sure I asked all my questions in mind before proceeding with the application since the amount to be paid is not a joke. Hihi

        -Did you go back here in the Philippines after your WHV expired? or You applied for Working Visa in NZ?
        -Is there any an expiration or deadline to submit the required documents after I got a slot and paid for it? I don’t have much requirements yet and I don’t think I can complete it within a month.

        Thank you!

        1. – I haven’t come back to the Philippines since 2015. My work visa was approved here. The key is applying for a new visa you are eligible to apply for before your current visa expires.

          – If you read the other post, you would know that the documents need to be submitted by 15 calendar days. You can try contacting your CO to ask for an extension though.

  36. thanks for this helpful post. dito po akong NZ ngayon. ano po kaya ung fields na iba sa Working Holiday Specific na part?

  37. hello po,

    just wondering? is the pin located at the right side of the signature panel different from the PIN coming from the bank thru text? If i understand it correctly, 3-digit PIN will be encoded first right? then after receiving the PIN from the bank, where will i encode it? and also how long do i have kasi its my aunt’s credit card.

    Thank you very much po!

    1. Hi Pat

      The 3 numbers at the back of a credit card is not a PIN. It’s the CVV or the card verification value (terminology may vary depending on the card).

      Please refer to the screenshot above where you can place this code.

      Just research or ask your aunt if it has a one-time PIN or code so you know. I can’t answer you how long this arrives because this depends on each card, yeah? I shouldn’t be answering questions about credit card use, it’s 2017!

      1. Thanks a lot mslab, just one more thing, when i receive the one-time PIN, where will i place it? if I am not able to enter it right after, will i lose the chance of securing a spot? or is it considered paid already?

        thanks much

        1. After #12 you will be directed to a page similar to this.

          This is only an example as other cards may have different processes.

          If you can’t enter the OTP then it is not paid. No payment, no slot.

  38. Should we Answer YES to the question “Have you been previously issued a New Zealand Working Holiday??
    The note says it. Can I have clarification pls Thanks

    1. Hi Ron

      The note says to tick yes even if you have been issued a visa working holiday visa before and you did not use it.

      If you answer Yes to this question the system will not let you proceed.

      Please read again to understand fully! You need to be able to read carefully if you want to go abroad.

  39. Hi. Do we need to provide a chest xray certificate since we are living in the Phils upon the submission of this application? Or will they instruct us when to do so? Thanks πŸ™‚

      1. So they will request for it after I get a slot? So upon submission of the application, I don’t have to provide it? Sorry for being redundant, I just want to make sure πŸ™‚

  40. Hi! My passport is valid until September 2017. Is it possible to pass the application and still have a chance of being selected or should I just wait for next year’s opportunity on this type of visa?

    Thank you so much.

  41. Hi mslab! No question. haha, I just want to comment my thanks for this very informative article! Bless you for sharing your knowledge & insights ??

  42. Hi MsLab!

    Ako po si Paul Jerson. Tama po bang sa personal details ang ilagay sa Given Name 1 ay Paul at sa Given Name 2 ay Jerson? Sa passport ay Paul Jerson ang nakalagay sa Given Names. Thank you! :*

  43. Thank you so much for all the tips and information!!! So lucky to have stumbled upon your blog just hours before the visa application schedule. Will update you if I make the slot or not. *fingers crossed*

  44. The screen says THERE NO SCHEME OPEN FOR THIS COUNTRY not the UNFORTUNATELY THE AVAILABLE SPACES………….. Is this gonna open soon? thank you.

  45. OMG guys, please just read.
    If you are really serious about this application, READ and do your research too. hindi yung tanong lang ng tanong kahit natanong na or kahit obvious na yung sagot sa main page. Otherwise, just leave the chance up to other people who are seriously want to get a slot. not saying you shouldn’t, but atleast READ. #justsaying

      1. Actually, good thing nasa Japan ako now for vacation and mabilis net. Though mabagal parin siya every section pag ninext, mabilis lang siguro ako magtype kaya ganun.hehe

        1. Hi Erol!
          Are you already in NZ? My application was approved too, but still looking for a place to stay somewhere in Wellington. By any chance, are you in Wellington? Thanks in advance!

  46. Is there a chance that slot will be available again? I was not able to secure a slot but I was able to finish the application πŸ™ ang bagal ng site.

  47. Hi, Ms. Lab!

    On your previous comment to Ms. Liz re:passport expiration, do you know if it still possible to continue your application after renewing your passport? I had a note to renew it. Do I still have a chance or just cancel it anyway? Thanks!

    1. Hi Grace

      Very slim chance that you will chance upon an open place (when someone gets declined). You can just try next year. Memorise the form!

      1. Thanks, Ms Lab!

        Your post really helped me. Bad thing is that this is my last chance because im turning 31 on september. Maybe it’s not meant for me.

  48. ubos na..

    Scheme unavailable because: Unfortunately the available places for this Working Holiday Scheme have been filled and there is no longer a place available for you. You could check back on our website for details of when places reopen..

    Sobrang bagal huhu pag dating sa payment, wla na huhu laging This site can’t be reached

  49. Oh well. Congratulations to those who were able to secure a slot. I’ve been eyeing this for for a month, guess it just wasn’t meant for me. hehe
    better luck next time nlang samin hahaha

    1. Hi mars

      They will send you two Word files that contains the requirements (what I’ve written in this blog) and the medical instructions.

      When you get that that means you have a slot.

  50. wla na guys. ubos na po. as per site:

    Scheme unavailable because: Unfortunately the available places for this Working Holiday Scheme have been filled and there is no longer a place available for you. You could check back on our website for details of when places reopen..

  51. grabeeee. sayang talaga. kelan kaya next na mag oopen to? at madedelete kaya yung ginawa natin? sana hindi para next application, bayad agad

  52. Good day mslab!

    I just want to ask if there’s a chance na mgreopen yung Working Holiday Visa Scheme kung merong hindi makapag comply nung requirements. Thank you.

    Have a great day πŸ™‚

  53. Inabangan ko yung opening ng WHV slot.. 4am p lng gising n ako.. 5am tutok tlga ako.. kaka-refresh.. smooth ang pagfill-up ko hangang 2nd section ng personal detail.. pagdating s health section nagsimula n bumagal yung site.. pero tinry ko p din.. 5:35am.. 35mins lng na last step n ako for agreement of terms.. pero nung payment n wala ng slots πŸ™ ang sad tlga.. sobrang bilis naubos ng slot.. 35mins lng wala n..

  54. Hi mslab. Sa mga nakapasok po ba kelangan right after they successfully secured a slot magpapasa na agad ng requirements? Or yung dapat lang na within sa 15 days? Kasi po sa case ko may work pa po..

  55. hi. yung bang medical insurance na requirement, is it necessary to apply for it kahit na hindi pa approved ang visa mo? at may ika recommend ka po ba na insurance company?

  56. Hello mslab,

    I filled up all the forms po last feb. 8 and wala na pong slot pero naka pending pa rin yung application ko. Akala ko po ma de delete na sya after wala ng slot. Should i delete it nalang po ba?

    thank you

  57. Hi po. Pending po kasi yung submission ko kasi ng there is no longer a place available na po. May tsansa po ba may mg vacant na slot or by next year na po ba mg open again? Thx po.

    1. Hi Danny

      There’s been some denials so I am sure slots had opened after February. I am just not sure if they have been filled already.

      Next year your current form will be deleted by the system and you have to fill out a new one again. πŸ™‚ The scheme always opens in February.

  58. Hello, Mslab. I read about the Japan-NZ agreement na waived ang mga visa fees (except resident) between the two countries. And I’m a Japanese citizen living here in the PH. I was wondering if I would still be charged for the working holiday visa dahil magaapply ako from here sa Pinas?

    1. Hi Nan

      You will be visa fee free since you’re a Japanese national. Just make sure to apply for the right visa scheme:

      I have a Japanese national friend who applied from the PH. He’s now an NZ resident πŸ˜€

      Mas okay din ang visa conditions ng Japanese citizens going to NZ for a working holiday. I believe you can work in NZ unrestricted for a year.

      Good luck!

  59. Hi mslab,

    Thanks so much for a very helpful blog! I just wanted to ask for the passport validity concern. Mine expires on May 2019, and I plan to apply for the WHV on Feb. 2018. Would you know if they’d accept my passport or do I need to renew? (From what I know, Ph passport renewal is at most 6mos. before last date of validity specified)

    I’m residing in Phils. btw.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi May

      As I mentioned in this blog (I hope you just skipped it): Your passport must be valid at least for 15 months (one year visa validity plus 3 months extra passport validity) from your intended travel date. You can set your intended travel date as early as possible (this time 9 February 2018 – or whatever the next day is from application date).

      If you say your passport expires in May 2019, you should renew your passport before applying for the WHV to be safe. It’s cutting quite close…

      1. Thanks very much for your immediate response, mslab! I did read that part, but wasn’t sure if my dates could still be considered.
        Thanks for your help!

  60. hi mslab,

    first of all, thank you for all the info and advise. i really appreciate it.
    I just have a question. Can I apply for the WHV even if I’m outside PH?
    It says on the website that application will be on Feb 8, 2018 10am nzt. However ill be on SG on that day, but will it be possible to apply a visa even when I’m in SG at that time?
    thank you so much ! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Pia

      If you check the comments section of the other post about WHV in this blog, you’ll find out the answer. πŸ™‚

      It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you’re a Philippine passport holder. πŸ™‚ For the Philippine scheme INZ does not require the applicant to be residing in country of citizenship at time of application.

  61. Hi mslab!
    I just wanted to confirm if we have to upload our passport photo and or passport bio page during the application process online? Or it will be submitted later once we send the additional documents incase we secure a slot?


  62. Hello mslab

    Ask ko lng po sana if ano ang timeframe for the submission of documents if ever mapush through po yung application?

    Thanks po!

  63. Thanks dito mslab, narefresh ako, twice na ko nagtry. Iniexpect ko na Submit na lang and Payment next year, hindi pala, back to zero pala ulit. Hopefully makapasok na next year. πŸ™‚

  64. Hi! This article is a great help. But I would like to ask the following questions:

    1. Do I still need to take IELTS? Or is there any alternative?
    2. My passport will expire on Sept. 2018 but I’m planning to go there on June 2018. It says in the official NZ Immigration site that the passport should be at least 15 months valid but this article says 3 months is fine.

    A response would be much appreciated.

  65. Hi, in step no. 4 β€œapply now” does it mean i have already secured a slot or i have to finish the general infos/ payment before securing a slot? Thanks ☺️

    1. Please Read. Andyan na lahat ng details sa post ni Ms.Lab. Wag naman po tayong maging tamad. Magbabasa na nga lang, gusto pa natin i-spoon-feed satin bawat information. Yung totoo?! qiqil mo ci acoue eh hahaha

    2. Hi Marie

      Please see image on step 8: Please note that you must pay the application fee before your place is secured.

      I believe that answers your question… Please please read carefully! I put this here so you can read everything carefully… so that come application time you know what you’re doing already…

  66. Hi mslab,

    My driver’s license would expire on April. Would it be a problem in my application or should I use other form of identification?


    1. Hi Qwerty

      You can use it in the form as long as it is valid. As I said you do not have to show evidence of this ID to them anyway.

      Have you seen the newer version of the form here:

      The expiry of your driver’s licence will only be a problem if you come to New Zealand before April and you would not have a valid overseas driver’s licence that you are entitled to use for one year upon entry to New Zealand.

  67. Hi Ms. Lab,

    i am 3 months pregnant, just need your opinion if i can proceed to apply. i red on the procedure that on the health tab, you can acknowledge that you are pregnant so it means its an open option for applicants and they might ask for further health related requirements. i also understand that if Visa is granted there is a particular period to enter NZ to avoid Visa expiration. lastly, it is a multiple entry Visa, means i can enter NZ even i am pregnant then return to Phils to give birth then comeback once i am fit to work. i have a lot of cousins and relatives in NZ that can provide me accommodation and can support me financially, thank you and would respect your opinion

    1. Hi Samuelli

      I don’t think you would be able to apply. Part of the health requirement of this visa is to be able to submit a clear chest x-ray and you wouldn’t be able to submit this as you are pregnant. I don’t think there would be any provider who would perform an x-ray on you unless you lie on the forms.

      All those stuff you mentioned are viable but you won’t be able to get a visa anyway because of your situation.

      I guess this is just not your year for the WHV. Just focus on having a healthy pregnancy, give birth, and try again next year.

      Good luck!

  68. I Ms. Lab. I was confused on the Working Holiday Visa Ruling that you cannot accept work permanently, does it mean you cannot apply for a work visa? What if after your first 3 month work and your employer wants to apply work visa for you, is it legal? thank you.

  69. Hi po ask ko lang po kung kailangan po ng IELTS? Graduating student na po ako this coming april ng college. And okay lang po ba na card ng mama ko gagamitin ko for payment? atska ano pong ilalagay kong name dun sa “payer name”?

    1. Hi Fatima

      If you read each other working holiday posts and its comments, you would know that you do not qualify for this visa. Reading is essential especially for someone who will enter the real world soon like you. And frankly, without experience, you possibly can’t use your WHV to leverage your way to a regular working visa without industry experience in your field. Otherwise if your sole purpose is to use dear mum’s and dad’s money to travel, then go ahead, just make sure you qualify for the visa.

      Maybe rethink your plans in 3-5 years?

  70. Hi mslab, regarding po sa application yung personal info- hindi na po ba kailangan yung middle name or dun sa Given Name 3 ilalagay kasi po may 2 names ako? And dun po second form of identification, pano po pag expiry date nung ID ko feb 18,2018 pwede ko pa po ba gamitin yun? Thank you very much po ?

  71. God bless you, girl! This post is very helpful. Unfortunately, my passport is expiring soon so I cannot apply for the working holiday visa this year, and I am celebrating my 30th this February, haha! Nothing to ask but I really appreciate your effort, thank you!

  72. Hi Ms. Lab!

    Thank you so much. Your posts really helped a lot with the application. I got a WHV slot but I have a dilemma. You might know what do. I got the automated email containing the instructions on how to pass the requirements and it said I’m supposed to drop them off at VFS. However, a case officer from INZ emailed me and told me to disregard the automated emails about dropping them off at VFS. He said I should scan all the documents and send them to him via email. I don’t know whether I should pass them to VFS, email them to him or do both. Do you have any idea?

    Would really appreciate the help πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Z

      If I were you I would take the email seriously, maybe the process has changed for this year. I’ve always mentioned that they could change processes as they like. πŸ™‚

  73. Hi.

    Next year, May 2018 I’m turning 31 yrs old. The application is on February 2018, so technically I’m still 30 yrs old during the application period. Is it possible for me to get in?

  74. Hello Ms. Lab,

    I would like to ask, if I am here in the Philippines, can I use the card of my aunt residing in New Zealand in paying my visa/slot?

    Thank you.

  75. Hi,

    nag apply ako last year and di pinalad, pano po gagawin ko mamaya? continue ko yung application ko last year since naoopen ko pa rin sya until now or may option to delete and make a new one? Thanks

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