NBI Clearance Renewal of an Overseas Filipino in New Zealand

In anticipation of a residence visa application, a friend had authorised me to renew her police clearance certificate (PCC) issued by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) when I visited the Philippines a few weeks ago. The Immigration New Zealand (INZ) requires residency applicants to submit police clearance certificates issued not more than six (6) months prior to application lodgement. I will share with you in this blog my experience of visiting Manila and going through the NBI clearance renewal of a Filipino living in NZ.

The NBI frequently changes its process for the application or renewal of NBI clearances. I was not surprised to know that even for an NBI clearance renewal of Filipinos abroad, an online appointment is required. They asked me ‘May online ka na ba?’ They referred to a reference number given when you had made an appointment on their website.

I did not have an appointment for my friend that day so I looked for an empty chair, sat down, turned my phone’s mobile data on, and set-up an appointment for her on the NBI Clearance Online Services website. I could have lined up in the online registration area but the line was so long!

This is the splash page when you go to the website:

I found out from the website that if the applicant’s most recent expired or current NBI clearance had been issued from 2014 to 2016, he or she could pull up data from the old NBI clearance and use this to register for an account.

I examined her old NBI clearance and fortunately, it was issued in 2016.

I inputted her details on the text box including the old clearance’s NBI ID number.

I did not know whether or not she had an existing account and she was not online so I could not confirm, so I just created a new account for her.

Otherwise, if I knew she had an account and if I had her log-in details, I would just log-in.

Once logged-in I could view her old NBI clearance’s details. The address listed was still her address in the Philippines so I clicked ‘Edit Information‘ (green arrow) updated the address to her address in New Zealand. I clicked ‘Apply for Clearance‘ (pink arrow) once I had made sure everything was correct.

I was asked to put an ID I would present. I put her old NBI number here then clicked ‘I Agree‘.

I was led to the appointment page.

A. I first selected an NBI branch which must be the ‘NBI Clearance Centre (Main Office)‘ which is located at UN Avenue, Manila. Only this branch processes NBI clearances of overseas Filipinos.

B. Then I selected the appointment date.

C. I selected the purpose of the NBI clearance.

D. Then I selected a payment method.

The amount of the NBI clearance is P115 and there is an added P25 if you pay using the listed payment options.

What if I wanted to pay at the branch in person? If you notice, there is no ‘NBI branch payment’ listed. So how do I pay? I was already at the NBI branch so I did not want to go outside anymore just to pay, and unfortunately I did not have access to my online banking at that time.

The solution was to just select any of the payment methods available and the system would assign you a reference number. Write this alphanumeric reference number down on a piece of paper for easy access.

Had I known before though that this was the process in the branch, I would have paid before I went so I could skip this step on the day of my visit.

Anyway, after I got a reference number, I proceeded to the third floor where the ‘Mailed Clearance‘ room was located. This is the section that processes NBI clearance applications or renewals of Filipinos abroad.

I handed the lady assigned to the first table from the door the fingerprint form, a copy of my friend’s passport’s bio page, and the authorisation letter. She set aside the authorisation letter (nope, it was not read), folded the passport bio page copy and stapled the passport bio page copy to the fingerprint form. She returned the documents and passed me to the lady in the next table. I then gave her the piece of paper containing the reference number and an exact payment of P115. She asked me to write the reference number on the receipt and at the front of the stapled documents.

Note: If you had paid online, please do not pay again. I had my mum get an NBI clearance for me the previous year—she was asked to pay again even if I had a ‘paid’ appointment set up for her. Crooks.

I should note though that since my friend’s NBI clearance was issued in 2016, I had the choice not to submit the fingerprint form since the bureau already has her biometrics, I already updated her information in the appointment website and I only needed to submit her new photo, taken not more than six months before the application. But since we had the form ready, I just submitted it.

I returned to the lady in the first table and handed her the documents again. She stamped the claim date at the back of the receipt. The date was after my departure date so I beseeched her to change the claim date to an earlier date. She told me that it was fine and to just try coming back the day before my flight. Seriously? Try?! I did not want to bribe her for the speedy release of the clearance so I went on.

I was also renewing my own NBI clearance and to expedite the release of my police clearance certificate, I had to go to the ICTD section on the fourth floor. I pleaded the woman representing this department to also change the claim date of my friend’s clearance. She agreed and changed the date on the receipt. She countersigned the change as well.

I brought this receipt back on the claim date and proceeded to the printing section on the third floor. There is also a releasing section on the first floor but there were fewer people on the third floor.

Do not mind the people seated on the chairs. They are doing biometrics. Just go straight to the printing section (directly below the Step 3: Printing sign; left of next counter please) as written on the sign “Please proceed to Printing Counter 1 or 2, no need to sit down”.

It is really easy to come as an authorised representative. No lining up needed. The only wait I had to do was waiting for the release of the clearance which was reasonable as they still have to manually scan the photo and put it on their system for printing. Then again, I knew nothing was impossible if I gave them bribes (from recent experiences of other people in forums) but I was not willing to do that.

In summary, the steps for NBI clearance renewal of overseas Filipinos by the authorised representatives are the following:

  1. Make an appointment online. This is now a requirement since December 2016.
  2. Pay the fee online, in person at payment centres, or in person at the NBI UN Avenue branch.
  3. Hand the documents to the mailed clearance section on the third floor, and get a claim date.
  4. Return on the claim date and directly proceed to printing section again on the third floor.

Please take note of the requirements for different situations:

Requirements for new NBI clearance application of overseas Filipinos

  • NBI Form No. 5 or commonly known as the fingerprint form
  • 2 x 2 or passport-sized photo
  • Authorisation letter
  • Passport bio-page and/or most recent departure stamp

Requirements for renewal of NBI clearances of overseas Filipinos issued from 2014 – 2016

  • Personal copy of old NBI clearance (fingerprint form is not required!)
  • 2 x 2 or passpord-sized photo
  • Authorisation letter
  • Passport bio-page and most recent departure stamp

I hope this had helped you in helping someone from overseas renew his or her NBI clearance. If you have any questions, please write them down below in the comments section.

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  1. Gud am po ask ko lang po kung pwde mag pareprint ng for abroad kz nakuha po ay local lang?

    1. Hi Christian

      If you need an NBI clearance for use abroad, you need to apply again and pay for the clearance fee again.

      Hope that helps!

      1. hi po,i want to renew my old nbi clearance year 2012…pwede lang po ba na scan copy lang ipadala ko mama ko para sa processing?..

      2. hi mslab,

        I want to thank you, since this blog help us a lot to process our friend’s NBI who is at NZ right now, To be honest sa bungad pa lang ng NBI sinisingil na kami ng 1500 since nabasa ko blog mo at prinint ko hinanap ko na lang agad yung mailing sa 3rd floor, ayun same lang ginawa pero wala na daw courier na pwede magpadala since tiga baguio pa kami. so sabi namin iba na lang kukuha. after that sinisingil kami 130, i told then na bayad na through online.. thanks talaga sa blog mo na save kami. kudos po sa blog niyo

    2. Just double checking if the representative has to present the actual copy of my nbi clearance (personal copy). Scanned copy will not suffice? Thank you

      1. Hi Ela

        This has been discussed in comments. I think the last question I answered is similar to your question.

        Yes, it could be scanned copies.


    3. pwede po ba xerox ng nbo clearance? kasi wala pa courier papunta pinas naka sched na ako bukas para sa pamangkin ko

  2. Hi andto ako ngayon sa nz need to get nbi clearance for residency. Need ko pa ba pumuntang consular para magrequest ng form tas papadala ko ung form sa pinas w/ authorization letter at kelangn submit nila sa nbi manila? Thankss

    1. Hi Andrew

      If you had read the blog, I mentioned that the NBI fingerprint form isn’t needed anymore if you have an existing NBI clearance issued from 2014-2016. If you do not have an NBI clearance, then you need to send the fingerprint form…

  3. hello po. we’re about to renew our NBI and we’re here in NZ as well. I already sent through courier the authorization letter, old NBI and a copy of our passport, and no 2×2 photos because when I called Phil. Embassy here in NZ, those were the only requirements they said that we need to process the visa. Will they accept a scanned copy of the 2×2 photos? One more thing, I made an online appointment in NBI Paranaque. Is it ok or do I have to have to make another appointment at NBI Taft? Salamat po…

  4. Hi Sheila

    What I did when I had my mum renew my NBI a year ago was send her a soft copy of my photo via email and she just had it printed. I think they changed the background colour.

    In your case, if you want to submit a soft copy of a scanned picture, make sure it will be clear enough to be printed again, otherwise NBI can reject it. Just take a photo with your phone and have your representative print it at a reputable photography service shop.

    If our consular officers failed to mention the photo requirement, then they probably forgot. Please see the advisory on their website here: https://www.philembassy.org.nz/home-mainmenu-1/29-advisories/251-nbi-clearance-advisory.html
    It isn’t updated though…

    I think that if your representative goes to NBI Parañaque, he or she will just be asked to come to Taft/UN Ave. Even NBI clearances from the provinces are processed in NBI Main so I guess that is the only branch with the capability or the equipment of ‘scanning’ the photos to be printed on the NBI clearance (I’m only guessing)… My address in Manila isn’t near the main branch but to save me the hassle, I just go to the Main one…

    Hope this helps.

    1. hi mslab,

      I want to thank you, since this blog help us a lot to process our friend’s NBI who is at NZ right now, To be honest sa bungad pa lang ng NBI sinisingil na kami ng 1500 since nabasa ko blog mo at prinint ko hinanap ko na lang agad yung mailing sa 3rd floor, ayun same lang ginawa pero wala na daw courier na pwede magpadala since tiga baguio pa kami. so sabi namin iba na lang kukuha. after that sinisingil kami 130, i told then na bayad na through online.. thanks talaga sa blog mo na save kami. kudos po sa blog niyo

  5. Hello! I’m also in Auckland. Question lang po..
    Yung authorised representative ko nasa Cebu, pwede po ba dun magpa renew ng NBI ko? Thank you!

    1. Hi Mal

      Pwede po pero sa Manila pa rin ipapasa ng Cebu office kaya medyo mas matagal, sa Cebu niyo pa rin naman makukuha. ‘Yun nangyari sa kakilala ko from Davao. 🙂

      Good luck.

  6. hi thank you for this recent guide!! I’ll be authorizing my mom to go there because im here in UAE, She’ll go there on friday i’m really stressed out here because i dont want to cause so much burden for her good thing u posted this guide! kudos to you! ☺️????

  7. Hello. This post is a big help for me! I am going to be my brother’s representative to renew his nbi clearance btw, may i know how many days it took for you to comeback to claim the clearance? (I mean the original date you are supposed to go back not the changed one) thank you!

  8. Hi Mslab,

    I just want to ask. I applied for an NBI clearance today and asked them if I can renew my husband’s as well using his old NBI clearance issued last 2015. I was informed to go to the main branch and provide fingerprints of my husband which I can’t (he’s based in Australia)
    I would like to double check that when you renew your friend’s NBI, you were not asked for the fingerprint?

    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Rea

      I just checked—-the Philippine Embassy in Canberra still has not updated their published guidelines on renewing an NBI clearance from overseas. I believe PH Embassy in Wellington’s advisory should apply to all countries since it came from NBI itself. Please refer to this: https://www.philembassy.org.nz/nbi-clearance-advisory

      So the main NBI office should accept your husband’s old NBI, just show that advisory. And to answer your question, no they did not ask for the fingerprint form. Hope this helps.

    2. Hi po,

      What if yung old NBI ko is Local employment lang yung orange and i need a new NBI clearance which is For abroad purposes, same lang po ba requirements? Yung authorization letter ba need pa ipanotarized?


      1. Hi Jannica

        I honestly don’t know whether or not they will accept an NBI clearance for local use to renew for an NBI clearance for abroad.

        Why don’t you try ringing them directly? Ms Sandra’s number is here in the comments section. 🙂

        Good luck.

  9. Hi,

    Salamat sa po sa pag sulat nang blog. Na confuse lang po ako sabi nyu kailanagan nang id picture at visa stamp yung photocopy nang passport. Kagagaling ko lang sa Phil Embassy sa Wellington ang nakasulat sa instruction pag mag renew is old nbi clearance, passport photocopy at authorization letter them payment. Naipadala ko na yung mga documents as per instruction from Phil embassy. Kailangan ba talaga nung ID picture at stamp sa passport?

    1. Hi Remy

      ‘Yung mga lumang direktiba kasi kailangan ng visa stamp, baka ngayon hindi na kailangan.

      And sigurado po akong kailangan ng litrato kasi ilalagay nila ‘yun sa bagong NBI. Magpadala na lang po kayo sa FB at ‘yung kamag-anakan niyo na sa Pilipinas ang magpa-develop.

      Good luck po!

      1. Hi mslab

        Ask ko lng po mag renew aq ng nbi clearance uuwe po yun partner ko ang ipadala ko lng po yun old nbi ko at authorization ok na po ba yun? Di ko na po ba kelangan yun finger print?

        1. Hi Rowel

          Pwede na po, hindi na po kailangan ang fingerprint form. 🙂 Kailangan po though ng passport copy niyo, latest PH exit stamp, and 2×2 or passport sized picture.

    2. Hello Remy,
      May itanong lang ako sayo!!
      Yong old NBI mo pinadala para mag renew, ay yung personal copy o yung walang marka na personal copy or yung dalawa na copy…

      Thank you!

  10. Hi do you know how to change civil status sa nbi? We got married here in nz and we need to request for nbi for the visa.

    1. Hi Jho

      Just get an NBI with your civil status as single, matatagalan ka pa kasi you need to report your marriage to the Philippine Embassy if you have not done it yet. Hindi naman nagma-matter sa INZ ang civil status sa NBI Clearance eh.


      You need to have this Report of Marriage in SECPA (security paper from PSA) first before you can change your status in the NBI clearance.

  11. Hi,

    This is a very nice blog! So informative. I have a question, though. Do they require the original personal copy of old NBI or can my representative use an emailed copy? If not can they use my other old NBI clearance that has not been registered online?

    1. Hi Alfred

      How old is that NBI that isn’t registered online?

      Please call Ms Sandra Sobida at +63 2 5238231 loc 5465. She may give you her email address 🙂

  12. Hi,

    I have an old nbi i applied this last March 02,2017.
    its okay if i renew my old nbi,because i need less than six month to apply work visa..But the purpose of my old nbi clearance is travel abroad..I need to register online to get my reference number even i have old nbi?.How about my purpose can i change to visa new zealand.

    1. Hi Lynne

      You can use your NBI clearance with travel abroad as purpose for your visa application until Sept. INZ won’t care about the purpose as long as your NBI clearance is printed on the green NBI paper and you have no criminal records.

      Good luck.

  13. Hi mslab

    Thank you for your reply,,

    I need to renew my NBI because I submit my work visa application I think this coming of last week of September before my visitor visa expired.. I need to apply work visa 2 weeks before my visitor visa expire on oct 2 2017..advice for my Immigration adviser you need to renew in case of emergency..
    I called last week the Immigration consultant here in Auckland,I ask if I need and online appointment,then she told you don’t need and appointment…
    That’s why I ask you if I need and appointment because I read your story here you need an online appointment.

    Best regard,

    1. Hi Lynne

      The NBI online appointment is needed by someone you authorised to represent you to renew your NBI clearance in the Philippines. What online appointment are you referring to as we may have a different understanding…

  14. Hello po, I will be my girlfriend’s representative in renewing her NBI Clearance. I understand that the renewal for overseas Filipinos can only be processed in the main office and not in satellite offices.

    I just want to ask if you have any idea how I could process her renewal if I cannot go to the NBI main office since I am based in Cebu.

    Your response would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Hi Terence

      Go to Cebu’s main branch and process it from there. They would know what to do. My partner’s NBI was processed from Davao (2015)–they passed the application to Manila but was released in Davao. 🙂 That may be the process for you in Cebu as well.

      Good luck and please let me know what happens! 🙂 Thank you!

      1. Hi! I inquired this week in NBI cebu regional office as my mother is the authorized representative to process here in Cebu. One staff there told us that it would cost 3,000 pesos to process and send the docs to Manila. Is this really the price and the policy?

        1. Hi Diggy

          I assure you that 3,000 will only go to the pockets of NBI employees. Process it in Manila directly with a representative and it won’t cost that much.

          If it costs 3k then I would have written it here…

          Anyway if you don’t have kakilalas in Manila you’re better off sending your documents directly to Ms Sandra Sobida who processes overseas Pinoys’ NBIs. She’ll just ask you to hide 200 pesos in the mail you’ll send her (includes your old NBI copy, photograph, passport copy) and she’ll mail you the NBI directly.

          Call her. +63 2 5238231 Loc 5465

    2. Hi Terence!
      Were you able to process in Cebu City? I am in the same position as you were. Please advise. Thank you.

  15. hi i need to renew my husbands nbi issued last 2015, i already noted requirements thanks to you. however, my documents are all scanned and not sent through the courier. will it be honored?
    thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hi Marites

      Other commenters in other groups have commented that they are able to renew with scanned documents. It just needs to be printed in the Philippines.

      Good luck!

      1. thank you very very much for this..Godbless for sharing ur experience with us..its a great great help.much appreciated! 🙂

  16. Good day!

    I am currently based in the UK and I need to renew my NBI clearance. It was issued last february 2017 when I was still in UAE. Do you think the process will be the same for me? I got my sister in law in the Philippines who I can ask to process it. Do I still need another biometric/fingerprinting done or can my sister in law just go to the NBI office in Taft without the fingerprinting?
    Waiting for your response.

    Thank u!

    1. Hello keanne,

      You send your old personal nbi to renew,passport copy,authorization letter,and 2×2 picture and also the 115.00 for the fee to your sister in law…You don’t need and appointment and finger print…
      Then your sister go to the 3rdfloor of the Mailed Clearance NBI building in UN AVENUE

  17. Omg, thanks. This is helpful. I’m the ofw trying my hardest to find a step by step guide for my authorized rep! I live in a remote island (Bermuda!) and have to fly to NY just so i can get a fingerprint form from the Phil consulate. I really hope they have the form. It doesn’t help that all of the nbi’s links and websites are not working!! Thanks!!

    1. Hi Honey

      Here in New Zealand we can just ring or ask the Philippine Embassy in writing to send us a fingerprint form to our postal address. Have you tried that?

      Otherwise if you have a 2014-2017 NBI clearance then you shouldn’t need the fingerprint form at all…

      Glad you found this helpful. Keep in touch.

  18. Hi po,

    Question lang, nkakuha ako ng nbi cert nung last 2015. Pero napass ko sa immigration ung original copy for my work search visa. Kelangan ko pa ba mag apply for new or renew nlang?

    Best Regards po.

    1. Hi Zzur

      May I know when in 2015 exactly? And when did you apply for your work search visa (post study work visa po ba ito or job search visa JSV?)?

      NBI is only valid for two years in INZ system once submitted. For example you have a June 2015 NBI and applied for your first NZ visa in August 2015 using this NBI. Come August 2017 and you would need to apply for a new NZ visa, you would need a new NBI clearance because your NBI validity would have lapsed in June 2017.

      Hope this helps.

  19. Hi,
    I sent my old NBI clearance issued in 2016 to my husband together with recent photo and authorization letter but the officer at NBI Lipa City Branch rejected the renewal. The officer asked for the fingerprint form, which according to the Philippine Embassy here in Qatar, there’s no need to submit it since my biometrics is already in their system. Aside from that, he asked for an SPA and have told my husband that he still needs to go to Pampanga.
    Anyone here who experienced the same?

    1. Hi Joanne

      Sorry to hear about your experience.

      This is a known problem. The regional offices are not aware of the new rules of NBI Main and it seems they are not covered by the improvements.

      I suggest you try the following:

      1. Show the announcement of PE Doha regarding this change. Here’s PE Wellington’s in contrast: https://www.philembassy.org.nz/nbi-clearance-advisory

      May have problems though since this clearly states that the Mailed Clearance section in Manila does the processing and not any other office.

      2. Would your husband be able to travel to Manila (main NBI branch)? It may be easier to deal with the people there.

      3. Lodge a complaint at that hotline, 8888 was it? Branches of gov’t saying conflicting details…

      May I ask though if he’s in Lipa City, why is he being advised to go to Pampanga? Were you a Pampanga resident?

      Also SPA is absolutely not needed, I’ve renewed NBI clearances of some people by only having authorisation letters…

  20. Hi guys..
    im here in NZ as a visitor visa and we are planning to get a temporary visa as a partner pero need ko NBI. Ask lg if alam nu how to pay kasi nasa bacolod family ko cla na lg mag process at mag submit sa Manila with Auth letter form me. and kelangan ba ichange and adress from PH to NZ?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Elean

      Your representative can pay for the renewal. Bahala ka na kung paano magpadala ng pera sa kanila kung papupuntahin mo pa sila ng Manila para mag-process.

      Pwede na palitan ang address from PH to NZ…

  21. Thank you for sharing this info po 🙂

    I have two questions po that are somewhat similar with the others. I applied for job search visa and was granted valid until March 2018. I submitted my NBI clearance original copy to INZ but they did not return it so I only have photocopies of my NBI now. The expiry date of my NBI clearance is Sept 2017. My question # 1 is will I be entitled for a renewal of NBI because it was issued 2015 and will process it this August or should I get a new one because it is about to expire this September? Question # 2 is if I am entitled for a renewal, will they accept my photocopied NBI clearance as I do not have the original copy anymore?

    Hope you can help me on this. 🙂

    1. Hi Em

      Good news! Your situation is not similar to those who have previously commented.

      As I understand it you submitted an NBI clearance issued in September 2016 for your post-study work visa application approved in March 2017.

      If you go back to your work visa application form, there’s a set of questions there regarding the police clearance certificate (PCC) submission. You can go back to it so you can reference it later.

      When a PCC is submitted as part of a visa application, it will stay valid for INZ purposes for two years (start of two years depends on when your PCC is issued). Meaning should you need a new visa application from now until September 2018, you would NOT need a new PCC.

      When you apply for a new NZ visa after September 2018, that is the time you would need a new PCC… You do not have to renew it every year.

      The photocopy that you have now would suffice when you renew it in Manila.

      Hope this helps.

  22. Pag napasa na po ba sa manila ung mga requirements saan kukunin ung nbi clearance? taga taytay ung representative ko.

    1. Hi Van

      I suggest i-try niyo kung anong hingin sa inyo. Iba iba kasi ang experience ng mga tao sa satellite offices eh (hindi maganda exp ko so sa main lang ako pumupunta, taga-QC ako dati)

  23. pwede po ba ipa LBC nalang sa NBI main ung mga requirements? ok lng ba na ph address un nakalagay dun sa form or need na nz address na? renew lng po ako then visitor to work visa po ako dito

    1. Hi Van

      Please call Ms Sandra Sobida at +63 2 5238231 loc 5465. Siya ang makakasagot ng tanong mo kung pwedeng pa-LBC. May kilala akong nag-renew from NZ, nilagyan niya ng 200 pesos ‘yung padala niya which is nagsilbing bayad sa mail pabalik ng NZ and bayad sa NBI clearance.

      Pwedeng NZ address. NZ address na ‘yung akin, it makes more sense kasi dito na ako nakatira.

  24. i am so happy i came around this blog

    i had just applied for an nbi clearance last 7/1/2017 during my vacation but when i am eligible to lodge my residency application, the nbi clearance would have lapsed. it was a case of applying for the nbi clearance too soon.

    i have a couple of questions:
    1. you mentioned “I found out from the website that if the applicant’s most recent expired or current NBI clearance had been issued from 2014 to 2016, he or she could pull up data from the old NBI clearance and use this to register for an account.”

    2. you also mentioned “I should note though that since my friend’s NBI clearance was issued in 2016, I had the choice not to submit the fingerprint form since the bureau already has her biometrics, I already updated her information in the appointment website and I only needed to submit her new photo, taken not more than six months before the application.”


    1. Hi Marie

      There’s no such thing as applying for the NBI too soon. You may be unable to use it now (as you inferred) but you can use your current one to get a newer one in the future.

      1. Is that July or January? Best to use the date format that uses the Month Name format to avoid ambiguity. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. You can still use a 2017 NBI to apply for a new one in the future. You can try it yourself 😉

      2. Applying for an NBI using the NBI Form 5 (fingerprint form) isn’t old practise, it’s still being used today most especially if the applicant doesn’t have an NBI clearance yet… She had given me the fingerprint form as at that time we weren’t aware of the new rules yet. I don’t know what ID you are referring to.

      If you were asking regarding the newly released NBI clearance that I renewed/applied for on someone’s behalf, they would print your right thumbmark if they have it on the system. My partner didn’t have his so we had to find a stamp pad so he can put his thumbprint. My friend didn’t have it as well but it really doesn’t matter for the INZ if it isn’t printed on the clearance form.

      3. Renewals of OFWs must always be done in the main office, technically, as other branches do not have a ‘mailed clearance’ section/department. If it’s a satellite office in Metro Manila, they would just refer you to the main office. If it’s a regional office then they would receive the application but the main office will still be the one to process it.

      NBI Taft is not too far from Robinsons Otis anyway! 😀

      Hope this helps.

  25. Hi ask lng po sana ako. We are currently in NZ right now. Okay lng ba idirect na namn send ang reqt for nbi renewal with 200 pesos to manila main office then send back nila sa NZ? Or kailangan pa namin idaan sa representative sa pinas na sila masend to manila main office then balik sa pinas na address. 200 pesos pa rin ang bayad kng ibalik nila papers back to NZ?

    1. Hi Mary

      Yes okay lang. Address it to Sandra Sobida, Mailed Clearance Section. Please search for her contact details here in the comments section. Call her and she will assist. 😉

      PHP 200 per application. Amount includes ordinary postage back to New Zealand. Was advised before to include the 200 pesos in the envelope along with the other requirements.

  26. Hi po, I am currently here in NZ,I authorized my father to renew my nbi clearance at main office Manila and found out that there is same name with mine and they can’t release my certificate,and they told to my father that I need to appear for questioning.My problem is I am currently here in NZ.Any advice?Is there any other way to get my NBI Certificate?

      1. Hi po. Ask ko lang po if ganon ba talaga yung nbi clearance wla talaga syang thumprint? Im currently here in dubai pinoprocess ko lng sya sa sister ko and sinunud ko ung requirements mo na mentioned above for those na may NBI issued 2016. Tapos yung na release na walang thumbprint. Ganon po ba tlga? Valid ba sya? Thanks!!!

        1. Hi Jannica

          I think that means you haven’t been to the main branch ever so they wouldn’t have a copy of your thumbmark digitally. I don’t think they have the facility to transfer your ink thumbprint from the NBI fingerprint form nor would they make an effort to get your digital thumbprint from another branch. So did you get your NBI from other branches? You could potentially confirm my theory.

          I’ve always have gone to the main branch so I always have my thumbprint printed on the paper itself. We haven’t had problems submitting my partner’s NBI clearance without the printed thumbmark to New Zealand authorities but our embassy says to affix the thumbmark by yourself before submission. Info from here: https://www.philembassy.org.nz/home-mainmenu-1/29-advisories/251-nbi-clearance-advisory.html

          I think it’s still valid but for your peace of mind buy a stamp pad and affix your thumbprint yourself. Good luck.

          Ps. Also are you the one who used a local NBI to renew an abroad one? Was it successful?

          1. Was it also ok with NZ authorities when there was no signature below the picture part of your nbi certificate? Thanks

            1. Hi Pat

              You can affix your signature. If your signature is not printed on the NBI that means you did not acquire your original NBI clearance from the main office… You can also affix your thumbprint (find a stamp pad) as instructed by Philippine Embassy Wellington here.

  27. Hello po
    Andto po ako s japan. Nrelease n po ang nbi clearance ko (green) nkalagay po s purpose is MULTI-PURPOSES CLEARANCE, ok lng po b yun for us visa interview?

  28. kailangan ba talaga mag appointment even nasa abroad ako with representative? nag try ko online apointment pero local banks lang ung choices, d2 ako NZ

    1. Nu’ng pumunta po ako kailangan nila ng appointment gaya ng nabanggit ko sa post. Hindi naman po kailangan bayaran, basta makuha ang code. Kahit doon na bayaran.

  29. Thank you thank you for this blog ! This is really helpful for me…
    Im currently in UK and plan to move to Nz asap…i need nbi clearance for visa application and stuff…i already done my finger printing nbi stuff here in embassy and sent it to my aunt in manila ( Who is not very familiar in manila and not very good in paper processing…just earlier she messege me that she was ask for an SPA to process my papers??
    Any suggestions pls….
    Thank you.

  30. Good morning po MSLAB,
    ofw po ako dto sa new zealand last week po nagadvice ang company po nmin na iaapply na po kami ng work to resident visa and they advice also prepare my police clearance i notice na paexpire na po nitong december 2, 2017 paano ko marerenew. kung sakali iauthorised ko ang asawa na magapply sa main office manila pwede po bang through email scan or original documents o kaya direct mail to miss sandra p sobida sa main office at kung sakali paano po ako magbabayad.
    maraming salamat po.
    God bless!

    1. Hello po

      Pwede pong scanned documents na lang ang ipadala niyo sa asawa niyo.

      Yung pagbayad po kung direct ay maglalagay kayo ng 200 pesos sa ipapadala niyo 😀

  31. maraming pong salamat, malaking tulong po sa akin sa iba nating kababayan. Mabuhay po kayo.God bless!

  32. Hello po. ask ko lang po nasa Qatar po kasi ako ngayon and my NBI expired last October. pwede po bang scanned copy nalang ipadala ko ng NBI na for renewal? dala ko po kasi, and pwede din po bang scanned copy ng authorization ibigay? Please reply po.

  33. Hi, magtatanong lang ako kc nagtry kmi online. Pagdating dun s branch ang sabi s representative nmin madami dw process at need magbayad ng 1500 s kanila pra iutos na maiprocess. Pag dw nasa abroad hindi dw pwede un normal process. Parang nasayang lang un online..

    1. Hi Merinissa

      Saang branch po ito? Hindi po iyan tama. I-reklamo niyo po kasi hindi dapat aabot ng ganyang halaga ang pagkuha ng NBI clearance…

  34. Para sa NBI Clearance Renewal, pwede po bang gamitin yung “NBI Clearance Quick Renewal” dun sa NBI website (https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/) ?
    Ipapa-deliver sa kamag-anak sa Pilipinas, tapos tsaka na lang i-arrange personally yung delivery abroad to the OFW.
    May nakagawa na po ba nito na successful?

    1. Hi Matthew

      I don’t know if you have tried clicking any of the links I linked here on my blog post but the website you linked is the exact same website to the one I was showing here. https://nbi-clearance.com/ redirects to https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/

      Tried the service that you mentioned but it just said we are currently updating this service. So I guess the answer is you couldn’t use that service at the moment.

      Please just stick to the authorised representative or renew-it-yourself route. Thanks.

      1. Thanks for your feedback! Yes, it seems the site is undergoing maintenance recently. However, I was lucky to get in last week.

        – I clicked on the “NBI Clearance Quick Renewal” and entered my most recent NBI Clearance ID.
        – Once you are verified and don’t have any ‘hit’, it will ask you to enter the delivery address details.
        – On the next window, you will be asked to select from different payment options: Bank OTC, Online banking, Mobile payment, Bayad Center, Multipay, or ECPAY.
        – The last step will give you the reference number that you will use in the payment center.

        My timeline:
        16 Jan (Tue) – Submitted my renewal application online.
        19 Jan (Fri) – Completed my payment at Bayad Center. Paid Php340. (Php 315 NBI fee + Php 25 e-payment service fee)
        22 Jan (Mon) – NBI printed my certificate.
        23 Jan (Tue) – Delivered to my address in Metro Manila.

        I now have an option to ask my family/relatives to send me the hardcopy overseas. But I only need the scanned copy, so no more additional expense for me.

        That’s it! Quick and hassle-free! No more fingerprinting, picture, or SPA needed. Saves a lot of money and precious time! But please note again that this applies for renewal only, and that you don’t have any ‘hit’ on NBI’s records.

        1. Hi Matthew

          Thank you for sharing your experience. What did they use as your picture? Is it the one that can be uploaded online or did it appear blank? Good on you that you only need the scanned copy, props to Aus for that one! 😀

          I have HIT so I’ll try it on my end if the delivery service comes back again. 🙂

          1. Hi mslab,

            I didn’t send them any picture. They re-used the same picture (and signature) from my most recent NBI clearance certificate, which was taken from the NBI center when I was in Manila 1 year ago. Yes, lucky that AUS doesn’t require the hardcopy or notarized copy. A clear scan of the original is enough.

            Good luck on you! 🙂

            1. For quick renewal, is the address also the same as your old NBI Clearance? I’m wondering if the address I entered would be the delivery address or if it would reflect on my new NBI Clearance.

    1. Hi rocel

      Nagpa-process din ang ibang branch (outside Metro Manila ha) pero humihingi sila ng fingerprint form… Yung ibang branch sa MM papapuntahin ka lang sa main office. 🙂

  35. Hi,

    Ask ko lang po pano po ang nbi renewal pag married na? I got my nbi clearance last Feb 2017. I was still single back then. Pero I got married last November 2017 in NZ and renewed my passport and registered our marriage and now i’m using my husband’s surname. In my new passport, I’m using my husband’s surname but in my old NBI it was my maiden name.
    Will it be the same process? I already had my biometrics in my old nbi. Kindly advise what to do. Salamat po ?

    1. Hi preciouskrizia

      The name you use in the NBI clearance is still your birth name. If you noticed on the fingerprint form there is a husband’s surname field for married women. That’s where you put your husband’s surname. And change the civil status to married.

      Same process pa rin naman but you have to provide evidences that your single persona and your persona using your married name is one and the same person. Provide a copy of your old NBI, old and new passport data page, and your report of marriage. That should be enough for them to verify you’re one and the same person.

      Send these to your representative together with your authorisation letter.

      Good luck.

      1. Thank you so much mslab!! Pwede po ba scanned copies ng lahat nung sinabi nyo po ang ibigay ko sa representative ko sa Pinas? Maraming salamat!! ?

  36. Maraming salamat dito sa blog nyo, very informative. Kaya lang wala dito yung sagot sa tanong ko. Tinatry namin tawagan yung phone numbers ni Ms. Sobida but super hirap maka connect, either voice mail or walang sumasagot. Early this January, my wife applied for her NBI clearance certificate using an authorized rep. We received the hard copy by DHL last Wednesday. The first thing we did was to verify it through the NBI online verification. The message we got, ‘The system cannot find the given NBI ID number’.
    1. does anybody here experienced this?
    2. we got the blue color nbi clearance certificate, multi-purpose
    It might be nothing but it’s better to check if the certificate can be found in the NBI servers.

    1. Hi Dennis

      I think they are only able to verify clearances issued from 2014-2016 as stated on their website. None of our 2017 clearances appear on the verification system.

      I wouldn’t worry too much if you are submitting this original. They would check the dry seal anyway. 🙂

      Good luck!

  37. I am very grateful I found this blog. I am processing my immigration papers here in Canada. Following the instruction here, I got my NBI (scanned on Feb 6).
    Jan 30: send requirements via email to representative (mother)
    Jan 31: went to NBI main branch (took ~1 hour) and file application
    Feb 6: pick up of NBI
    Thank you very much for this.
    *permission to share this post to my personal FB page

  38. Hey mslab,

    This is a great blog. I really appreciate the details you’ve put in. Unfortunately, our government sites are not very helpful. Currently in South Africa and going through the process. Wish me luck!

    1. Hi Khryz

      I understand the frustration. Fortunately the Philippine Embassy New Zealand pretty much is up to date to the process and is very responsive to the requests of the Filipinos living in New Zealand.

      What I do when I research processes is check a lot of Philippine Embassy or Consulates websites. The usual USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, UK, Singapore Philippine Embassy websites are quite good in disseminating information, you just have to apply the general knowledge locally.

      Good luck! 🙂

  39. I have a question, what if your NBi was released 2017, fingerprint is needed or not?2014-2016 lng kc yung nakikita ko. Thank you so much!

  40. hi Ms Lab,
    ilang days po bago nyo naclaim ung renewal nyo? do you have any idea if this applies to new application as well? Maraming salamat!

    1. Hi Gail

      Same lang naman ang new sa renewal… yung new applications pwedeng may hit pa rin because baka may kakilala ka. 🙂 1 week ko nakuha yung akin.

  41. Hi Miss Lab,
    I’m here in Canada po and nagpunta me sa Phil. Embassy here to apply for nbi and finger print done…ipadla ko po next week sa anak ko with my authorization letter and passport copy… need pa po ba nya gumawa ng appointment bago magpunta sa nbi main?

    1. Hi Rowena

      I’ve been told that the appointment is not needed, you can just go straight away to the mailed clearance section and pay the fee there. It’s just different when you’re applying for an NBI yourself while being a representative for someone as well.

  42. Hi, thank you for this information. Its a huge help! Ask ko lang po kasi ung old NBI ng papa ko na sakanya sa NZ, pwede bang scanned copy lang ibigay ko sa NBI taft or need nila ung actual old NBI certificate?

  43. Good day. Ask ko lang po…i am currently in New Zealand and i need an NBI clearance with ‘aka’. i was able to get one last December 2017. However, i was told that i need to get a new one because of the correction on my birth certificate (instead of middle name, it was only my middle initial written on it). i am wondering if it is still possible that a representative will renew it for me given the correction/additional information i needed to be indicated ? also, is there any additional documents they need to bring?
    maraming salamat po.

  44. Hi, nakalgay po sa article nyo na if 2014 to 2016 last na kumuha ng clearance no need for fingerprint form, paano kaya kung 2017 sya last kumuha?
    If hindi na kailngn ng fingerprint form, so ang kailngn nlng is authorization (original ba, pwede scan copy lang?),copy ng passport, 2×2 pic and registration form?

  45. Hello po, ask ko lang po, pag nag-process po ng NBI renewal for a NBI clearance issued in 2017, kelangan po ba original NBI ang ipadala or pede po bang clearance copy lang po?

    Salamat po sa mga sasagot!

    1. Hi Maan

      Sobrang helpful ng mga older comments, this has been discussed before po. 🙂

      Pwede pong scanned NBI and other supporting documents… basta printed lang sa Philippines.

  46. Hi, How can I apply for renewal of nbi clearance while in New Zealand? What site and how long will it take? Kindly email me back to —– email address redacted—–

  47. Hi ,

    Good day , this is very informative … Question lang – You mentioned that u need an appointment for the NBI renewal, pero kc need mo ilagay yung schedule or i book yung appointment. what if ma delay yung documents na ma receive ng representative (relatives) sa pinas, and yung na book na appointment eh lumampas na , panu po yun ? .

    In your case same date yung na book mong appointment ba , better bang mag pa appointmnet nalang sa pinas yung represenative ko ? .. Thanks

      1. Ok , thanks ang option na pinili nyo eh bayad center tama ba , meaning pwend mag bayad mismo sa NBI manila ?

        1. You can pick any payment centre… I chose a payment centre so I would be issued a reference number needed to be able to pay at NBI Manila…

  48. Hi, pwede kayang scan lang ung nbi, pasport pictures, authorization letter at pasport bio page , or need qo isend sa Phil ung orignal nbi , authorztn letter,at pasport size Photos? Thanks in advance

  49. hi mslab,

    I want to thank you, since this blog help us a lot to process our friend’s NBI who is at NZ right now, To be honest sa bungad pa lang ng NBI sinisingil na kami ng 1500 since nabasa ko blog mo at prinint ko hinanap ko na lang agad yung mailing sa 3rd floor, ayun same lang ginawa pero wala na daw courier na pwede magpadala since tiga baguio pa kami. so sabi namin iba na lang kukuha. after that sinisingil kami 130, i told then na bayad na through online.. thanks talaga sa blog mo na save kami. kudos po sa blog niy

    1. Hi Jean

      Thanks for your feedback, I really am glad to help! Sana rin na report niyo sa kinauukulan yung mga pasaway na empleyado na humihingi pa ng lagay para mabigyan ng kaukulang aksyon… kaya sila namimihasa dahil may mga gumagamit pa rin ng serbisyo nila. 🙂

      1. Hi Mslab

        actually noong ipipick up na ng tito ng friend namin kasi busy kami sabi nila may kumuha na daw. kaya print na lang daw ulit at magbayad na lang daw… pero with this wala pa naman talaga nag pipick up since yung paper na pang claim is nasa friend lang naman namin kaya wala ng ibang pipick up. anyway too cut the story short and to guide din mga iba. ehehe ipaglaban niyo na wala talaga pumick up. sana may logbook sila kung sino sino mga pumipick up

  50. Hi mslab, just a quick question, since i actually have an account registered with nbi, how do i go about processing the renewal if i’m in nz, since i don’t need to submit a fingerprint form because my info is already in the database. I was provided locations to process my said renewal request, can i have a representative just drop by the nbi branch of my choice and pick it up on my behalf? i’ll be processing for everything online. also, do they post out to overseas should my representative be unable to drop by the branch?

    1. Hi Liz

      Haven’t made a blog about it as I’m so busy… but you can try NBI Quick Renewal… If your existing NBI clearance’s reference number gets accepted, you can have your NBI clearance delivered. Just note you won’t be able to update your details (like the address).

      Hope that works for you!

  51. Hi,
    May naka-try na ba sa inyo ng thru mail deretso kay Ms Sandra? Gaano katagal bago n’yo nareceive sa bansa niyo yung NBI clearance? Thanks 🙂


    1. Hi Annalyn

      I actually have… tried it for the purpose of blogging about it… I just haven’t been able to find time to write it. Anyway… it took almost two months before it came back to us! Mail got held up in Hong Kong for two weeks… three days for transferring mail from port to delivery address… almost two weeks processing with them (NBI). Almost three weeks before it arrived in New Zealand.

      If you need it quick, I don’t recommend it. We also had requested a copy more than a month later through a fixer/kakilala sa loob after sending the mailed request (since no news)… Arrived around the same time as the mailed request one. LOL. If you need it quick you might have to pay for a service or try the quick renewal option if that works for you.

  52. Hi Ms Lab,

    Thanks for the informative reply. 🙂 Just sent mine to Ms. Sanda by post. I am not in a rush to receive it naman. Thanks a lot, will tell you how it goes. 🙂

  53. Hi, pwede kayang scan lang ung nbi, pasport pictures, authorization letter at pasport bio page , or need qo isend sa Phil ung orignal nbi , authorztn letter,at pasport size Photos? Thanks in advance

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