Where to Find the Honorary Philippine Consulate General in Christchurch

I do not know the exact number of Filipinos living in Christchurch and in the Canterbury region but I know our number is significant enough for the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs to install a consulate in this region (albeit honorary!). They recently have transferred offices and in this post I will share with you where to find the Honorary Philippine Consulate General in Christchurch and what services it offers.

Where to Find the Honorary Philippine Consulate General in Christchurch

The Consulate General has recently announced its move from its office in the Christchurch city centre to a larger space in Wigram, a suburb situated in the west of Christchurch.

Judging by the picture included in the announcement, the new office will hopefully have ample parking space as this was a problem in the old office and would be easier to find.

Honorary Philippine Consulate General in Christchurch
Address: 187 Wigram Road, Wigram, Christchurch 8025 New Zealand
Office Hours:
• Tuesday, 3:30PM – 7:30 PM
• Friday, 2:00PM – 6:00PM
• Saturday, 9:30AM – 1:30PM
Phone Number: +64 3 377 7417
Mobile Phone Number: +64 21 191 2374 (Aimee Pernites, Administrative Assistant)
Email: oxbridge@xtra.co.nz
Facebook Page: Office of the Philippine Honorary Consulate in Christchurch
Note: Replace +64 with 0 if calling within New Zealand; drop the area code 03 if calling within Christchurch

How to get to the Honorary Philippine Consulate General in Christchurch

The best way to get to the consulate is by car. The nearest bus stop is Stop 53440 (Bus Route 60) in Corsair Drive which is 850m away. Check Metro Christchurch for the best bus route to take.

Services Offered by the Honorary Philippine Consulate General in Christchurch

1. Authentications and Notarials
• Affidavits, Powers of Attorney, Deeds, Parental Travel Permits/Consents, etc.
• Cost: NZD 37.50 per document
• More information through the links:

2. Obtaining an NBI Fingerprint Form
• The Consulate has the appropriate NBI Fingerprint Forms needed for an NBI clearance application.
Cost: Free

3. Fingerprinting for NBI Clearance Application
• The Consulate assists in the collection and certification of fingerprints of NBI clearance applicants.
• Cost: NZD 37.50

Unfortunately as the consulate is only an honorary one (no actual Consular Officers from the Philippine Embassy; Consul is appointed by the Philippine Ambassador to New Zealand), the more intricate services like passport application/renewal or civil registry notifications are unavailable. Such services will be available at the Philippine Embassy in Wellington or in scheduled mobile consular outreach missions in different places in New Zealand.

Hopefully to utilise this new and nicer office, we would have a ‘real’ Consulate General in the near future.

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