How to Transfer an eVisa to a New Passport

After passport renewal, the most logical thing to do is to transfer your visa to the new passport. Immigration New Zealand (INZ) requires you to transfer your valid visa into your new passport before you use it to travel. While there exists a form to use to request the transfer of physical visa labels, the INZ website does not really divulge much info about transferring eVisas to new passports. It only lists out what they require but they do not tell you exactly how to do the procedure. In this post I will share the steps on how to transfer an eVisa to a new passport.

Again I reiterate that this post is only for eVisas. An eVisa is a visa issued without a physical label. It usually is just a PDF document that you can print out whenever you need a physical copy of your visa otherwise New Zealand’s Immigration Act 2009 does not really require you to have a visa label placed in your passport to confirm your immigration status and entitlements in New Zealand.

Here are the requirements I prepared after talking to someone at the INZ Contact Centre:

1. Written request letter

Transfer an eVisa to a New Passport

The request letter should state your identity and contact details, and what your request is. I always quote my INZ Client Number because that makes things easier.

2. Printed copy of new passport – Please do not forget to sign it before making a copy. The passport is invalid without a signature.

Transfer an eVisa to a New Passport

After physically sighting my passport, the INZ staff photocopied my passport to a paper that states ‘original sighted’. I blurred some details out to ensure this will not be fraudulently copied.

I am not sure if it is absolutely necessary for the immigration to view the original passport so if you are mailing your visa transfer request, please do ask INZ at +64 4 914 4100.

3. Printed copy of current eVisa and old passport (optional)

I included copies just because I had extra but otherwise these are not required. If they have your Client Number like in my case INZ would be able to pull up your details.

After compiling the requirements above, I went to the INZ Christchurch branch which is now located at Christchurch Central. If you are from Christchurch you would find the lack of free parking spaces annoying. If ever you do not find free parking spaces in the area, please prepare to pay the nearest Wilson Parking $5.00.

The Christchurch branch’s contact details are as follows:

Office Hours (Application lodgement/Passport collection): Mon-Tue & Thu-Fri 08:30 – 16:00; Wed 10:00 – 16:00
Office Hours (Dropbox Hours): Mon-Fri 08:00 – 16:00
Address: Level 2, 161 Cashel Street, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011
Phone Number: +64 9 914 4100

If you are in another city please use the Office and Fees Finder tool on INZ’s website to find your nearest INZ office.

For Christchurch people, enter the building and ride the lift to Level 2.

You will find a glass door when you arrive at Level 2. Enter and INZ reception should be to your right.

You should see this:

And this:

And this:

The above pictures show the INZ Christchurch office’s public area.

Anyway, if there is no person to do the transfer on the spot, you should just drop your request to the drop box. As I mentioned earlier, someone did photocopy my passport to an official paper and instructed me to just use the drop box. I did not have an envelope at that time and the immigration had stopped giving free envelopes so I just stapled the documents together and dropped the stack to the drop box, hoping they would not get lost.

A week and a day after, I received an email literally containing my new eVisa. The visa was not even an attachment. It had a new start date so they treated this as a ‘new’ application with its own application number and all. How I wish they changed the expiry date to indefinite too, LOL.

Again I blurred some details out to ensure this will not be fraudulently copied.

Anyway, this is my experience in transferring an eVisa to a new passport. Hope this helps you, reader!

P.S. Forgot to mention that this visa transfer is FREE. No label = no fee.

45 Replies to “How to Transfer an eVisa to a New Passport”

  1. hello,
    Just wondering how did you had the photocopy of the new passport with ‘original sighted’? Did you bring it with you on a different day from when you dropped the docs in the dropbox?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Jas

      The INZ employee photocopied it for me on their copier. Please note that you cannot physically go to an INZ office now and liaise with them directly as they have closed all public counters.

      All applications now need to be made through post (paper applications) or through the internet (online visa application etc).

      1. Hello again. Thanks for replying. Just have a couple of questions more.
        I currently reside at Auckland, don’t know if that would make animpact on the process?
        Post (Paper Applications)
        Should I mail them everything? (Physical – New passport, Physical -old passport, current visa, letter of request?) via NZpost?

        -I can do everything via online application of tranfer? How po?

        1. Hi Jas

          You should submit where the fees and office finder page suggests.

          If you want a visa label on your passport you should use the INZ Form 1023 and this would cost NZD 110. Otherwise you can write the letter to give you an eVisa instead so it would be free. Whichever way you prefer.

          There’s no way for you to apply for the visa transfer online so submit everything by post. Sorry I wasn’t that clear earlier, some “visa applications” lang ang pwede online, not transfers.

          1. Hello,

            I went to INZ Queen street branch with my old and new passports (orig and photocopy), letter of request (which i copied from your template, thank you) . I’ll be leaving NZ on the 28th and they took the photocopy of my passports and the letter and told me that I will be receiving an email of the visa.

            Thank you,

            1. owww… so i applied today for the visa transfer and passed all the docs, but I forgot to sign my passport before i photopied it. would this be na issue? =(

  2. Hi,

    When you received your new evisa, did your passport number under the “applicant details” section change? I had my evisa transferred into my new passport, and did receive an approval paper but noticed that my passport # under applicant details is still the old one. Thanks!

    1. Hi Melanie

      Yes it changed. The one who processed your request must have forgotten to change the details to the new one. If you have been in contact with the Immigration Officer through email like me, just flick them an email otherwise please ring INZ and point out their error.

      Hope that helps.

    1. Hi Frank

      I wrote the article June last year so the process may have changed by this time. Please follow what is advised on the form.

      Delivery back to you will be free, it is written on the INZ website.

  3. Hi ,
    This is very informative , thank You .
    But i have question , how the NZ embassy return your old and new passport, do they returned it via courier , is it free ? Thanks

  4. Hi, I was wondering if someone has an idea of how long the passports are returned?
    I made my paper submission including old and new passports for Evisa transfer about a week ago but have not received it back. Should I worry?

    1. Hi Kars

      No you shouldn’t worry. Please patiently wait for them to process it… they’re prioritising applications that need more urgency. A visa transfer isn’t on the top of their list.

      Currently on the office and fees finder page of the INZ website, they list there that the processing time for eVisa transfer is within 15 days. You’re still on the first week.

      Hope that helps.

  5. hello pag nasa tauranga san po pwede ipadala may adress po ba kau.and anu pong requirements and process to make my move clear.Thanks everyone

  6. Hi mslab
    Thank you very much for your useful doc.
    I submitted my request for transferring evisa about 19 days ago outside NZ. My ticket to NZ is for 12 days on 12Feb and they still have not transferred my visa.

    It is a streesful situation. What do you think I should do?
    I can’t even make a call, no one pick the phone at NZ immigration…

    1. Hi Aida

      Try following-up with the visa application centre you liaised with (if you made your application through VAC) otherwise you really need to call and connect with one of the officers on the line.

      You can also try submitting an online query through here: but in my experience they take a while to reply through this channel…

    2. Hello Aida! I am currently having the same situation as you are! Mind telling me what did you end up doing? Did you get your e-visa on time? If not, what were your ways? Thanks in advance!

    3. Hi, I’m in the same situation. is it taking more than 15 days now. I’m in the same situation. I’m travelling overseas on 08Nove 2019 and my return flight is on 6Dec2019. what should I do if dont get my e-visa transferred by then? I requested only for Electronic copy not the physical lebel. any suggestions please

    4. Hello Aida! I know it’s been a year since your comment, but now I’m in the same situation. In the end how did you solve the situation? Did the eVisa arrive on time? Thank you

  7. Did they change the Visa Issue Date on the transferred visa? cos i’ll be applying for a 3-year post-study work visa and the issue date is very crucial.

    1. Hi C

      Yes they do change the start date of the visa when they transfer it… that doesn’t mean the validity of the original is gone…

      Why is it crucial for you? If it is then you should renew your passport first before applying for the visa…

  8. Hi this is very informative blog and thank you for this, just like to know na mas better po bang e photocopy nalang ang passport na certify or yung original talaga? and by the way 15 days ba ang processing time? thank you

    1. Hi Ivo

      It’s taking more than 15 days these days for them to generate a new eVisa with your new passport details because they’ve been having delays in processing.

      It needs to be a certified copy if you’re not submitting the passport… If you’re submitting the actual original passport then you don’t need a copy or a certified copy.

      The process has changed a bit since I’ve written the blog and you need to be filling out the INZ 1023 form…

      Good luck.

  9. Hi!

    Mag-aapply po ako ng 3-year post-study work visa this 2019, pero ang passport validity ko ay until 2021 lang (so I have to renew and transfer visa). Worry ko baka hindi ako bigyan ng full 3 years? Have you heard of anyone na na-issuehan ng work visa beyond passport validity?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi C

      INZ will only give you a visa valid through the validity of your passport… if you apply now using your current passport, you will have to renew your passport then apply to transfer your visa label to another passport and this will give you your full visa validity.

  10. Hi good morning po,our new passport has just arrived and I might do what you did(photocopy old and new passport) and make request letter instead of INZ form.My question is are there any people in the center to check the photocopied passports?Im here in Chch po.Thank you!

    1. Hi Tina

      I haven’t had the time to update the post but I have mentioned this in the comments section before. INZ Christchurch has closed the public counter since Dec 2017 so you won’t be able to do what I did.

      You have to mail the application form (they have updated the form to include eVisa transfers) to the following address (NZ Post):

      Immigration New Zealand
      PO Box 76895
      Manukau City
      Auckland 2241
      New Zealand

      or if using a courier

      Immigration NZ
      DX Box: EP71514
      20 Fairfax Avenue
      Auckland 1061
      New Zealand

      Link to form is here

  11. Hi,

    For those who requested a transfer recently (after 2017).Did you include a request letter for the transfer?

    1. Hi Carlo

      No you don’t have to as they have amended the visa transfer form to include eVisas… please read most recent comments (above yours).

  12. Hi I’m just wondering if someone can help me cause I already book my ticket three months ago and my flight is on the 18th of September and my old passport is expired with my Permanent Resident on it, can someone help me please

  13. Hello MsLab,

    I have a new passport and my resident visa is in my old passport. I will be travelling to philippines this coming thursday. Will I be able to enter Philippines with my NZ Visa in my old passport. I have already applied for E-Visa.

    1. Hi Ann

      Your NZ resident visa only affects your entry to NZ and not the PH… No problems if you have your visa in your old passport when entering PH. If PH officials ask questions just explain.

      You absolutely need to have your NZ eVisa before you can board your flight back to NZ though. I think hindi ka naman mao-offload because they can call NZ authorities regarding your status sa NZ, but hassle lang siya. May Advance Passenger Processing (APP) kasi yung airlines and if they let people in without a valid visa or without a valid visa on the current passport they can be fined if they let you in without prior approval. Your passport number is linked to your visa and kung na-transfer na ang visa mo to new passport/new passport number or linked to your visa, then papasa ka sa APP. ‘Yan yung computer checks na ginagawa sa check-in…

      Hope that helps!

  14. Very useful information!

    I have renewed my passport and my work e-visa is on the old passport. I will not travel at the moment. But, I will apply for my next work visa within a month or two. In this case, does it require to transfer my visa to the new passport? or can I just apply for a work visa extension with the new passport and show the e-visa information from the old passport?

    1. Hi Najma

      There’s no such thing as a work visa extension in New Zealand. Every temporary visa application is a new one.

      If you’re applying for a new visa soon and you are not going to use your passport in another transaction before that then it might be wise to just wait until you’ll get the new visa.

      You don’t get a sticker anymore and the visa will only be linked to your new passport number.

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