Tips on Securing a Silver Fern Visa Slot

My friends and contacts shared my post about the Silver Fern Visa application on Facebook and I distinctly remember one Facebook user’s comment that this visa is nearly impossible to get especially with the quality of internet connections in the Philippines. I beg to disagree. Of course there are only 300 slots and applicant number 301’s (and so on) hopes will be crushed on that day BUT you can work on improving your chances in getting a slot and I will share with you here what to do to secure a slot.

Few days before application day

  1. Create an INZ Online Services account

You can create the account from here. I know some people who tried to register on the same day of the application and guess what, they are not able to secure slots. The website will be very slow on that day and you must not waste time by not having an account ready. Another important thing to point out is that you have to remember your log-in credentials. What is the use of creating the account on another day but forgetting the username and password on application day?

  1. Automatically sync your clock to a trusted time server

I do not set time manually. I just set my computer’s setting to automatic and trust that it is accurately calibrated. It has not failed me. Or you can manually select a time server that you trust. I would choose a server in New Zealand.

Here are my computer’s current settings:

Date and Time Time Zone

  1. Ensure the stability of your internet connection

The Philippines is notorious for having really slow internet connection speeds but internet speed is not the only thing that you should worry about. Your connection must be stable. Your 100 Mbps internet would not help if the connection keeps on dropping. Make sure nobody else will be using the internet when you are applying, talk to your family, housemates, whoever. Turn off your other devices’ WIFI connection.

If you really cannot do something about your internet service quality, then maybe you can use your office internet or your friend’s internet. Try to find a 24-hour internet cafe.

  1. Know how to navigate the Immigration New Zealand website

You would think that this would not be a problem but it was for some. Months ago, the Immigration New Zealand website did not look like how it looks like now. The website was confusing! There was a Silver Fern information page and there was an “Apply” button on that same page. Clicking the button did not lead to the form but it lead to the login page. People spent precious time clicking this when they could have logged in before the application started.

  1. Have an idea what the Silver Fern application form would ask

Unfortunately for you I have not seen the Silver Fern application form yet so I cannot share with you the actual form but I have seen and used the Working Holiday application form. I have been told the questions are similar. Fortunately though I found out from my friend that the sections of the form are the following:

Page 1: Personal Details
Page 2: Silver Fern Requirements
Page 3: Health Details
Page 4: Character Details
Page 5: Contact Details

Using my knowledge of the Working Holiday application form, here are the information that I think that may be asked on the form:

Personal Details
Surname, Given Names, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Passport Details, Secondary ID Details (You can use your driver’s licence, SSS ID or Birth Certificate)

Silver Fern Requirements
Qualification Details (Date of Award, School/University, Degree), English Language Proficiency, Funds

Health Details
The questions may be similar to the screenshot below. I got this from the Work Visa Application form.
Health Details

Character Details
The questions may be similar to the screenshot below. I got this from the Partnership-based Temporary Visa Application form.
Character Details

Contact Details
Mailing Address, Postal Address, Email Address, Landline, Mobile number, Email Address

Prepare the above-mentioned details on a Notepad text file and just copy paste information on application day. Make sure that the information listed do not have special characters. For example, those with “Ma.” in their names would have to type their name as “Ma”. Write your address as 18 Malingap St UP Village Quezon City; your phone number as +63 2 9999999.

  1. Verify and double/triple check the information you have prepared on a Notepad and familiarise yourself on where you put each data

Self explanatory.

  1. Secure a credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard) and ensure it works online

If it is months before application day, then you can apply for a credit card (subject to approval) or convert your ATM card to a debit card (with Visa or MasterCard logo) if your bank allows for it. If you still do not have a credit or debit card by now, then borrow from a friend. Make sure that it works for online purchases by test purchase in Lazada or wherever.

Some cards have online usage protection by sending a confirmation code or one-time pin (OTP) to the cardholder’s phone number. If you are borrowing a card, make sure that the card you are using does not have this feature or else you will be waking a friend at 5 AM in the morning (Philippine time). Or you can sequester your friend’s phone as well.

And one last thing about cards, make sure that the card has sufficient balance and leave overhead for conversion fees. Most Philippine cards have 3.5% foreign exchange service fee so at NZD 1 = PHP 35, the application fee of NZD 298 will be around PHP 10,800. Here’s the math: (298*35*.035)+298*35 = 10,795.05

On application day

  1. Prepare your body

Wake up before 10 AM New Zealand time. Take a leak, take a dump. Be hydrated enough. Do not be hungry if you know your hunger will bother you. You know this.

  1. Prepare multiple devices and login in each of them

I prepared two computers (my Mac notebook and my brother’s Windows laptop) with 3 browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) opened in each. I used both computers to log-in before 5 AM Philippine time/10 AM New Zealand time. First one that loads the form will be your “primary” station. In my case it was my Mac that was able to load the form. Firefox is my favourite browser and I was delighted that this got into the form first.

Login through this link.

  1. Once logged in, scroll down to “Silver Fern Job Search”.

Click ‘Click here to apply‘ when the clock hits 10 AM NZ time.

  1. Skip not required fields

You do not have to fill out everything. You only have to fill out required information. Required information usually is appended by a red asterisk (*).

  1. Do not refresh the page unless you are directed to an error page (connection has timed out, no internet connection, etc)

Applicants during the previous years had reported seeing blank white screens and perpetually spinning loading icons. Just be patient. Your internet is trying to load the information little by little and if you refresh before getting an error page, you will just start from the beginning. Also do not make unnecessary clicks.

  1. Do not sacrifice accuracy for speed

Answer the form correctly. You do not want to answer YES to the have you ever been deported especially if it is not true.

  1. Click Next and not Save Details

The form has sections and before going to the next section it would ask you to save or to go to the next section. Since if you followed my advice and you have made sure your data is accurate before the application day, be confident in clicking Next instead of Save Section/Save Details.

After application day

If you have managed to secure a slot, then congratulations to you!

If you have failed to secure a slot, try to log-in days or weeks after as there may have been denials. A declined visa application means there is one more slot that has opened again! Update: Or just in case the lagging website appears once again this year, what they’ve done last year is open the application on different days (withouth actually announcing). So you really have to check.

If you really did not chance upon an open slot, review your Silver Fern application form, take note of the questions and answers, and apply again next year. This year’s form will be deleted before the next year’s application period starts which is only fair for those who have not tried applying.

I hope this post has helped you improve your chances in securing a slot. Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. If you have tips to share, then please put them in comments below. Help a brother or sister out! If you need more information regarding the Silver Fern visa, please click here or check out the Immigration New Zealand page for Silver Fern visa here.

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  1. Hi! In the “English Language Proficiency” field, since I understand that they no longer accept the “English as a medium of instruction used”, hence, if I do not have the IELTS yet, what should I indicate? Is there a drop down list to select?

    Thanks! Your blog is very detailed and concise!

    1. Hi Trinity

      As I have mentioned earlier, I have not seen the Silver Fern form. Most of the working holiday questions are answerable by yes or no so I suspect that it is the same for the Silver Fern visa application as well. I suspect that they will ask something like, “Do you meet the minimum English language proficiency required by this visa?” If it won’t be like that then I would probably put Academic IELTS 6.5. (if text box).

      I don’t think there would be a dropdown because at the moment only IELTS is accepted by Immigration New Zealand.

      I hope I am correct. Let me know once you applied, ha?

      Thanks for your question!

      1. Hi! I was told that IELTS is not required for Silver Fern visa application. But based on the question above it may not be the case. If I understood ur answer correctly, did you mean that if asked “Did you meet the minimum English language proficiency required by the visa?”, I can just write Academic 6.5 in the text box? Even if i did not take the ielts?

        1. Hi Jen

          As I said in the blog, that’s lapsed infomation. The policy changed only recently (12 October) so I guess it is understandable for people to think otherwise.

          In my opinion, I don’t think they would ask you your scores come application day. The question, “Did you meet the minimum English language proficiency required by the visa?” is a yes or no question. 🙂

          If however the application form asks the scores, then don’t apply. Don’t risk putting false information. What if you got 7.5 in the IELTS?

          1. Thanks for info! Your blog has been very informative and a big help in my preparation for the application.

            Another question though, if I may, is it necessary to sync my time settings in my computer to the link you gave? Is there a difference if I just leave it as is?

            Thanks again!

            1. Hi again Jen

              It’s more of a preference. But I know people who keep wrong times on their computers so make sure yours got the right one (if you’re in the Philippines) + 5 hours.

              Good luck later! 3+ hours to go.

            1. Hi Carolina

              Your question has been answered before… Historically INZ has not asked for the exact scores… but who knows if they will change it this year?

      2. Hi,

        Just double confirm: is 10:00am shows in the website is NZ Timing? not here in Singapore? or local timing where you are residing?

        Thank you

        1. Hi Nikash

          Ideally you must be certain you have at least a level 7 degree. What happens when you claim you qualify for the SFV on the application by saying you have a level 7 degree then your PAR/IQA gives you a lower level?

    2. Hello. A very impressive blog. My degree is from Australia. Do they need New Zealand accreditation while submitting for silver fern? I noticed you didn’t add that and I assume it’s not needed.

  2. INZ has changed policies around the English requirement, thus making IELTS mandatory unless you come from Canada, Ireland, UK & USA or have a level 7/8 qualification comparable to qualifications gained in Australia, NZ, Canada, Ireland, UK & USA.
    They will most likely ask how you meet the English requirement and provide a drop down box asking whether you are from the above countries, have IELTS or have a recognized qualification gained from the above countries.
    If you say you have IELTS, they will most likely ask for the IELTS certificate number, exam date and your overall band score.
    Your citizenship will obviously state which country you are from and whether you meet the English requirement.
    If you say that you have a qualification gained from any of the above countries, they will most likely also ask what qualification you gained and the start and completion dates.
    The Character section will also most likely ask which countries you have spent more than 12mos in in the last 5yrs.
    I am basing above advice on online EOI forms for Skilled Migrant Category which I do as part of my work. Hope this helps ?

    1. Hi Ivy

      The EOI is a bit more complex than the Silver Fern and I sure hope they won’t ask for the scores in the Silver Fern form. They just changed the rules and I don’t think the people anticipated the requiring of IELTS documentation.

      Thank you for sharing!

  3. Wow. This article is really helpful! I hope the online application process for the WHV this coming 2017 would be similar to the information shared here. Fingers crossed.

    Thank you for this!

    1. Hi Choi

      It should be similar. I got in NZ through the WHV. 🙂 Expect that I will be writing about it when the WHV application date is closer.


      1. Hi! The WHV application is fast approaching and I’d just like to ask, just for good measure, in which method did you pay for your application fee? Is it through debit or credit card?

        The NZ Immigration website ( isn’t very specific if debit cards are allowed or strictly credit. I have a MasterCard debit card which is capable of purchasing online (I paid the IELTS-British Council with it), but I don’t have a credit card. I just might have to borrow from a friend just to make sure.

        Thanks again!

        1. Hi Choi

          I used a Citibank credit card which I borrowed from my father. You can use a debit card as long as it has a Visa or MasterCard logo. I hope it is not a BDO MasterCard debit card though because that sometimes fails for online/international transactions. If using a debit card, put extra money as you have to allot some for the fluctuating exchange rate and the foreign currency service fee. You can also borrow if you’d like.

          I just published my WHV article which is very similar to my Silver Fern one, I hope you check that out as well.

          Good luck!

          1. Hello there,
            I am wandering if will collect visa fee stright away after submiting the application or it will be later after they will contact via e-mail as stated on the website quote “We ask for evidence to support your application?” and under this shown “payment mathods”.
            (info )

  4. Good day,

    Thank you for sharing this information. Please enlighten me. By acquiring WHV will it allow me to look for a job and get hired as a permanent employee? Granted that I have to go back to the Philippines before my working holiday visa expires, from there am I allowed to apply for a working visa this time?

    1. Hi Jacky

      While the WHV allows you to come to NZ and work here, you must not work permanently on a working holiday visa. Hope that is clear to you. If you found a permanent job right away after arriving in NZ, you must convert your visa to a regular work visa so you won’t have problems with immigration. You don’t need to leave NZ.

      Hope that helps!

  5. Good day!

    What if I wasn’t able to complete my application because my passport will expire this year. Can I continue filling up the forms after renewing my passport? My application is still pending. Lastly, is there a chance that I could get a slot in that case or the slots will be filled even if I have a pending application?

    Thank you in anticipation.

    1. Hi Janine

      If you’re referring to the Working Holiday application, there’s a slim chance you’ll be able to chance upon an open slot. All the slots have been filled. When do you know someone has been declined anyway?

      You can try again next year.

      1. How would I know if the quota was reached for this year? I can still edit my application, however, it was indicated that I should renew my visa first before completing the said application.

        1. If you try to complete your form now (bogus details for passport)/make it ready for submission, the form would show this:

          Please click to open the larger image.

          The 100 slots have been filled 🙂

          1. Thank you so much for your help. I don’t have the courage to do the bogus details. I thought that if I have a pending application and reference number my slot is secured. I guess this is a hopeless case, as the earliest possible renewal of passport is on April 2017.

            1. I meant filling bogus details just to see the error. It won’t have repercussions if you don’t submit it (you can’t anyway since all slots are filled).

              Try next year if you’re not yet 31!

              1. Okay, I will. Anyway, how long does it take to accept WHV applicants? Does it end after an hour after it opens or it will automatically close when the quota was reached?

                  1. Dear
                    I have an query , my brother has been selected in the silver firn visa from dubai , he submitted the documents which was returned to him after 1 day , then he got an email after 10 days ,where you have submitted your documents , as youe documents are pending ,he was shocked he wrote it in an mail has has already subkitted all the documents to which she asked him to sent those again , he sent all tje documents again on an email to the lady who sent an mail .not its veen 1 week ,lodgemebt is still pending on onlone portal , we are highky stressed ,to contact to whom person.
                    Please guide.

                    1. Hi Ursa

                      Your message is hard to understand. Please liaise directly with Immigration New Zealand with your brother’s problems. They would know what’s happening and not me. 🙂

                      +64 9 914 4100

    1. Hi red

      Is that a full ESL degree? Like a Bachelor of Science in ESL Education? If yes, then there’s a possibility… if not there’s no chance at all.

  6. Hi Ms. Lab,

    Good evening. Your blog is very helpful to me. I’ve been reading all if your post regarding silver fern and working holiday visa in NZ. I am really interested to apply both (silver fern and WHV) but I have some queries.

    1) Silver fern – when it comes to funds, how much do I really need to reflect in my passbook?
    2) Silver Fern – Do you have any idea what is the required band score for IELTS?

    Thank you soo much im advance 🙂

  7. hi, good day!

    do i need the ielts result on application day? or it will be fine to take the exams when i already have secured a slot for silver fern?
    thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Zarina

      As discussed in the comments section above, I don’t think they ask it since they give you 3 months to comply with the requirements.

      Please try to backread first in case the questions you want to ask have been asked and answered before.

  8. Hi, Thanks for sharing your valuable tips. Really helpful. Just wanted to clear few confusions:
    1. How would we know the opening date of Silver Fern?
    2) Do we have to upload picture and other supporting on the application day?

  9. Hi..

    Looking back in the first Gias’s question, you say: check the SFV information page.
    Is it supposed immigration will announce the opening date in advance?
    Thanks for your useful tips ?

  10. 1. hi do you thibk they woikd allow stocks certificate as evidence of funds for the silver fern visa?
    2. can I take the english test only after I have been granted a slot for silver fern?

    1. Hi Roxanne

      1. I believe funds that are not readily available are not allowed.

      2. Yes, but that was for previous applications. You never know if they change it this year.


  11. Hi there! This site is awesome. Thanks for the detailed information and screenshots. Can I refer to this post in my blog? A lot of people have been asking me how to prepare and what to expect and your writing here is just perfect to the pixel. Cheers!

  12. Hi again Ms. Lab, any good timings to log in on SFV website?
    Since I’ve red that the server will be slow during that moment because of many users. I would like to ask if I should log on at exactly 5AM PST or I should try to login by 3AM? hehe

    1. Hi Guess

      I don’t recommend logging in at exactly 5 AM PH time. That’s the way you wouldn’t be able to get in. As I said come game time, you should be clicking apply and not logging in.

      Login would time out as early as 3 am… try to login past 4-4:30 am just keep your connection by refreshing from time to time…

  13. Hi Ms Lab,

    I actually tried applying for a slot for Silver Fern last year but he problem was that the page just kept loading and usually up to the point that error page was shown. I think I was able to fill out 3 forms until I could no longer go through and eventually an information on the website that it crashed. Is it correct to think that internet connection speed is a huge factor in the application? Based on above info, you only applied for WHV and no experience on Silver Fern. But do you know of a Filipino who applied while in the Philippines and got a slot? Thank you

    1. Hi MZ

      If competing against other nationalities with better internet in their countries then yes speed does matter to a certain extent. I know 2 people who were able to get in last year regardless of the lagging/hanging/crashing website.

    2. Hi Mz,

      If the website has issues, everyone is affected – slow man or fast yung internet. So, kailangan lang patience. You can refresh the page and you can save your details if magstart nang magloko ang website. And don’t move away from your PC. Make sure na pagpwede nang i-fillup ulit ang form, fill-up agad, save, then go to the next until sa payment page.

      1. Hi,

        Question on Tip no. 7 above “Click Next and not Save Details”
        When you finish answering 1 form then click next, and the website crash, what happen to the form you just done? uulitin ba pagsagot, dahil hindi na save , once you get back in?

        Thank you

        1. Hi Alona

          Do what works for you. In my experience the save button did not really save my details, it erased them. The next button should auto save, that’s what happened to me.

          Your mileage may vary. Maybe the system wouldn’t fail this time.

      2. Hi xclexc,

        I actually was just in front of my PC, waiting, refreshing every time error page shows up, and waited until around 2 pm i think until notice was shown that the website crashed. Better luck next time for me! 🙂

        1. Hi MZ

          There have been posters online saying that they have secured a slot as far as a month after the SF application opened last year.

          Maybe if the website crashes this year again you can try to login everyday 🙂

  14. Hi,

    I am currently in New Zealand on visitor visa and will be going back on 15 Dec 17 will I be still able to apply as technically I’m not a permanent resident of NZ and silver fern visa date has come on 30.11.17. Pls reply.Ta

    1. Hi Ishi

      Since you’re here in NZ why not call 09 914 4100 for clarification. That’s the INZ Contact Centre’s number. 😀 I’ve read the rules just now and it just says ‘You must be living outside NZ when you apply.’ I guess you can back it up by documents from the Philippines… and reason out you’re just visiting NZ.

  15. Waoo, amazing article, extremely useful, appreciate your help.

    1. If I get slot on 30th November, How many days I will be given to submit documents like IELTS certificate, Police Character certificate, Medical certificate etc
    2. Do I need to have IQA? I already have PAR and my qualification is assessed at level 9, will PAR be sufficient or I need to have an IQA for this Visa?

    Thank you

  16. Hello Mslab
    I am a teacher by profession and had taught for 9years in the Philippines. It was just last December 2016 that I resigned and headed here in Czech Republic for work as a caregiver. I am planning to apply for Silver Fern Visa this November 30. But I have some
    issues that bother me:
    1. I will be turning 36y.o by January 2018.Would it be a problem for me? . I understand the age limit is only up to 35y.o upon applying.
    2. I dont have a credit/debit card or any atm as of the moment. .Is it okay to use a friend’s card if ever I will get a slot and asked to pay the visa?
    3. Would it be not too late for me to open an account now and deposit an enough amount to show a bank certification that I have enough funds?.
    Thanks for your enlightenment.

    1. Hi Virginia

      1. As long as you’re 35 at time of application. No problems with turning 36 in January 2018.
      2. You can borrow a friend’s card.
      3. Not too late.

      The problem with this visa is that it requires you to have occupational registration when your profession is one of the professions that need registration. Assuming you have an education degree if ever you’d be able to apply, they would look for proof that you are able to register as a teacher here in NZ.

      Details on registration:

      1. Thanks a lot mslab. Another thing, Do I need to have my qualifications be assessed by the IQA before applying or after?

  17. Hi,my question is how is the quota calculated? Hitting the submit button is calculated as one application or making the payment is considered as submission? Can we edit details after submission? How long does it take to fill a form?

    1. Hi Kaya

      Hitting submit counts as the application. Then you can pay. You cannot edit the form once it’s been submitted. Form takes about 5-10 minutes to fill depending on your speed. 🙂

  18. Hi
    I enter “” , I click on Login up right corner of the page. Then chose “Silver Fern Job Search Work Visas” , after that I click on “Login or create Account” but the online system don’t open. I have try it many times in different systems with high speed of internet. Do you know what is the problem?
    Thank you

      1. so, just to confirm, if i’m a nurse by profession here in PH, I really have to work as a nurse there? i can’t take other jobs?

        1. This is the case of the silver fern visa. I’m just saying that without being able to prove you can be a nurse here you can’t get this visa. For any other visas, sure, you’re free to take other jobs as long as you have the work rights and you have no work restrictions.

  19. Hi MSLAB,

    Thanks a lot for that information.

    I’m an civil engineer, and the SFV require to have an occupational registration (would be “Engineering NZ” in my case), is it mandatory to be registered before the application or I can do it later same as case with IQA for the qualification assessment?

    And also if you could be sure about the IELTS filling fields and not being ask for degree, type and no. of exam (still not taken it!)

    So many thanks in advance

    1. Hi albaati

      1. The exact instruction for this is here: WL2.15b

      The way I interpret it is that you must have your registration requirements ready to go. 😀 You can ask for clarification with INZ +64 9 914 4100.

      2. As I mentioned here I haven’t seen the form yet so I cannot be sure. 🙂 I’ve only relied on what the previous batches had said.

    2. Hi albaati,

      You don’t need the registration for the SFV application. Just make sure you have your credentials ready and your 3 yrs experience (min.). Be ready to undergo full assessment of your Bachelors Degree from NZQA when you get a slot. Registration will be asked from you if you will apply for SMC with ANZSCO jobs requiring registration.

      1. Hi xclex

        Are you absolutely sure registration isn’t necessary? Part of the rules one must be able to demonstrate being able to register…

        The number of work experience only applies to being assessed as trade qualified. Probably as Civil Engineering Technician which doesn’t need registration…

        1. Hi mslab/aalbati,

          If you are a licenced Civil Engineer and is practicing your profession, you can get the registration in NZ… with that you can say yes to the question. You don’t need to have it during the application of the SFV. It just says “Must be able”. I’m 100% sure of it.

          When you are in NZ and you are applying for Residency and you are claiming for a postion that requires registration, then, you need to get the registration.

  20. Dear MSlab,
    Could you please mention silver fern fees in Pakistani rupees which i need to pay. Also, Should i pay the exact amount of fees through my visa debit card? I am little bit confused in fees payment.

    1. Hi Danish

      Please use this tool to determine the fee you are going to pay.

      The system will still charge 298 New Zealand Dollars. The converted amount will depend on the prevailing exchange rate that day. When I use Google to convert 298 NZD is around 22,000 PKR, please add more as sometimes there are other fees that the card charges, at least 3.5% more 😀

  21. Hi Mslab, thank you for sharing this very helpful information. I’ve got two questions related to this Silver Fern Visa:

    1. Place of Residence – I’m currently on a visit visa in Australia and I will also be applying the visa while I am here, but I will be returning to Philippines maybe on January. I am not sure what country to put in the residence address whether PH or AU.

    2. IELTS Result Form – I’ve read that supporting documents will be submitted to visa application centres. Do they need the original copy of it? Or will printed scanned copy suffice?

    Thank you in advance. 🙂

    1. Hi Sienna

      1. Please put your permanent address… the address where you’re living most of the time in the past few years.

      2. You need to submit a certified copy if you’re only submitting a copy. You can submit the original but depending on the receiving office, you may or may not have a hard time getting the original back 😀

      1. Thank you Mslab. One more question, can you shed some light between the level 7 qualification and the one that was trade qualified? Unfortunately, my school was not included in the exemption list. I am a graduate of BS Accountancy, and worked for more than 6 years in the accounting field. I believe IQA demands huge amount of money, so I am thinking if I can be trade qualified? Tia.

          1. My last job was as an Accountant, I also worked as Accounts Payable Analyst for 3 years and Account Receivable Specialist for 1 year. 🙂

            Thanks in advance.

            1. Hi again Sienna

              I don’t think you could be trade qualified. There’s no skill related to your job in Parts B & C of the List of Skilled Occupations. And being trade qualified would also need a degree assessment anyway since being trade qualified needs at least a level 4 qualification.

              You really need to have a level 7 qualification. 🙂

  22. Nice article, but I have few questions, is this SFV open to all national ?

    2. when you finally get a slot, what type of document will I provide to backup my job experience ?

    3. How many years of Job experience is needed to apply?


    1. Hi Isaac

      1. Have you read my other blog about the silver fern visa? It would still apply to you even if you’re not a Filipino…

      Yes it’s for all nationals (except Kiwis and Aussies)

      2-3. There are two streams in Silver fern. Proving you have a level 7 qualification or proving you are trade qualified. First one requires you to have your degree assessed and it should come out to be level 7. Second one needs you to have at least a level 4 qualification and have two years of experience in a job in parts B & C of the skilled occupations list.

  23. Hi mslab,

    Do you have an idea if the SFV also requires a passport validity that is same as the visa validity plus 3months extra validity like the WHS?.


    1. ice,

      d kailangan ilagay ang score. medium of instruction natin english so dapat confident ka na mag-answer kung anong level ng english mo sa question na yun. question dun hindi tungkol sa ielts kundi level ng english profeciency mo. and if you get a slot, since expired na ielts mo, kuha ka ulit ng ielts or any equivalent english test.

  24. Hi mslab,

    You are a life savor man I appreciate your efforts,

    Do I need to have the 4200 NZD for exactly 3 months before getting a bank statement? What if I have them for a little bit less than that before submitting the documents, say 2 months?


  25. Hi pls I graduated from medicine last year and I graduated with a masters in Public health this year. I have no work experience. Pls can I still apply?

    1. Hi John

      I believe you still can. You need to have all your degrees assessed.
      What’s your undergraduate degree?

      Just make sure that the degree you will present isn’t required for a profession that needs registration in NZ, otherwise they will ask you to provide proof of your registration as well. So don’t get your medicine degree assessed.

      1. My undergraduate degree is medicine. I went on to do my masters in Public health and I graduated this year. To practice medicine in newzealand I need registration . What do I do please?

        1. Oh right, you’re not from the Philippines then. Most of my readers lives where I am originally from.

          I suggest that you ring +64 9 914 4100, INZ Contact Centre, as they may have a different interpretation of the rules 🙂

  26. Hello,
    Not sure if anyone already asked this question before, haven’t seen it…: Can I work any type of job while on a silver fern visa (jobs outside of my occupation)? Just in case I can’t find a job in my occupation straight away and have some more living expences in the meantime…Also, the required 4,200NZ dollars for 9 months is not much anyways…
    Thanks for replying!

    1. Hi Marlena

      Yes you can 🙂 The silver fern visa is an open work visa which allows you to work anywhere (just not prostitution and the likes).

  27. Hi,
    I have a few queries regarding the silver fern. Following is my data.
    My TOEFL iBT score is 113, required is 79.
    My qualification is Level-7 by NZQA through IQA. Even though technically it should be Level-8 but NZQA refuses to accept, I am still eligible.
    My qualification is Mechatronics Engineering which is also on the skill shortage and I am registered as a member with Engineering NZ.
    So, generally if I manage to get a slot on the day of application, I should be eligible because I am also of good health.
    My questions are:
    1. Can I defer the visa start period of 9 months by a few months?
    2. Do they require my bank statement or will my father’s bank statement suffice for the 4200 NZD requirement?
    3. If after those 9 months I haven’t been able to find a job as an engineer but have been working legally in some other job like cashier at a mart or salesperson at an electronics store or at McDonald’s or Starbucks etc. Am I eligible to get a work visa or residency or something or do I have to leave?
    Please reply soon.

    1. Hi Zuhair

      Have you appealed your IQA? If NZQA says your degree isn’t a level 8, then it isn’t. 😀 Don’t argue it anymore. It just means your degree doesn’t meet the required standard for level 8. And yeah you’re still eligible as you mentioned.

      1. No you cannot defer visa start period. If you get a slot I suggest maxing out the time you are allowed to submit the documents (3 months) so you will have a later start date… I don’t know, wish that you have issues in your application so processing will be longer?
      2. Bank statement has to have your name as account holder. You’re now a professional, why still use dad’s bank statement?
      3. You are not eligible for residency under the skilled migrant category if you don’t have a skilled job. Menial jobs like you mentioned are not skilled as per INZ standards. You have to leave New Zealand before your nine months expires if you can’t find a job.

  28. Hi!
    Good day!

    I would like to ask that if ever I secured a slot but failed to accomplish upon processing will the VISA Fee be refunded?

    Thank you so much.

    God Bless!

  29. hello…i have a question… i will gonna borrow my sister’s bdo mastercard debit card and we tried it in lazada but it says that it needs 14 characters while the credit card number of bdo is only 12.. will it be a problem while applying online?

  30. Hi mslab,
    I just wanna know if as of this moment the visa was already reach the quota ?I thought it is open around 10 am in NZ time.just wanna clarrify mslab.Thanks

  31. Hi. I recently got a PWD ID, on account of a musuloskeletal condition, but I am able to work perfectly fine (I’m employed over 5 years already). Will having this PWD status automatically render me ineligible for the visa application?

  32. Hi mslab it showed that the quota for this year is already filled so we will have to wait for it or its filled really?

  33. “Sorry, we’re experiencing technical problems…”, “Problem loading page” or “This site can’t be reached”

    huhuhu 🙁

  34. Anyone able to get through?

    Was able to just pass Apply Now and application was created. But I’m only getting Error 500, Sorry, we’re experiencing technical problems… and Error: We’re sorry, this page is currently unavailable.

    Saw in Twitter that even guys from the US are unable to go pass the Apply Now part.

  35. Hi mslab,

    “Sorry, we’re experiencing technical problems…”


    Error: We’re sorry this page is currently unavailable.
    This scheme is currently closed. Check our website for information about when it will open.

    What’s the best way to go about this? Just continue refreshing?


    1. Yep, from Sydney here. Having the same issues as you guys have, error and can’t get through “click here to apply” page.

  36. Error
    We’re sorry, this page is currently unavailable.

    This scheme is currently closed. Check our website for information about when it will open.

  37. Hahaha…Cobra is so funny…’s unbelievable, almost two hours doing click …and the same error always …I get the feeling the quote is already filled ..they should change the announce and don’t make us spend time ?..I am almost sleeping ?

  38. There something wrong here. I’m not getting news if anyone from 300 heads was successfully went through… maybe they are silently and successfully clicking their refresh button? hahahaha

    1. What did you put in?
      I think they will still give you 3 months to complete the requirements. Were you able to get a slot? ?

  39. I was succeeded to fill the form but I click in save and next and nothing happens ….I don’t know what to do ….omg ?

  40. I got the same message, already on the last page and it says closed. My application status is now completed pending submission.

    1. I have read a blog they said just wait there might be available slots for the next few days. Some got their slots after a few weeks. Have faith! ? Congratulations in advance ?

  41. My application says “Your existing application is listing below, when a decision has been made on your application the status will be updated accordingly”.

  42. I was able to pay. After payment, you’ll receive an email confirming that you successfully got a slot.

    To all of us, whether or not nakakuha ng slot, congratulations and job well done.

    Will continue to pray for everyone with pending application. Let His WIll be done.

    Have a great day everyone. Blessings to everyone.

    1. Diretso ba after lahat ng pages? Or pending muna then proceed to payment? Mine is pending pa kasi.


  43. Hi Karla …I got the same message but I don’t understand what it means …did we get a slot? Or do we just wait if someone is declined so they could give us a place ?

    1. Hi Karla

      There’s no issue date for the birth certificate so I just used my birthdate before. 😀

      Reference number is the BReN something at the left bottom.

  44. Hi Congratulations to all who got their slot! Can we know if asa Pinas ba kau ng nag fill-up kayo ng form? tsaka what time kau ng log-in? hehe

    1. Hi Guess!

      I’m from PH, logged in at 3am but entered the site at the exactly 5am. At that time, no good talaga, nag- crash lang at error paulit ulit. By 7am saka lang nag-load ng maayos..

  45. Thank you! 🙂

    In my case, continuous lang ang process. After ng five-page form, meron na parang submit button sa upper part, and then may mga questions if you agree with the ff statements provided. Then, nanghingi na ng payment details after. (I hope, my memory serves me right)

    Hello mslab, I would love too. Will wait for your update re: group chat.

  46. My payment got declined as I tried keying in the OTP code. Upon submission, it did not go through. It says the quota is filled up. I also have the “Completed pending submission” status. Congrats to everyone who were able to get a slot 🙂

  47. after 3/12 hrs of clicking and praying. i got a slot. wew!

    would like to thank all the tips i learned from the page.

    btw, i applied from UAE

  48. Hi everyone!

    Congrats to those who got a slot already!

    The website was down during the opening hour. I thought our internet commection was just so slow. Before 8am, it was the time the application started to load (in my case). I was mortified that an additional ID and date of issuance was being asked. I had to find first my sss umid card but I did not know the date of issuance. Fortunately, I retrieved the transmittal letter from sss. I used the date of the letter as date of issuance. However, when I completed the form and tried to submit it.. the quota was already full. Sad 🙁
    But I will still pray and hopefully after a few weeks, some slots will open. 🙂

  49. Hi mslab,

    How is it supposed I will learn if there are available slots ?, I mean, in case some applications being declined

  50. Guys, Got Submitted, payment pending status….seems few also got the same status….please let me know if anyone with this status get an update on this from NZ embassy.


  51. Iam from India Hyderabad. I got my application status submitted but I didn’t make the payment part. Any hope that I will get the slot in next few days or months.

    1. Hi Abdul,

      I am also in the same situation. I will let you know if I come up with any update on this. Please do the same.

    2. Hi Abdul ,

      Did you get your application status submitted from the first moment you applied for? Or did you get it as an updating from pending submission to submitted?

  52. Guys..!! By the grace of god . i submitted the application.
    Does anyone know for showing the funds of $4200, PF Provident Funds are considered or not and Dollar here is the value of US dollar or the NZ dollar value ?

    Congrats to those who got the slot.

  53. Hi Guys, I saw this in NZ Immigration website:

    Silver Fern Job Search visa Online Application

    “Welcome to the online application system for the Silver Fern Job Search visa.

    Unfortunately at this time we are not accepting new applications for the Silver Fern Job Search visa.

    There is a limited quota of Silver Fern Job Search visas each year. The quota for this year has already been filled.”


      1. Hi Andrea

        Do you expect them to decide on applications within a matter of days? Not all applicants are able to comply right away with the documentary requirements and they are given 3 months to comply…

  54. Hi I wasn’t able to secure a slot on 30th Dec 2017 as the website kept giving up errors continuously and I couldn’t go past the ‘click here to apply’ button(Page didn’t open at all) however can I still keep an eye on the website in case if any slots become available at a later stage or is it unlikely that even if it opens up again, I will still not be able to apply considering that I am yet to start the application from scratch ?I would appreciate your response 🙂

  55. Hi Guys,

    I have successfully secured a slot for Silver Fern Job Search Visa this year(2017/2018). Currently waiting for NZQA result(opted for Standard processing) which was applied on 3rd and the status is now waiting for allocation.
    Is there anyone here who secured a slot this year?


      1. Thank you Andrea.
        Better luck next time. Don’t loose your hope. I have been trying since 2015 without luck and got it this time (3rd attempt).
        Good luck.

    1. Hi Praveen,
      I have also applied for IQA assessment. But they asked me to submit my “Certified” degree cert and transcripts. I have done my BTech in an affiliated college under JNTU Hyderabad. How can i get the certificates Certified? Do i need to check with the college or university or someone else?
      Please help.

      1. Hi Jagadeesh,
        Firstly, take your CMM (consolidated marks memo) & OD (original degree) xerox copies and go to a notary office.
        They will charge around Rs.30 per paper and certify them.
        Finally, colour scan the certified copies and send them to NZQA.
        Hope this helps.
        You can follow our Silver Fern Visa 2017 gang on Facebook if you got a slot this year. By the way the group name is “Silver Fern Visa 2017”.

  56. I wonder how some of u could even get through the page so easily.U all are geniuses and have super powers, please lend some here as well .Getting this visa is literally the hardest thing on earth 😛 and I wanna know being in which part of India can get u this visa as I can see few indians who nearly secured a slot lol .Could u also let me know which internet and browser did u use ?Cheers!! 🙂

  57. First attempt and secured a slot. Ready with all the documents except for IELTS. I see a lot of Indians asking questions around this Visa, honestly I did not do anything extraordinary other than read blogs like this one which is extremely useful. Obviously a hi-speed internet connection and hi-config laptop played an important role in all this but more importantly, it’s patience and luck that made a difference for me. I’m from Mumbai, India, happy to help if there are any questions.

    1. Hi mslab,

      I am wondering whether I have to get my bachelors evaluated before applying for Silver fern. It’s not clear whether we need to get our credentials evaluated before applying.

      Please help to understand what needs to be done.

  58. Hi mslab! I’m about to submit the requirements for Silver Fern. My school records have my middle name but my passport and birth certificate have no middle name. I have supporting documents that prove that I have a middle name, question is, should I submit the original supplementary documents including the legal docs or is it okay to provide certified true copies only? Thanks!

    1. Hi Nik

      1. Why is there a discrepancy and why would ‘supporting’ documents be more credible than the birth certificate?
      1.1 Why haven’t you corrected your documents from the start (correcting BC if you really have a middle name)?
      1.2 Your legal name is what you use in your passport and your birth certificate so your school records and other documents should follow, not the other way around.
      1.3 Did you apply for the visa with your middle name?
      1.4 When you refer to a middle name are you referring to the PH middle name (as in mother’s maiden name)?

      The immigration may ask why there is a discrepancy so you may have to submit a statutory declaration/affidavit that NAME A and NAME B are one and the same person.


    2. Hi Nik I also have the same problem. Can you please share your resolution? My email address is ravirupeliya @ or please provide your contact details.

  59. Hi,

    I plan to apply this year as well but I am wondering if the application include any expression of interest to be provided or will that come after we secure a slot ?
    Thanks for all the tips, this will help a lot to get prepared on the D-day !!!

  60. Hii,

    I’m from India and i want to apply for silver fern visa i have checked through all the condition and criteria and i would like to clear the doubt about following two conditions as mentioned :-
    1. “they asked for International Qualifications Assessment if yes then how to make it done”.
    2. “Besides do i need New Zealand registration to work in my occupation”.

    Do i need to complete these conditions before apply/visa online or after visa.

  61. Hi
    I’m from Iran and I’m going to apply for silver fern visa. I’m 27 and I have bachelor degree but unfortunately I don’t have work experience. Do you think it would be a problem even if my degree equivalent to a new zealand bachelor’s degree?

    1. Hi Sara

      While there are stories of foreigner fresh graduates finding work in New Zealand, those stories are purely anecdotal and it does not mean that it happened to them, it will happen to you as well. Ideally you will need to have experience in order to compete with the local market. An employer will always choose a local over you, especially you do not have anything to offer them especially without work experience. Just real talk here not to give you any false hopes.

      Also, how do you know that you have a New Zealand equivalent degree? Have you gone through the International Qualification Assessment?

  62. Thank you mslab

    I totally understand what you mean and it’s right. I know it’s really hard for me to find a job as you said. Honestly I want to know if my degree equivalent to a new zealand bachelor,( I have to send my bachelor for nzqi to know that) my immigration officer will approve my visa without work experience?

    1. Hi again Sara

      If you’re profession isn’t a trade, INZ will not require you to have work experience. Have you read the other page about silver fern? More info in that page (just ignore the for Filipinos part)

  63. Hi,
    I intend to try to apply for the Silver Fern again this year.
    My qualification is Level 7 (480 credits).
    I have an Engineering degree which isn’t recognized under Washington Accord. I have about 2 years of work experience of Engineering management.

    If somehow (and that’s a big IF), I am able to submit my application successfully; do I stand a chance to find employment anywhere in NZ in any occupation in shortage but relevant to engineering? I am willing to downgrade myself to the level of draftsperson from engineer for a while, if it helps.

    1. Hi Zuhair

      I really am not the best person to ask since I’m not in Engineering. And even so I wouldn’t be able to say anything since Engineering is so broad. What kind of Engineer are you?

      What I do know is people have gotten visas even not as Engineers but as (for example) civil engineering technicians/draftspersons, electrical engineering technicians/draftspersons. There ought to be a job a level under the engineers itself available in NZ if you’re not choosy.

      What I know too in Canada it is hard to start over again that you almost always have to start in service industry related jobs… it happens here too but not by that much.

      Also how do you know you have a level 7? Have you done the IQA? Engineering degrees always require the assessment.

      1. Hi Mslab, you blog is really really helpfull, thanks a lot! I’ll apply for the SFV this year but I have a few questions:
        1) Is it necessary to have the IQA results when applying? Or can it be sent after secured a slot?
        2) I do have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (actually waiting for my licenciate to be given hopefully this month. Note: in my country a licenciate is more than a bachelor’s degree) and also have 3 years of work experience in marketing and revenue management, but I do not know if it is equivalent to level 7 in NZ. How likely is that my IQA results are lower than level 7? And if that happens will I get a refund? What should be done in that case?

        Thank you very much! 🙂

        1. Hi Ana

          1. There is a declaration that you meet the requirements in applying for SFV that you tick during the application. If it isn’t true at time of application, why would you tick it? It doesn’t stop people from applying though even without securing the requirements first. I personally believe it is necessary but it really depends on you what your risk appetite is.

          2. Only NZQA will know how your degrees would be compared against NZ standards so I do not know how I can answer this question. I suggest that you submit the results of licenciate as well since you say it is higher than a bachelors degree.

          If you want to qualify for the SFV through having a level 7 standard degree, the length of work experience is irrelevant. Just so you know.

          If you do not have a favourable IQA result (ie you didn’t get the level you need), there would be no refund. Why would there be? You paid for a service (assessment) that needed fees to be carried out. When you get the assessment letter, the service had been carried out. The IQA can also be used for other purposes whether relevant to you or not.

          Please also read the main SFV article I’ve written… that may be helpful to you:

      2. Thanks for the reply @mslab.

        I already have an IQA. That’s how I know about Level 7.

        I am a Mechatronics Engineer. Based on what I have learnt, it’s highly in-demand in almost all of the developed countries including NZ. But I certainly may not have all the skills that a graduate of Mechatronics of one of universities of any developed country may. Entry or trainee level jobs are more suited but employers tend to prefer locals over foreigners for that, like you said in an earlier post.

        Yeah, like I said I don’t mind downgrading myself as a draftsperson or technical assistant. But these jobs tend to be skilled usually and employers desire those with hands-on experience even in the case of locals. They don’t want somebody who will also have to learn the trade tricks but those who will easily blend-in quickly.

        I, on the other hand, have 2+ years of experience in engineering management. This is neither mechatronics nor a skilled handy trade. And almost all countries usually have enough supply of managers. People with BBA exist everywhere.

        And I don’t even mind working in the service industry. Jobs like Warehouse Assistant, Clerk, Waiter, Front Desk Representative, Call Center Operator etc. are absolutely fine. But in case of NZ I won’t get PR on the basis of this. In case of Canada, I could get the PR and afterwards work in any capacity at all.

        I just want your opinion about this. IF somehow (and again, that’s a big IF), I can get through the busy servers on the SFV application day. Is it worth trying for a country that only takes people in specific jobs. Working in service industry for 9 months in NZ doesn’t help me get the PR. Instead, I could avoid this risk and the fee and save it for the Canadian application. After all, I have already been stupid enough to waste on IQA, yet couldn’t get past the servers on application day last year. That was roughly my 3 month’s salary.

        P.S. I am more inclined towards Canada. At least, it has a fair approach to everyone. Unlike SFV, which judges you on the basis of your internet connection.

        1. Hi Zuhair

          To be really honest I think you really are mostly decided on choosing Canada so yeah you probably just wasted your money to get an NZ IQA. It really is unfair for you to compare Canada’s Express Entry (you didn’t mention EE but you were alluding to it by mentioning PR) to New Zealand’s Silver fern programme because they do not lead to the same outcome. You cannot compare apples with oranges. If you were being fair then you should compare Canada’s Express Entry programme and New Zealand’s Skilled Migrant Category programme which is the residency programme for skilled migrants in NZ. The SMC has a specific set of requirements AND it does not need you to have speedy internet.

          The SFV is just one way to get into NZ and it isn’t the only way. If you feel you are disadvantaged with SFV because you have slow internet, then isn’t it foregone conclusion that MAYBE this visa is not for you especially with your attitude towards a first-come first served visa application processing? And seriously, didn’t I just mention in this blogpost that having speedy internet won’t guarantee a successful visa application? I had 1 Mbps internet when I applied for a similar first-come first served visa.

          Just to give you an overview, if you were to come in New Zealand on the SFV, you don’t have to find work exactly in the same field of your uni degree. As you mentioned, you mostly have engineering management experience so your ANZSCO (NZ’s NOC) will be 133211 Engineering Manager. Under this occupation, you only need to have at least a bachelor’s degree as a formal qualification and a major has not been specified. You can get a work visa (type depending on offer) if you get supported by an employer.

          The jobs you refer to as “skilled” are not the only jobs considered as skilled in New Zealand. Here what you refer to as “skilled” may be most similar to trade-qualified jobs… those more hands-on jobs. Here in New Zealand, a manager is considered skilled. Skilled employment here is defined as “employment that you need specialist, technical or management expertise and relevant qualifications and/or work experience to do, and which meets a minimum pay threshold.” Read more here:

          As for your question, it really is hard to answer because you already have set expectations that you will not find skilled work here in New Zealand (by skilled means relevant to your degree and/or your work experience) and you are assuming you will only get lower-skilled jobs. If you think this then by all means, go through with your Canadian application.

          For people with short work experience duration such as you, New Zealand is not the best country to migrate to. Most people who get permanent residency here are those people who already are in here on work visas… that’s just how it is in here. A job offer gives you more points towards the skilled residency programme points threshold… those that are really experienced (8+ years) and are in industries with absolute skill shortage here in NZ are the ones able to migrate to NZ directly from another country (easy for them to get the minimum points without job offer). If your risk appetite isn’t high, NZ isn’t for you.

          All the best for CRS score. Hope it’s high enough for you to be invited… otherwise I hope there’s a province that would take you in if your score isn’t enough.

  64. Hi Mslab,

    First of all, i really appreciate your time and support.
    1. I have done Masters in Telecommunications Management from University of Bedfordshire which is accredited from Washington accord. do i need qualification assessment? also work experience?
    2. Bank statement: I have just opened an account, i can have sufficient amount until 28 November but i can not have Bank statement for 3 month because my account in new, can i apply in this situation?
    I will be thankful if you can answer these questions.

    1. Hi M Bilal

      1. Please have a look here if your degree and/or university is listed:
      2. The three-month thing is not a requirement. I come from a developing country and salaries here are not worth much by Western standards. I only included it so I can show the immigration I did not get the money from dubious sources. 🙂 If your account will be new, just be ready in case immigration asks you for proof where you got your money.

      I also deleted your other same comment to keep things tidy.

      Hope this helps.

  65. Hi, this really helpful, I just need a technical suggestion from you for the next application
    1- What the minimum speed for the internet could work.
    2- Can I log in to two accounts in two different computers in the time of the application?


  66. Hello mslab,

    I was reading through this page:
    and noted that I did meet the a-e requirements. Just on req e, though, when the site says:
    e. the qualification is not excluded by the notes listed under the Academic Qualifications Table – I graduated BS Accountancy in an awarding institution listed on the site, within the year range indicated. The exception that req e is pertaining to refers to BS Engineering and Teaching/Education only right?

    Then if such is the case, I don’t need to go thorugh IQA right?
    Just wanted to be absolutely sure.
    Thank you so much!
    Go bless you and thank you for coming up with this page 🙂

  67. Hello mslab,
    I am planning to apply this year for silver fern job search visa 2018.
    I tried to apply in 2016 but couldnt get through. I had created my account with INZ and verified my email and filled the SFJ search visa application form. Do i have to register again to create a new account or old account will work. Also I am not able to find silver fern job job search visa application form or will it open on the day when we have to apply.
    Will highly appreciate your reply.

    1. Hi Addy

      1. Your account would still work. Make sure you have the right username and password.

      2. 2018 form would appear on the day itself. You cannot view it beforehand. If you’ve filled a form prior to this year’s it would’ve been deleted by now 🙂

      Good luck!

  68. hi mslab, if by any chances i got the SFV and i got the job offer, do i have to change the SFV to the Silver Fern Working Experience visa ? and is that possible for my partner to apply a work visa based on the relationship? i’m looking forward to hear from you, thank you.

    1. Hi Butesakaw

      1. You don’t necessarily have to shift to the practical experience visa especially if you have other visa pathways available to you (e.g. essential skills work visa, work to residence work visas)

      2. If you have a partner you will only be able to support his or her application for a partnership-based temporary visa once you have a mid-skilled to high-skilled essential skills work visa, Silver fern practical experience work visa, or a work to residence work visa.

  69. hi
    IFew days backs , came to know about siver fenz visa . please let me know about the procedure . I dont know any documention , i dont have ielts score . can i still apply for this .

  70. Just want to know is it mandatory to give ielts test before applying for silver fern visa or one can give test after applying silver fern.


  71. Hi Mslab,
    Your details are really helpful. could you please let me know whether we can use special charecters such as @,_ for our email address and how about letters ? capitals or mix?
    I am looking forward to hearing from you

    1. Hi chami

      Isn’t @ a part of an email address? Of course it would be accepted.

      As for the other characters, I have no idea. Common ones such as . or _ should be as my common sense dictates… but I don’t know for the others. I guess you would know during application day, right?

  72. Hii Mslab,

    I am a B.Tech Graduate in Information and Technology ( level 7 standard degree) and done a postgraduate diploma in business management in Marketing and banking( Equivalent to masters in India) and having a 8+ years of experience in Banking .
    1) Can I apply for SFV using my B.Tech which is level 7 and my banking experience ?
    2) Will my PGDM (2 year Full time)which is equivalent to masters in India , recognized in NZ .

      1. 1) I Wanted to reassure that i will qualify based on the first criteria i.e without B.Tech Experience ,
        “A qualification equivalent to a New Zealand Bachelor’s degree (level 7) or higher OR
        • A trade qualification equivalent to a New Zealand National Certificate (level 4) AND evidence of two years of relevant work experience in that trade. ”

        2) If NZQ evaluation recognize my PGDM can I consider it for searching relevant jobs in banking for my long term carrier .

        3) Should I enter the PGDM details as my highest qualification while registering for SFV or should not enter any details .

        Please give me the clarifications .

  73. Hi mslab,

    I am planning to apply for the SFV tomorrow. But I am not sure if I need to go through the IQA assessment since I am an Engineering graduate from UPLB (which is included in the exempted list of universities). Would like to verify and hoping to hear from you.

    Thanks a lot!

  74. Good morning. The page said that silvernfern visa application will start at 29th of November 10:00 am NZT. But the page already says the scheme is closed and quota has been filled. What is the reason?

    1. Seems like the intake was yesterday, on 28th November.
      I remember when I searched for the date early this year, the immigration site stated 28th November, but recently the date has been changed to 29th.
      I reckon that was done deliberately so that only “smart” people who tracked the date from the beginning, could figure out the trick and lodge their application yesterday without any struggle. Very very unfair, but that’s apparently what happened.

  75. Guys, I am silver fern job search visa holder last year. As per my experience from last year firstly it shows quota filled. Try till 12:00 NZ time.
    Good luck to all.

    1. We’re able to login and it says “There are currently places available for the Silver Fern Quota.” But below this it says “Silver Fern Job Search Visa Quota Filled”. I am blank…

  76. Is anyone getting redirected to the login page??I had logged in initially however, I am unsure if I have been logged out automatically and the only thing I can see constantly is “Sorry we are experiencing technical issues”. Anyone with me on this ??

  77. it says ”
    This visa is currently open and will close when the remaining places are filled”
    But can’t see any form to fill

    1. Hi Chirag That’s greattt Congrats!! How did u load the form though n how long did it take?Did u keep refreshing the page every now n then?

    2. Really? Then you should know what’s next if you have submitted the form successfully. You are the one who will be receiving the guidelines right?

      Not to accuse but some people here are giving false infos or status so people will leave the website and the network will be cleared.

  78. Did anyone get through?
    Tried to login earlier than 10AM, but when clicking “click here to apply”, there is no form showing. 🙁

  79. My brother got it in first 25 mins last year though there was same server busy issues. seems the quota is filled.
    Thank you all for followup menages. better luck next time

  80. I did not even see any apply button. The site says it’s open but the slots are all filled. Right now, the site is not working.

      1. I hope there’s still a chance. i’m not giving up either :/ it is just after midnight here and I’m physically and mentally exhausted!

        1. same here Rita, applying from Dubai..2.30 AM now and still be reporting on a morning duty =(, but still here keeps refreshing

  81. Hi Chirag Congrats…. Please advise on the steps as we are not getting any screen to enter the details
    Thanks in advance

  82. I’m almost losing hope. 🙁 As of writing, I can no longer see if it’s still open. The page cannot be reached. How about you?

  83. I think this is impossible. None of us even got to the form part or even the apply button to show the form. then suddely closed?

  84. Yes been refreshing continuously from 3 different laptops. and two browsers on each laptop.. total 6 requests… i’ve been facing the same issue…
    No luck…

  85. Anyone who got through? Where did the ‘apply’ button appear? The visa was open for application 10mins for 10am NZT but crashed at 10:01am NZT, now its closed. 🙁

  86. I was able to reach the Click to Apply but it directs me to a page with “Closed. There are currently no places available for the Silver Fern Visa”.

    But the INZ site says, “Closed. This visa is closed and will open again in the near future”.

  87. Website issue
    Temporary closure
    Issued: Thursday 29 November 2018 / 11:05 AM (NZDT)

    Silver Fern Job Search applications

    Online applications for Silver Fern Job Search visas are temporarily closed. We will update this message when we have further information.

    The NZ site is showing the above information.

  88. It is crazy, last year I was still able to fill the form though still no luck at the end . This year not even a form! I am frustrated and sleepy.

  89. Time to get off the laptop I guess …anyone getting back to their usual routine now or still gonna try for the rest of the day ?

  90. disappointing. how come the IT guys fucked up the application?
    maybe they will announce opening tomorrow? that would be fair

  91. Even the updates on the immigration website are so confusing they are changing statuses repeatedly …at such pace its hard to know whats up with this silver fern quota !!!

  92. Anyone secured a slot earlier? site keeps crashing down for 1.5hrs then closed @ 1115H NZT. Then, they made a statement that it is only temporarily closed and may open in the near future. Does this mean we still have a chance? I risked a lot when I completed all the requirements already and just await for the opening date and time.

  93. The badge indicating website issue suddenly went missing in the main page so I assumed that that’s it. But apparently as I checked in today, it reappeared again.

  94. This is what I found on the site now.

    “We expect applications to open at 10:00am (NZT) on Thursday 6 December. Check this page for updates.”

  95. Hi i have done BS honers in computer sciences 4 years.But i am doing job in banking sector as Senior Teller or you can say Supervisor Teller.Can i apply for this visa.

    1. Hello, as what I’ve read they need to assess if you are capable to afford the cost of living while you are in yes the applicant should have an account I guess, they will ask a bank statement for that.

    1. Hello, age requirements range from 20-35 years. You are almost 35.5 years old which is more then 35 years. Logically you aren’t eligible I assume. Good luck.

  96. Closed in under 15 minutes. Wew! That’s fast! I managed to click the “apply” button but didn’t push through the next. 🙁

  97. finally managed (def. a breakthrough 🙂 ) to fill in all the pages, conform submitting and then I got the page saying quota full 🙁 .. so its still pending submission

  98. very strange, even though the quota is full I still cant login to my account.
    filled application but could not submit it, quota was full. ANYONE WAS SUCCESSFUL?

  99. Hi, for those who can’t get through by clicking on the NEXT button, try clicking on the upper portion of the page where it shows you the sections ie, Character Requirements, Contact Details, etc. Click on the section that you want to go to.

    I was able to complete and submit form but not make any payment ?

    1. Hi. Tried to click on the other sections but still stuck on COntact Details page.

      The error is the Country which I chose where I currently in, but I don’t think that’s an issue. Looks like a web form issue. Idk. 🙁

  100. This scheme is very competitive! Grabe, tingin ko sa pag load palang ng mga pages, talo na tayo sa ibang bansa. Kaya kahit nafill-out mo forms, mauunahan ka parin ng mas mabilis mag load sa next page.

  101. I used Chrome but on my phone. Had two laptops, none of them could get through!

    I had no issues completing the form on my phone except that it was so much more time-consuming to type and navigate through the pages.

  102. Finally got the form!! Says quota full at the end but if any applications rejected will be back in with a chance!!

  103. I already loged in at 09.30NZD, at 10am I clicked the apply button, but page kept showing error, I kept on refreshing until it got through. I fill the form at around 10.04 NZD, and received the email at 10.14. Hopefully everything goes well. Still long eay to go. Good luck for everyone.

  104. I (and probably more) reached the apply button at 22:01. Thas so random :). But congrats to Chriss, hope you are successfull during the upcomming visa struggle.

  105. same to some of you :”It’s alraedy under my Applications but the Payment is pending. How ah? But i haven’t close the form.”
    What should I do? How long shall I wait ? will they send me an email or I have to refresh the page contentiously ?

  106. Hi,

    It’s my second attempt last year even I can’t open the application also but these time I fill all the application form but at the time I landed in to the payment page it’s keep on uploading and at last the same thing ” These year quota filled “. For a little time I thought I got a slot but that happiness vanished in a minutes. Congratulations for all who ever went through these process and got successful.. Hope your dreams come true in NZ. Again have to wait for one whole fucking year. OMG!!!

    Lokesh from Dubai.

  107. I arranged my setup with 3 laptops, 2 connecting to wi-fi and one connected to dongle with both chrome and Mozilla browser opened but still can’t pass through the payment page.. Even I don’t have mood to go office here in Dubai because of these…

  108. Hey guys luckily I got the slot but I have one doubt. Is IELTS necessary to get the visa? If yes then can I give exam now in one month? Will it be valid?

    1. IELTS or diploma form NZ recognized university is one of the requirements to get visa. Even the application for SFV is mentioning those. So as log as you provide them IELTS passing score within 3 months you are good to go. you should have received an email from them by now

      1. Thanks a lot Dave for quick response. Yes I got mail from them asking for documents to submit. I have one more question. My name on my passport is as “Ravi” and on my degree certificate it is “Ravikumar”, so will it cause any problem in document verification process or shall I get it corrected on my degree certificate?

        1. You are welcome. Ideally, to my mind, would be better to change you name in certificate as it written in you passport. However, i am not sure if it can cause any problems. Is your university on NZ degree verification exempt list?

          1. No I checked on NZ immigration website, my university is “Gujarat Technological University” and is not listed 🙁

              1. Thanks. I will sign up for English test ASAP. Can you please guide me for diploma verification process? What is the process? I am holding Bechelor’s Degree in “Information Technology”.

                1. you need to get your OD & Consolidated marks memo assessed by NZQA. A fee of NZ $700 (approx) to be paid towards it.

                  Most importand, get your police clearance certificate, if your passport address is different to the address you applied it may take 5-6 weeks.

      2. It says, you can submit any one of these

        IELTS overall score > 6.5
        TOEFL iBT overall score > 79
        PTE overall score >58

        PTE and TOEFL easy to crack and the results turn arround is just 5 to 10 days.
        I am targeting for TOEFL. One more important trick here PTE slot s are easily available, and you can take retest just after 1 week.

  109. Hello,
    1. I filled the silver fern visa application form and submitting it, but the status shows form created. Is there any chance of getting my slot?? The payment is pending
    2. The form created this year can be used next year to submit??

    Please tell me did I already miss the chance??

    1. Hi Nivedita

      1. Your situation now is just like filling out a paper application without submitting it. Status on the website is irrelevant now since the quota has been filled.

      2. NZ is one of the least corrupt countries in the world where we value equality and fairness. The system will delete your old form and you will start fresh as everyone else.

  110. Hi Friends,

    I have secured slot for the year (2018/2019).
    Currently waiting from NZQA for assessment.
    I planning to hit TOEFL, as it says anything in the list ( IELTS, TOEFL, PET) accepted.

  111. Hello, I have secured a slot.
    I have a bachelor degree in Business Administration but my country is not on the list of “Exempt from Assessment”. What should I do?
    Should I do a NZQA? If yes, how?
    Thank you!

  112. Hi Friends,

    I just secured a slot for the SF. However, when I checked the confirmation email I noticed that I entered a wrong year of birth. It shows 1998 instead of 1988. I am still on the age bracket. Do you think tgis would affect my application? I already have my supporting documents, passport, birth certificate, national id etc. Any feedback will help. Thanks

    1. Hi Toto,

      Date of birth will not affect the application slot. Just ask the immigration officer that by mistake I putted as 1988 instead of 1998 dur to load on the website. Same case happend with my sister also. Don’t to worry.

  113. Hi Toto,
    Congratulations! Did it open again these days or or you secured it on the same day it opened.I completed the form and payment is still showing pending. Can your share some tips please.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Addy,

      Thank you. I secured the slot last 6th December. You may try checking it time to time, give it a couple of days or a week, there might be a chance of re opening if any of the applicants cancelled their application. Actually, I’ve been stuck on the same stage as you for the past 3 years, this is my 4th year trying and finally secured a slot. Same as for the Holiday visa as well. The tips on this article pretty sum up everything, Thank you Author! A decent internet speed is an advantage too. And also, don’t forget to pray. 🙂

  114. Managed to lodge and paid for a Silver Fern visa slot this year, after trying for 2 years! Thank you mslab for this detailed post and info! I’m in the midst of preparing supporting items now, hopefully everything pushes through successfully as I’m already 35 years 5 months old on the day of application! 🙂

  115. Hello,

    My boyfriend Gonçalo was able to open the application form but he wasn’t able to click on the “Next” button since he had an error saying that the “ç” character was not valid. He tried to delete it but the error persisted.
    So he didn’t submit the application on time since hehaven’t had a chance…there was a bug.

    We have already sent an email to the governemant but we haven’t received any answer until now. Anyone has any suggestion? What should we do?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Carolina

      I think there’s a rule posted somewhere before commencing filling out the form that the form will not accept special alphabets or characters. Ç should be typed as C.

      Unfortunately since the quota has been filled there’s no use into calling the immigration. Try your luck again next time.

      1. Thank you for your answer mslab.
        But the field was prefilled with this name “Gonçalo” (er havent’ written his name) and when we changed to “Goncalo” the error message persisted, so it was a bug because we hand’t any opportunity.

  116. IF you have to go with the IQA for immigration

    NZQA assessment taking too long, standard process could take up to 3-4 months against the 25 working days that mentioned in the NZQA site due to high volume of application. Infact you have to wait more than a 4 to 7 days just to get a reply from them about any quires on your application.

    And the Fast track option could take anywhere between 1 to 2 months against the guaranteed time frame of 10 days ( again NZQA cannot guarantee it.

  117. Hi, my NZQA fast-track assessment only took 4 days after receiving a confirmation email. My degree was attested by Ministry of Higher Education & Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    It has a chip on the back of the degree that can be validated anywhere in the world, with a Degree Number that can be put in the Ministry of Higher Education website to valid the authenticity.

    The timeframe for processing was accurate in my case. However, in most cases, the delay is beyond the control of NZQA as I have contacted them on this matter. The delay is caused by official bodies situated where your degree was issued, they send official verification requests to ensure they are dealing with authentic documents and it is a lengthy process for them to hear back.

    1. Hi Hakam

      Thank you for sharing. May I know if you scanned the attestation attached on your docs? May I also know from what country you’re from?

      1. Hi,

        Syrian but raised in the UAE. The attestation from both official bodies were at the back of my degree, so yes, I have only submitted front and back of the degree.

        I have also attested the official transcript to avoid unnecessary delays.



  118. I am still waiting for my IQA (BS in Computer Engineering), submitted last Dec 11 and was received and awaiting for allocation after 2 days, status didn’t change since then. Just wanted to ask, is there anyway to upgrade it to fast track? Is it worth it or shall I just wait for it? Deadline of submitting supporting documents is on March 6.

      1. Thanks mslab.. I tried calling my University Registrar’s Office if they have received an email or request but they can’t find any. Anyway, I will give it a few days more.

        Thank you.

  119. Hello,

    Has anyone been granted the Silver Fern Job Search work visa in 2019? I secured one slot by using tips from this page and sent evidence documents in January, however I am still awaiting NZ immigration assessment. Although demand for visa in the beggining of the year justifies their silence, it makes me somewhat anxious…

      1. I received two manual e-mails from them, actually.

        Firstly, I submitted evidence documents on January, 14th. Then, I received a message on January, 18th, requesting an English translation of the local police clearance certificate (I had forgotten the translation). Then, I submitted it on January, 21st.

        On January, 30th, I received a message requesting additional evidences of 4200 NZD for maintenance. I submitted them the next day.

  120. Hi Mslab,

    I need your help urgently. I have all the documents required. Now, I have one question – Do I need to send original documents via courier? Or do I need to send them scanned copy or original documents via email?

    1. Hi Ravi,

      I also have the same problem, the email sent by INZ states that other documents aside from the passport should be scanned and sent to the email address provided. Only the passport should be submitted to VAC. But as far as I know, in the previous years they submitted all requirements to the VAC.

      1. Hi Ravi and Philip,

        You just have to email them the required documents (scanned) on the email address provided on the attachment you received when you got the slot. Only the original passport must be sent to the VAC for verification and to correctly link your application. You might want to join this whatsapp group Most of the members including me already got our SFV and may share experiences and answer questions for you.

  121. Oh, right… I just arrived home, opened my mailbox and noted that my Silver Fern Job Search eVisa has been granted and dispatched by the immigration officer.

    I now have to make arrangements and arrive New Zealand by August 27th.

  122. Hi! Once you were given the Silver Fern visa, did you have to go through POEA? What government-related processes are required before you go to NZ on this visa? 🙂

    1. Hi Aya

      There is none. Silver fern visa is a job search visa so you don’t have an employer yet. INZ usually issues letters addressed to the Philippine airport authorities that Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) isn’t required for SFV holders because they do not have an employer yet.

      Hope that helps.

  123. Huhuhu… SFV no more!!!
    INZ just made a lot of huge changes last 17 Sep 2019. Is there other option out there except WHV & SMC?

    1. Hi Francis


      You can research about the student visa pathway or looking for work while outside NZ (job offer then SMC, or job offer then work visa). 🙂

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