Applying for IRD Number Online

As a migrant coming to New Zealand for the first time, along with work entitlements, you must be also aware of your duty to pay income taxes. There is no way around it. As Benjamin Franklin once said (non-verbatim), nothing is certain in life other than death and taxes. I had briefly shared my experience in getting my IRD number in 2015 and I cannot believe how easy it is now. In this blog I will share how I assisted my newly-arrived housemate’s experience in applying for IRD number online.

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Where to Search for Accommodation in Christchurch NZ

Finding a place to stay in a new city may be a bit overwhelming for most new migrants. I bet there are dozens of questions in your mind like, “where do I find all the accomodation listings?” or “where are the cheaper suburbs in Christchurch?”. These sorts of questions are not easily answerable without proper research and I am writing this article to guide you in the search for your accommodation in Christchurch.

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