How to Create an INZ Online Services Account

The Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has a couple of online systems in place to allow for the submissions of visa applications online. In this post, I will share with you how to create an Online Services user account which you can use to apply for a working holiday visa and a Silver Fern visa, or submit an expression of interest for the Skilled Migrant Category residency program.

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Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand for Filipinos

In 2015, the coming of the New Year was very significant to me as that meant that it was only a month away from the Philippines Working Holiday Scheme in New Zealand application day. I learned about the visa a year before and I was not able to secure a slot so I promised myself that in the next year, I would be more ready. The working holiday visa has been my entry pathway to New Zealand from the Philippines and it may be yours as well. I want to share with you what I know about this visa and help you prepare for you upcoming visa application.

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Tips on Securing a Silver Fern Visa Slot

My friends and contacts shared my post about the Silver Fern Visa application on Facebook and I distinctly remember one Facebook user’s comment that this visa is nearly impossible to get especially with the quality of internet connections in the Philippines. I beg to disagree. Of course there are only 300 slots and applicant number 301’s (and so on) hopes will be crushed on that day BUT you can work on improving your chances in getting a slot and I will share with you here what to do to secure a slot.

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Silver Fern Visa in New Zealand for Filipinos

The 3rd of November is fast approaching and a lot of people wanting to go to New Zealand have ants in their pants waiting for this day. Why? On that date this year, New Zealand’s Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa application is opening once again for the 6th time since its inception in 2010 for young, highly skilled people all over the world. There are only 300 slots available for every citizen (except Australians and New Zealanders) annually so I cannot fault people for being anxious as this can be their golden ticket to New Zealand.

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