Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand for Filipinos

In 2015, the coming of the New Year was very significant to me as that meant that it was only a month away from the Philippines Working Holiday Scheme in New Zealand application day. I learned about the visa a year before and I was not able to secure a slot so I promised myself that in the next year, I would be more ready. The working holiday visa has been my entry pathway to New Zealand from the Philippines and it may be yours as well. I want to share with you what I know about this visa and help you prepare for you upcoming visa application.

What is this visa?

In my own words, a working holiday visa is a visit visa with work rights for 18-30-year-old young people. Although the visa label still says ‘work visa’, this visa supposedly is to be used to travel around New Zealand and to immerse yourself with the country’s culture. You have the flexibility to work a maximum of three months per one employer or to study short courses up to six months. However the visa restrictions has not stopped young people to use this visa in order to legally enter New Zealand with the hope of landing a permanent job. It is not allowed to take on a permanent job offer while on the working holiday visa so you must first convert your working holiday visa to a visa that would allow you to work permanently for a New Zealand employer. This visa usually is available to citizens of more developed countries and you would wonder how the Philippines had negotiated something like this!

Note: The application date for 2019 is the 7th of February at 10 AM New Zealand daylight time.


In 2012, the previous Philippine President had arrived in New Zealand for a state visit. He met with the previous New Zealand Prime Minister and they signed bilateral agreements to strengthen diplomatic relations between the Philippines and New Zealand. One of these agreements was the negotiation and arrangement of a reciprocal working holiday scheme between the two countries to foster cultural awareness. There will be 100 slots available for each country. Kiwis getting to know Pinoys and vice versa. Neat, right?

To qualify for this visa, you must:
• be coming to New Zealand to holiday, with work or study being secondary intentions for your visit
• have a passport from the Republic of the Philippines that is valid for at least three months after your planned departure from New Zealand
• be at least 18 and not more than 30 years old
• not bring children with you
• hold a return ticket, or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket
• have a minimum of NZ$4,200 available funds for their maintenance during the period of stay in New Zealand
• meet our health and character requirements
• submit an application made online using the electronic form provided on the INZ website
• pay the appropriate fee and immigration levy of NZ$208
• be the holder of a valid temporary visa if applying from within New Zealand
• agree to hold medical and comprehensive hospitalisation insurance to remain in force throughout their stay in New Zealand
• have a tertiary qualification granted in respect of a minimum of three years’ full-time university study
• have a level of proficiency in English that is assessed as at least functional
• not have been approved a visa under a working holiday scheme before

How do I apply?

The application opens on a specific date and time, usually announced beforehand. The application is made online so you would not find any paper forms in Immigration New Zealand (INZ) offices or PDF forms on the internet. You would have to create an account with INZ Online Services before application day. The form will be accessible on the application day itself. Any forms you may have saved before will be deleted before the application opens.

There are only 100 slots for Philippine citizens so this visa application is very competitive.

You do not need to upload any documents as if you are granted a slot, you will be asked to send supporting documents to your application to the visa application centre nearest you. Once you have finished answering the form truthfully, the system will ask you to pay NZD 245 (amount increased from NZD 208 to NZD 245 in November 2018) using your credit, debit, or prepaid card (any card with sufficient balance, and with a Visa or a MasterCard logo will do). A successful payment confirmation secures you a slot in the Working Holiday Scheme. You will receive emails containing instructions on what to do next, which is submitting supporting documents. You will be given fifteen calendar days to submit the documents.

What should the confirmation email/s contain?

The emails were sent minutes after I was able to pay for the application. Check all your email folders as in my experience, the emails from INZ were sent to the spam emails. The first email I got was the usual acknowledgement email and this contained the client number assigned to me. This number does not change even in subsequent visa applications. The second email contained the supporting documents to submit in the application and the third email contained instructions where to submit the application and where to go for the medical examination. I will not share what the third email contains because it is now outdated and instead I will provide most recent information.

The required documentation are the following:
• Your valid passport.

• Evidence, such as bank statements or passbook, that you have a minimum of NZ $4,200 available in your name.

• A Chest X-ray Certificate which is not more than three months old. Follow the instructions in the separate email which has been sent to you regarding this certificate. Check the list of panel physicians for an INZ approved radiologist to complete this certificate. Some approved radiologists may be able to send your certificate directly to INZ. Refer to the Health Requirements (INZ 1121) for more information on this.
PLEASE NOTE: You may need a referral from a doctor for a chest X-ray certificate.

• A certified copy of a tertiary qualification which has taken you a minimum of three years’ full-time university study. Ensure that you provide evidence that shows you have completed a minimum of three years’ full-time university study. Please also include a Letter of Authorisation allowing INZ to verify all documents submitted in support of your application.

• Evidence that your tertiary qualification was gained from an institution where all tuition was in English. If you do not provide this, you are requried to provide a certified copy of a certificate from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), showing you achieved an average level of 4.5 over the four components of the test. The IELTS certificate must be no more than two years old at the time the application is lodged. (Please see table below for other acceptable English tests.)

• You must also agree that, should your application be approved, you will take out medical and comprehensive hospitalisation insurance that will remain current throughout your stay in New Zealand.

I am anticipating that the emails to be sent out this year (2019) and the succeeding years will be similar but I cannot guarantee that this will be entirely correct. Although I can confidently add that the following English tests are now acceptable in lieu of a certificate of English as medium of instruction (which proves you have at least functional English) from your school or an IELTS report mentioned above. I got this from the INZ Operational Manual.


Minimum score required

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – General or Academic Module Overall band score of 4.5 or more
Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT) Overall score of 32 or more
Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) Overall score of 30 or more
Cambridge English: First (FCE)


Cambridge English: First (FCE) for Schools

Overall score 147 or more
Occupational English Test (OET) Grade C or higher in all four skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking)*

* A score of Grade C or higher in all four skills is required for the OET as there is no overall grade for this test.

What documents should I submit?

The documentation you should submit would vary greatly depending on your circumstances. If you are a married female and has changed your name, you would also need to submit a marriage certificate. Exercise your best judgement. In my experience here are the documents I submitted:

Original Passport – This can prove your identity and age.
PSA Certificate of Live Birth (Birth Certificate) – Secondary document to prove you identity and age
eMedical Information SheetThis is to prove you are of good health. The clinics in the Philippines have shifted to the eMedical system wherein the clinics will directly submit your medical tests to the immigration. You will be given this sheet to submit alongside your other documents so that the immigration can easily reference your medical report. It should have the format NZERxxxxxx. If you are applying outside New Zealand, the minimum requirement is to only undergo a chest x-ray. If you are applying in New Zealand, the requirement is to undergo a full medical examination and a chest x-ray. The general ruling is chest X-rays are required for visas with 12 months of stay. If staying for more than 12 months, then an additional full medical examination is required. To those outside New Zealand when applying, I highly urge you to undergo the full medical examination anyway. It may have been for naught if you do not get to stay in New Zealand after a year but it will be very handy if ever you do find permanent work here. It would suck if a year later you would find out you have medical issues and would need additional testing. Going to the doctor as a temporary visa holder would be very costly. Unfortunately, medical tests would not be covered by a medical insurance since the tests needed would be used for immigration purposes. The medical report would be valid for three years unless your health has deteriorated. You can find more information here.
• Certificate of English as a Medium of InstructionThis should satisfy the requirement of evidence that your tertiary qualification was gained from an institution where all tuition was in English. This would prove an applicant would have at least functional English. The document is easily available from your school but if not then other forms of English language ability can be submitted (mentioned above).
Bank certificateThis should have a minimum of NZD 4,200 equivalent of your local currency. This would be around PHP 150,000 (at NZD 1 = PHP 35) if your bank is in the Philippines. Please add more to accomodate the purchase of an onward ticket in the future. I personally submitted a bank certificate amounting to around PHP 200,000.
Bank statementI showed a year’s worth of history so they would not question the source of my funds and to show I had held the amount for a while. 
Credit card statements This must have enough balance. Do not show your credit card statements if most of your balance has been used for instalment purchases.
Certified copy of diplomaThere is no way in hell I would submit my original diploma unless explicity requested.
Official English translation of diplomaMy diploma is in Filipino so I requested an official English translation from the school. If your school does not provide an official translation, then please seek the help of translation services like Orange.
Certificate of GraduationThis is to further prove you have a tertiary degree. I believe this is only available from my university. Check with your university if they release a document like this, otherwise ignore this requirement.
Transcript of RecordsAgain this is to further prove you have a tertiary degree and to show you have a qualification with at least three years.
Cover LetterThis is not required but there may be some circumstances you need to explain (e.g. not submitting the original passport because I have an upcoming trip). I submitted a covering letter containing a list of the documents I had submitted.
Authorisation LetterINZ would verify the documents you will provide and your school and your bank may need this to release information about you. There is no format for this. If you could not write a simple authorisation letter, please reconsider applying for this visa. 🙂
Letter of UndertakingIn my experience, I did not need to provide proof of having bought medical insurance upon application BUT I promised INZ through a letter that I would buy insurance valid throughout my stay if the visa is approved.

Where can I have the medical examination?

You cannot just go to your family friend slash doctor to get a medical examination. INZ has an approved list of panel physicians. The Philippines has five (5) locations where individuals can have their medical examination.

Country: Philippines
Type: Medical and Radiology
Doctor/Clinic: Nationwide Health Systems Baguio Inc
City or County: Baguio City
Address: Room 1, EDY Building, 144 Kisad Road (near BGH rotonda), Baguio City, Benguet 2600
Phone: +63 74 661 5801
Fax: +63 74 442 6811
eMedical enabled: Yes
Country: Philippines
Type: Medical
Doctor/Clinic: Nationwide Health Systems Cebu, Inc.
City or County: Cebu City
Address: G/F Gillamac’s Building 169 Sanciangko, Cebu City 6000
Phone: +63 32 238 6053; +63 32 414 1983, +63 933 328 9914
Fax: +63 32 238 6053, +63 32 414 1983
Mobile: +63 933 328 9914
Email: /
eMedical enabled: Yes
Country: Philippines
Type: Medical and Radiology
Doctor/Clinic: Nationwide Health Systems Davao
City or County: Davao City
Address: Suite 4, Pelicano Building Ecoland Phase 1 36 Quimpo Boulevard 8000 Davao City
Phone: + 63 82 282 2419
Email: nhs_cebu_inc@yahoo
Hours: Monday to Saturday 8 am to 5 pm
eMedical enabled: Yes
Country: Philippines
Type: Medical and Radiology
Doctor/Clinic: St Luke’s Medical Center Extension Clinic – Global City
City or County: Manila
Address: Room 1002 Medical Arts Building, St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global City Bonifacio Global City Taguig
Phone: +63 2 789-7702, +63 2 789-7703, +63 2 789-7705
Fax: +63 2 521 7753, +63 2 526 0208
Hours: Monday to Friday 7 am to 3.30 pm
eMedical enabled: Yes
Country: Philippines
Type: Medical and Radiology
Doctor/Clinic: Nationwide Health Systems AUX Inc
City or County: Metro Manila
Address: 2nd Floor Annex, Zeta Building 191 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City 1299
Phone: +63 2 810 0785, +63 2 759 5022
Fax: 63 32 238 6053
Email: / /
eMedical enabled: Yes

Please contact the clinics directly for costs. Please find the list of panel physicians can be found here especially if you do not live in the Philippines.

What examinations will be performed in the medical?

As the Philippines is not listed in the countries, areas, and territories with low incidence of tuberculosis and the visa being applied for is for one year, INZ rules state that a chest x-ray must be submitted. This is just to ensure we, Filipinos, do not bring tuberculosis to New Zealand.

As I mentioned above, the full medical examination is not required for this visa as the full medical is only required for those staying for more than one year. I urge you to submit a full medical anyway if you intend to stay in New Zealand. Just think of it as part of your strategy. Go big or go nothing, right?

The tests being performed in the full medical are the following:

– Serum Creatinine
– HIV test
– Hepatitis B test
– Hepatitis C test
– Syphillis
– HbA1c
– Full Blood Count
– General Medical Examination – No taking off clothes necessary, just questions regarding your general health and wellbeing.

Where do I submit the documents?

If applying from the Philippines and other countries except New Zealand:

The embassy does not accept documents directly so we would have to deal with visa application centres or VACs. The email you received after payment should instruct where you should submit your application. The Philippines’ VAC for New Zealand is VFS. They have two (2) branches in the country.

Please note that if you are currently overseas, you are not able to send your documents to your nearest VAC. You must send your documents to VFS Manila or VFS Cebu. However concessions can be made to do the visa stamping in the nearest VAC especially if your passport is physically with you overseas (you didn’t submit the original passport when you submitted your documents) once the application has been decided.

VFS Manila
Mezzanine Floor
Unit M01
Ecoplaza Building
2305 Chino Roces Avenue Extension
Makati City
Metro Manila 1231
VFS Cebu
9th Floor Keppel Centre
Samar Loop cnr. Cardinal Rosales Avenue
Cebu Business Park
Cebu City 6000

Note: In 2018 physical submission of documents was not required and INZ Bangkok handled the application process. If anything shall change this year, just wait for your Case Officer’s instructions.

If applying from New Zealand:

Please do not just drop your application in any branch. You have to send the documents through the New Zealand Post or other couriers you prefer.

Online Services
Immigration New Zealand
Level 14
280 Queen Street
Auckland 1010

In summary, how much would I spend in applying for this visa?

Visa application fee – NZD 245 or PHP 8,575
Medical examination and chest X-ray – Around PHP 10,500
IELTS – Around PHP 10,000
Documentation – Depends on your school, bank, etc. Estimate at around PHP 1,000
* Lodgement fee – Around 300 (if picked up by VFS) (may not be applicable anymore if the application process has become fully digital)
Show money – NZD 4,200 or PHP 150,000
Onward ticket amount – NZD 1,000 or PHP 35,000 or less
Medical insurance – NZD 285 – 398 or PHP 9,975 – 13,930 (depends on which insurance company)
Total – Around PHP 40,000+ not including the show money and onward ticket amount (since you are not spending this yet); could be less if no IELTS and no full medical

What do I do before submitting my documents?

Make sure that your documents are complete and are genuine. New Zealand takes lying very seriously and if you lied in your application, it may cost you your slot.

What do I do after submitting my documents?

Wait for the decision. Pray. Whatever works to ease your mind off the application. The decision is now on the hands of your case officer. The processing times varies depending on your visa application centre. The system sends an email every time there is a change on your application (such as receiving the medical examination, or getting the decision) so check your inbox from time to time. You may also be contacted by your case officer if needed.

What are the conditions of the visa?

  • You must come to New Zealand within 12 months of the date your visa is granted.
    • After you arrive in New Zealand, you can come and go from New Zealand as many times as you like before your visa expires. (This is when the one year validity of the visa starts.)
  • You must apply for entry permission when you arrive in New Zealand. You can do this by completing an arrival card, which you’ll be given on the way to New Zealand.
  • You must have at least NZ $4,200 to live on while you’re in New Zealand.
  • You must have either a travel ticket out of New Zealand or enough money to pay for a travel ticket out of New Zealand, in addition to your living costs.
  • You must maintain your medical insurance while in New Zealand.
  • You can work in any employment you like, as long as:
    • you don’t work for more than 3 months for any one employer
    • you don’t work for more than 12 months in total
    • you don’t get a permanent job
    • the work you do is legal
    • you don’t provide commercial sexual services
    • you don’t run or invest in a business that provides commercial sexual services.
  • You can do some study or training, as long as it’s not for more than 6 months of your stay.
  • You must leave New Zealand before your visa expires.

Do you have tips on how to secure a slot?

No, not specifically for this visa. Please do check this link to know my tips about how to secure a Silver Fern application slot as the tips will be fairly similar for the working holiday scheme.

I also have written an application guide here and have collated frequently asked questions here. Please read these posts first and the comments sections of those blogs to avoid repetitive questions. It will be so much easier for you if you read everything first.

So I guess that is it. If you have questions that haven’t been asked and answered, just leave a comment below and I will try to answer your query. Please note though that I am not a licensed immigration adviser so do not consider this as professional advice.

482 Replies to “Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand for Filipinos”

          1. Hello my brother applied but as soon as he presses the submit button it keeps on saying site cannot be reached even though he is connected to the Internet.

            1. The website/server is being overloaded with requests (too much users) that’s why that happens.

              What he needs to do next year if he still wants to apply is to be faster.

              1. Hi.. just wanna ask, me and my boyfriend are planning to go in NZ and apply with this visa, can you advise us, what will be the best for us in processing our papers if we are currently residing and working here in qatar? And i have relatives in NZ, can we put also in our letter that they will give us a sponsorship? thank you.

                1. Hi Chubay

                  1. Working Holiday Visas for Filipinos ARE always processed in Manila. No exceptions. 🙂 Applicants of previous WHV batches living outside the Philippines have couriered their supporting documents to a representative…

                  2. WHV will open again in February 2018… you can’t just apply for it when you want it…

                  3. Family members cannot sponsor you on this visa. Why? It depends whether or not you meet the requirements of this visa and sponsorship is not one of the requirements… INZ couldn’t care less if you have family here. Pwede pa nga nilang isipin na hindi ka bona fide WHV applicant kasi may family ka rito at baka gusto mo nang mag-stay permanently.

                2. 1. can working holiday visa for filipinos be extended?
                  2. while on a working holiday visa, can i get a permanent job?

          2. Hs.Ms.Lab. My son was one of the 100 persons who entered in the WHV this 2018. He just received 2 emails, but the 2nd one indicated that he is not bonafide. Last Dec 2016 he applied for a sponsonship visa but unfortunately he was denied due to lack of funds coz we thought that when under sponsonship visa the one sponsoring u has the bigger fubds or money. Then his CO now is asking sone questions for further verification and need to submit on or before feb.12, we are worrying that those questions might affect his application.. Can i e-mail u that questions to be answered coz its like a trivia for him..hope u will help us..thank you so much..

        1. Hello! I would like to apply for “working holiday visa” this coming Feb 8 but my graduation is on April 1. I’m in my fifth year hence will it suffice the 3year-tertiary degree requirement? Is it okay that the diploma still to be followed or What would be possible alternative for diploma? Thank you!

          1. Hi Dean

            Unforturnately I don’t think you qualify. You must have finished your degree as the criteria says “You must have a tertiary qualification”.

            If you still do not have your diploma or a certificate of graduation, then you do not have a qualification yet. No qualification = not eligible.

            And honestly, I do not recommend going to NZ without industry experience. I can almost assure you, you will end up going back home if you are not lucky or not utterly brilliant. Remember you will be competing with locals who have work rights. What will be your advantage over the newly grad locals?

            Please just apply in the coming years.

            1. Good day. Hi! Im ben , i was lucky enough because i was one of the 100 slots for WHV 2018. Maybi seek you advice coz i was once denied by a tourist visa. So my CO now send me some just wondering that these questions may affect my application. Thr questions are ..provide. Omment on what u intend to do in NZ…AREvyou currently employed? Provide details of your employment…. If u have friends or places do you wish to visit while you are in NZ…are you travelling alone or with your friend??..mam those are some of the questions.. Hope u can help me answering that..yes im currently employed now..salamat po..

        2. Hello
          I have a free tour in NZ from one of the company here in Philippines. My question is can I stay in NZ more than my free trip?
          Can I apply for temporary work in NZ?

      1. I just found out that NZ working holiday visa is open for Filipinos. I think its a bit late for me because I am turning 32 this year. I am really interested to travel and be able to work in New Zealand, Australia and other English countries. Do you know some countries that offer working holiday visa to people more than 30 years old? Thanks and God bless.

    1. Hi sir/madam

      Is there a chance for me to go to new zealand and qualify for a working holiday visa or working visa I’m already 46 years old…Its big dream for me to study and work to new zealand..pls. help me..

      1. Hi

        No chance at all on a working holiday visa. It’s clearly stated that it’s for 18-30 years old. Seriously. Some Pinoys really need to learn how to read. :/

          1. Hi Zh

            His question was specifically about qualifying for the WHV as a 46-year-old. He obviously won’t be able to qualify because of the age factor.

    2. Hello good day, I have a question I applied the working holiday visa scheme this morning at 5am February 8, 2018. I completed the form but when i clicked the submit “button” it says that “there are no longer available slot”? But that is around 5:30am. After that, I logged out my account and do the log in again and the details indicated I have the
      “REFERENCE NUMBER: 00000etc
      DATE CREATED: 8 February 2018,
      STATUS: Completed Pending submission
      PAYMENT STATUS: Pending
      And the last column is: Edit – Submit – Delete

      I have a friend of mine and one of his niece applied last 3 years ago with the silver fern visa its a same thing appeared when they clicked the submit button it also appeared that “there are no longer available slot”? But after the day of application date they tried to open the account and they tried to submit and they’ve successfully send the application form and then they got the email for the payment.

      Why is this happened?? I thought when you got the reference or got the application number your already in? I hope you could help me to sort this matter.

      Thank you

        1. Why they said it happened sometimes that after a day or weeks of application they still have a slot available when they tried to submit the application? And I have also read on your Silver Fern blog that you says there “you have to check everytime that after a day or weeks they might have slot available in some case that the other applicant are denied but they will not announce the opening day or date”? Something like that?

          Thank you

          1. Hello, Sherryl. The operative word here is “MIGHT” meaning, hindi po sigurado kung may mag-oopen pa na slot. Slim chance. But you can try and check everyday anyway. 🙂

  1. Hi! Just want to know what is your status now in NZ or what are you currently doing? Also, how were you able to change your visa when you were already there?

          1. Hi Mslab! I am interested in the process and would also like to receive an email on how you were able to get your working visa 🙂 I hope I get a response! Here’s my email –

            Would mean a lot! Thanks in advance!! 🙂

  2. hi. thanks for this very detailed info. one question though. you talked about chest x-rays a number of times but did not mention anything about what would happen if they see something in the result. i had TB when i was 17 so everytime i have my xray done, an old scar could be seen. do you have any idea about what they do with cases like this? can i show them my old xray to prove that it is just an inactive old scar? thank you.

    1. Hi James

      I didn’t share what I know about medical examinations of those with a history since it’s not exactly ‘standard’. I understand that by having a history of TB, you will have a scar and the immigration will be concerned whether or not your TB is still active.

      This is what the Chest X-ray Certificate form (INZ 1096) says:

      If you have evidence of past or present TB you may be asked to provide a respiratory physician’s report. This must include:
      • the date of diagnosis
      • documentation of treatment given
      • compliance with treatment confirmed, and
      • results of 3×3 sputum cultures. Smears alone will not be accepted.


      Now I am not sure what the clinic’s protocol is when you have past history. You would definitely have to disclose your medical history so they would know the proper guidelines to follow for your case.

      Good luck. You can start that medical now, if you wish.

      Thanks for your comment!

    1. Hi Roxanne

      Regarding sponsorship, the rules clearly stipulate that you must have the funds. I don’t think the working holiday visa allows for the use of the sponsorship form. They would ask evidence of this as well. It may be better if your siblings lend you the money and send it to a bank account in your name.

      Thanks for your question.

  3. Hi thanks a lot for this article! Few questions, i got married only this January and wasnt able to change my name in my documents yet, Shall i use my maiden name?

    And how did you secure permanent job?

    1. Hi Dawn

      1. There’s no law in the Philippines that you absolutely have to change your name when you get married. If your IDs are still in your maiden name, then use your maiden name for convenience. You can tell them in the form your civil status though, if asked.

      2. I’d rather not answer this question for now. It’s hard to answer! 😀

      Thanks for your questions!

  4. Madam/sir just want to know if I have 3 siblings with their family living in New Zealand as citizen, is P150,000.00 still required. And I’ve been there three times but still my visa is limited is working holiday visa applicable to me. Thank you..

    1. Hi Flordeliza

      Regarding sponsorship, the rules clearly stipulate that you must have the funds. I don’t think the working holiday visa allows for the use of the sponsorship form. They would ask evidence of this as well. It may be better if your siblings lend you the money and send it to a bank account in your name.

      Thanks for your question.

  5. Hello ma’am. If i will apply now but my show money is not yet in my bank account.. Is it possible to still apply even if show money is not in my account for 3 months within application? Thank you..

    1. Hi Gretchen

      You can’t apply now as the application is still not open. 🙂

      The money held for three months thing is not a rule; it’s just my preference so they won’t question where my money came from.

      Thanks for your question!

  6. Hi. Considering that we only have 15 days to submit all the documents. How could we explain to our CO if for example our requested document would take longer to get. For example the english certification or IELTS test? Thank you.

    1. Hi Kamil Angelo

      You may be able to contact your CO IF he or she contacts you first (depends on your CO if he or she wants to make contact), otherwise please email or call INZ Manila (this is if the emails they send have contact details).

      If you are unable to contact him or her before the 15 days passes, then write a cover letter stating that your English tests results is taking a while to be released.

      ANYWAY, why not just get a Certificate of Medium of Instruction from your school? That’s easier. Or take another English test that would release results earlier.

      It’s better when you have the results before applying for peace of mind…

      Thanks for your question!

    1. Hi Anne

      The answer for this is purely subjective. Could you please give me your background so I can answer this directly?

      In general though, I think finding work while you still don’t have a visa is silly. Employers would want you to be in NZ when they interview you unless you’re really one of a kind.

      If you plan to use the visa to study (max 6 months) then it may be good to find schools now… BUT you still don’t have a visa.

      Thanks for your question…

  7. Hello mslab! Very helpful post, thanks so much! Is there a chance that I could send my original diploma, since securing a certified true copy would take a lot of time? Also, whether original or certified, do i need to red ribbon all? Hope to receive your reply soon as im already at school trying to secure the documents haha. Thanks


    1. Hi Jonai

      Wow a real traveller! 😀

      I guess you can submit the original one, they will return your documents anyway. You can’t expect them to take care of it though, it may crease.

      Why would certifying a copy take a lot of time? I just printed a copy (I keep scanned copies of my documents) and went to a Notary Public. It was PHP 50 a page, if I recall correctly. You don’t need to have it red ribbon-ed (authentication by DFA.

      If you have Twitter then you can tweet me your questions… @flippingchoices

      1. Hello dear im so happy to receive your reply fast!!! And thank you so much for the advice for the certified true copy. I love you already! Haha. Im at my school registrar yo get true copies but i found out its 10 days!!! Its such a relief to find your post because I need to go back to vietnam in a week (im just in Ph for a vacay and for requirements) :)))) Also would u advise that I take the Xray now at St. Lukes? Or should i wait for the email confirmation? Because by the time i apply i would already be in Vietnam…

        1. Hi again

          I prefer that you do the x-ray once you have the slot… but if you have the time now, why not? If you don’t get a slot then you won’t be able to use the x-ray, I hope you know that 🙂

        1. Hi Jonai

          Not sure what you mean but copies of my documents were certified as true copies by a Notary Public. Notarising on the other hand will mean you have to sign something while being witnessed by a notary (special power of attorney, etc).

      2. Hi mslab! I already picked-up my certified true copies from our school registrar. Do i still need to certify it with a notary public? Thanks..

        1. Why certify again if the document has been certified by someone who is qualified to certify it (school officials)? You don’t have to have it certified by the notary anymore…

  8. Hello ok lng b mg apply ako online even im here in Doha qatar? Also is there any ways na mkapg stay pa sa NZ after your 1 yr work holiday visa?

    1. Hi Dolly

      1. The application does not require you to be physically in the Philippines so yes you can apply.

      2. Find permanent work. Find Kiwi partner.

      Thanks for your questions.

  9. Hi! Thank you for this! it would be a very big help to us! =) but can i ask how many days would it take before the immigration officer send me an invitation for bringing my documents after i’m done with application online this feb 5? becuase im a bit worried i’m still out of the country until feb 11. thank you! your response will be very appreciated. =)

    1. Hi Honey Jane

      When you’ve secured a slot you don’t need to get an invitation from your immigration officer. You can start submitting your documents from 6 Feb 2017. You need to submit your documents within 15 calendar days.

      Thanks for your question.

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing. But it is possible to apply working holiday visa if I still have a valid visit visa that will expire on July 2017. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Adrian

      You can apply even while holding a valid visa. Note, I mentioned above that you can apply while in NZ so how could a Philippine citizen stay in NZ without a valid visa?

      Anyway, a person can only have one valid visa at a time so your visit visa will be cancelled if ever you get a slot, you submit your docs, and your application is approved.

      Thanks for your question!

  11. Hi,
    I’m just having second thought above 30 years of age limit.I am 30 years old but turing 31 this july 2017.Do you think that there would be a possibility that I will be approved?Thanks.


    1. Hi Pam

      As long as you are not turning 31 on or before 5 February 2017 then it’s okay. Seriously, please don’t be so anxious!

      If you’re above 30 the system will not let you apply anyway.

      1. Hi,
        Thanks,just thinking bec. I was denied once for visit visa last 2015.
        The issue is I was not bonafide due to insufficient evidence of visiting NZ.
        Just want to ask if I need to give my certificate of employment if currently working in Phil and will state that I would be in a leave for couple of months just to show that you are coming back to Phil if not granted any work..


        1. Hi Pam

          Your visit visa application was denied because your case officer was not convinced you are a bona fide applicant and that you will come back to the Philippines after your temporary stay. The working holiday visa is not a visit visa. There are different circumstances that would allow you to be a bona fide applicant.

          Now for a working holiday visa, they are assuming you are going to holiday (holiday – an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in travelling) in the country and that already defines your bona fide status. Just as long as you don’t breach the conditions of your visa, you’re in the clear.

          You also don’t need to provide proof of your employment in the Philippines, they only need proof of your funds—that you can fund your stay in NZ. If you’re going on a holiday in NZ, you won’t be employed in the PH, right?

          They don’t expect you to find work under the working holiday visa as there are people who really just use this to travel around New Zealand. Finding work is not a requirement. I think you’re confusing the original terms of this visa. WHV primarily is for holidaying. It’s just that some people use it to find a permanent job.

          1. Hi thanks a lot.

            So there would be no question in the form or application if you are currently employed?


  12. Hello there mslab!
    This article is indeed a great help. Thanks!

    Just wondering, once the visa will be granted, will you be able to choose which part of NZ will you work? Or there will be a selected state?

    Looking forward for your reply. Thanks

    1. Hi Jaz

      Of course you can decide where to go. It’s a working holiday visa. There also are no states in NZ, just regions. We don’t have a federal system in place here.

      Thanks for your question.

  13. What kind of medical tests are involved? Is HIV test required as well? What if an applicant is HIV positive? Would they still consider ?

    1. Hi Tin

      Yes, an HIV test is part of the blood work.

      Here’s what they test for:
      • Serum Creatinine
      • HIV test
      • Hepatitis B test
      • Hepatitis C test
      • Syphilis
      • HbA1c
      • Full Blood Count / Complete Blood Count

      According to INZ instruction A4.10.1:

      HIV is included in medical conditions deemed to impose significant costs and/or demands on New Zealand’s health and/or education services. This means someone with HIV would not meet the Acceptable Standard of Health set by New Zealand.

      Unfortunately it will also be impossible to be granted a medical waiver unless the applicant meets the stipluations stated in A4.6.5(a)

      If the applicant with HIV really wants to experience a working holiday then he or she must not undergo the full medical, only the chest X-ray. After the working holiday period, unless he or she meets A4.6.5(a) there is no way he or she can stay permanently in NZ.

      Thanks for your question! Please note I am not a licenced immigration adviser, I only know these things through reading and researching. Please do your own research as well. 🙂

  14. Hello I would like to ask about sponsorhip. I have relatives who can support me in New Zealand, is that applicable in this program?
    And also in medical I applied Working visa before and declined can I still use it Im sending queries to St. Luke but no response on how would I get my results. I think it will expire by the end of February.””

    1. Hi Lyka

      How long ago was your old medical? I really don’t know the answer to this question. You can call INZ at +64 9 914 4100 directly regarding this.

      Regarding sponsorship, the rules clearly stipulate that you must have the funds. I don’t think the working holiday visa allows for the use of the sponsorship form. They would ask evidence of this as well. It may be better if your relative lends you the money and sends it to a bank account in your name.

      Thanks for your question!

  15. Hello!
    Thanks for the post. It’s really helpful. 🙂 i just want to ask, can I apply this visa anytime of the year? Or it should be on Feb. 05?

    And also were you approved the first time you applied?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jaz

      1. Sorry I didn’t make it clear. I mentioned there are 100 slots but failed to mention the competition for this visa is high. Well I thought people would assume anyway.

      The working holiday slots for the Philippines get filled in less than half an hour. You won’t be able to find the application open on the other days of the year…

      2. I mentioned something about this in the first paragraph of my blog… something about finally securing a slot in 2015 because I failed to get a slot in the previous year. Technically my first confirmed application was in 2015 anyway though.

      1. Thank you for the reply.
        If ever you apply and you were not given a slot this year and you planned to apply again next year, will you pay another NZD 208 application fee?

          1. Hi!
            Thank you for the reply. Suppose you were given a slot, how long will the immigration make a decision if approved or not? And if approved, do you need to go to New Zealand right away?

  16. I have other question.
    What kind of work can we have at NZ if you are a working holiday visa holder? Since you are allowed to work there.

    1. Hi Jaz

      We’ve worked all sorts of work. As a WHV holder, you can work anywhere as long as it’s not illegal (see visa conditions I wrote down in this blog post/seeTee’s comment below).

      Mostly for those on WHVs for JUST travelling, they work as fruit pickers, fruit packers, travel industry people, hotel and restaurant staff, etc. I worked casually for some offices because I stayed in the city.

      Some don’t work at all. People need to realise while this visa allows you to work, it’s not required—especially if you can fund your stay.

      1. If decided to work, is it possible to get a job anytime? Or they have a requirement like you need have stayed at NZ for 3months ( something like that) before you are allowed to have a job.
        And from your experience, how many months were you able to find job after your arrival at NZ?


        1. Hi Jen

          I will have to ask you to read the blog again and then you answer me. Specifically the “What are the conditions of the visa?” section.

          It does not say there that the visa holder must work after 2, or 3 or 4 or 5 months after arrival. There is nothing mentioned that a visa holder MUST HAVE stayed x number of months before he or she can work.

          If you hold a WHV visa, and you have activated it by arriving in NZ, then you are allowed to work from the moment you stepped out of the airport.

          Can you not overthink this? You ask weird questions. =)

          I got a casual job 2 months after I arrived. I did not immediately start looking for work when I arrived.

  17. Hi,

    Is it really ok to find a permanent job? I just checked from
    their website and I found this:

    – WORK –
    You can work in any employment you like, as long as:

    – you don’t work for more than 3 months for any one employer
    – you don’t work for more than 12 months in total
    – you don’t get a permanent job
    – the work you do is legal
    – you don’t provide commercial sexual services
    – you don’t run or invest in a business that provides commercial sexual services.

    Won’t they deport me if they will find out I got a working visa while having my work holiday visa?

    Also, I read that there are only 100 slots for Philippines. So chance is one in a million.

  18. Hi Mslab,

    Regarding “Certificate of English as a Medium of Instruction”, is it okay to send scanned copy or they need the original document?

  19. Hello there mslab!
    Thank you for this indeed helpful tips..
    Just wanted to ask you about medical insurance. Do I need to get an insurance before applying WHV? Or just make a letter to the INZ if they could allow me to get an insurance once my visa has been approved?

    Looking forward for your prompt response.
    Thank you 🙂

  20. @flippingchoices hoping 4 some advice from u as I will take the X ray prior to applying while Im here in Ph for Vacay. I will return to VN on 31 and I hope to bring with me all documents that will be required should I get the slot.
    I have a past record of TB which was cured 2007, would u think it will affect my application? When i take the xray tom, what certs do i need to ask my radiologist so that it would be qualified? 🙂 I understand that u are not an immigration officer thats why Im really thankful that you are taking time to answer queries <3

    1. Hi Jonai

      Please read my comment to James above.

      I really really advise against getting the medical this early. But if you’re booked and determined, just tell them your previous condition. If you have scarring the Immigration may require you to have a sputum culture. Just ask the clinic what the standard procedure is for things like this.

      Hope this helps.

  21. Hi.
    Thanks for this post.

    I just have some confirmation regarding bank account.
    It says here that you need to have an account for at least three months before your application. Is that right?
    I’m actually planning to open a bank account from now. Does it mean it will not be valid and I cannot apply?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Drei

      Please read my comment to Gretchen.

      The three month thing isn’t a rule; it’s only my preference. This is because I want to prove to the Immigration that the money is mine and I don’t want them to doubt my evidences.

      You can apply. Don’t worry.

      Hope that helps.

  22. Hi,

    Are you required to submit your original passport once you submit the requirements to VAC? Also, how long before they give u back your documents? Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Benz

      It is better to submit your passport so they can stamp you a physical label on your passport.

      I received an email to confirm the approval of the visa after a week then my documents were delivered the next day.

      If you need your passport around the time your documents must be submitted, as I said above just write a cover letter explaining your situation.

      Hope this helps.

          1. But since you were not able to send your orig passport? How did u get your stamp? Also im meeting a lawyer re the certified copy of my diploma, and she’s asking if you did just a certifying (stamp and signature) or notary for the true copies? Thanks big time i owe u!!!

            1. Hi Jonai

              I was able to submit my passport along with my other documents. I just included a cover letter in the list above for the benefit of others. If you review, I was writing in ‘hypotheticals’.

              Sending this letter does not mean you aren’t planning to send your passport anymore. Your letter must mention you can send the passport on a later date.

              Not sure why you still need to clarify whether to notarise or to certify. I answered this on a different comment. =) Please don’t ask the same questions again and again.

              You really should get a slot with all the trouble I did for you… heh. 😛

  23. I have one more question please. Currently, I’m based in Kuala Lumpur for work. Would it be possible that I’ll just submit the requirements to the VAC nearest me? In my case, VAC in Singapore. Would u know? Appreciate your response 🙂

    1. Hi Benz

      I don’t know the exact instructions for this year but for the last years, only the VAC in Manila processed the working holiday visa even for Filipinos abroad. Applicants from abroad just sent the documents through a representative in Manila. The VAC has changed so they may or may not have changes in the process.

  24. Hello mslab! Regarding the part of the email you shared which says: “A Chest X-ray Certificate which is not more than three months old. Follow the instructions in the separate email which has been sent to you regarding this certificate.” Could you share the instruction in that separate email it mentioned? 🙂 Thank you for the big help

    1. Hi Jonai

      Information in that email is now outdated so I’d rather not share the whole thing. It just says what approriate forms to use and where to have the medical. As I mentioned above, they now use a system called eMedical wherein you aren’t required to fill out forms to be submitted to the embassy or the VAC. Some clinics may use the paper form though only for their use so that they can copy information from the form to the online form; makes it faster for them.

    1. Hi Jonai

      If AXA can confirm you can use this in New Zealand, then you may use this. Otherwise, no. May be better to get insurance from an NZ-based company for speedy claims, just in case.

  25. Hi. It says in their website that the application would open on Feb 8, 10am NZ. Just thought i should tell you. Is the payment of the application form right after you fill up the form on Feb 8? even if you still do not know that you are approved or not?

  26. ABout credit card payment” I will be using my aunts Credit card in which I had permission.. Would I be only needing the account number, 3-digit CVV number and the account holder’s name?? Or I would be needing their email/contact number and address for confirmation??

  27. My passport will expired this December 2017 but i already got an appointment on feb 28, 2017 for renewal. Is it possible to apply for this holiday scheme?

    1. Hi Jzie

      You won’t be able to submit an application form if your passport does not have at least 15 months of validity from the time of application.

      Please refer to this page to see the error message when you put a passport with less than 15 mos of validity left (step number 5).

      Hope that helps!

        1. Hi Jzie

          As I said if your current passport is expired or doesn’t have enough validity, you would not be able to apply because the system will reject expiry date of the passport.

          As long as you don’t have the details of your new passport, that renewal appointment is useless.

          Unfortunately by the time you have your passport renewed (renewal appointment + delivery or pickup of passport), the 100 slots would have been filled.

  28. Hello!

    I dont have credit card. Only debit card (Visa) from RCBC. Would that be ok to use to pay for the application fee?


    1. Hi Kris

      Once you have finished answering the form truthfully, the system will ask you to pay NZD 208 using your credit or debit card (any card with sufficient balance and with a Visa or a MasterCard logo will do).

      This was written in the blog post. Yes you are able to use a debit card. Just make sure your bank allows online use because some banks don’t allow online use.

      Please also look at this to see the form.

      Hope that helps.

  29. Hi Mslab,

    I only have 100k in my bank account, can I use my credit card as my additional fund (my credit limit is 155k)?

    Thank you 🙂

  30. hi there! Can I ask, what if I can’t make it to the first 100, “Can I go to NZ on a tourist visa and apply for a WHV there? I read elsewhere about it but I just need a confirmation. Thanks!

    1. Hi mimi

      There’s only a 100 per year so if you don’t make the cut, going to NZ AFTER the 8th of Feb will not be going to make a difference unless you chanced upon 1 slot (1 denial) while you are here. There is no first 100. The next batch of applications is 2018.

      You can go now to NZ now if you have a valid visa then apply next week though. Your visa will be active from the day your WHV is approved.

      Hope that helps.

  31. Hello!
    I want to ask what is thr difference of Diploma and Certificate of gradution? Are these two separate documents that need to send?


    1. Hi Jen

      The certificate of graduation (COG) is one of the documents we can get from my uni as proof of our graduation in lieu of the diploma. We get our diploma months after graduation. I had a copy so I submitted it.

      Submitting the COG is not exactly a requirement of the INZ BUT it can prove I have a tertiary qualification (which is required).

      Your uni or college may or may not have it. If you have a TOR or diploma then one of those is enough.

      Hope that helps.

  32. Hi mslab!

    I have clarification.
    Lets say your visa is already granted by April 30, 2017 but u decided to go to NZ by November 30, 2017, what is my visa validity?
    – Will it start from the day it was granted (so my visa expires on April 30,2018) ? or;
    -Will it start from the day I arrive at NZ (so my visa will expire on November 30,2018)?


    1. Hi Zajie

      I mentioned the following above:

      You must come to New Zealand within 12 months of the date your visa is granted.

      After you arrive in New Zealand, you can come and go from New Zealand as many times as you like before your visa expires.

      Isn’t it clear? This bit was from INZ.

      You have a year from visa grant to come to NZ or activate your visa. Say you arrive on 30 November 2018, your visa expires on 30 November 2019.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Hi mslab.

        Thank you.
        So u mean the counting of the 12 months will start from the day you arrive at NZ? Not from the day the visa was approved? I just want to clarify this.
        Because there are instances where you can’t fly right away once the visa is approved (due to some reasons like i.e you still have to resign from work and you need to render 30days) and you already wasted that 30days bec on those days you are still here in the phils. and you have shorter months to stay at NZ (11 months).

        1. INZ understands that there may be unforseen circumstances happening that is why it gives you 12 months to activate it. YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO ONCE YOUR VISA IS APPROVED. May 12 months ka pa bago umalis.

          Then from the time you activate it (your arrival in NZ) that is when the 12 month stay starts.

  33. Hi mslab will there be a possibility for me get an approval when i have all the necessary requirements but failed to have a three year’s full time study in university and finished just the 2 years of my course in college? And if not,what if i take ielts? And have a passing grade do you think it will cover the three year’s full time study?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Alex

      The fact that you didn’t finish at least three years of study means you don’t mean all of the requirements so you can’t say you have all the necessary requirements. You may have some of the requirements but you do not qualify.

      Sitting the IELTS will not make you finish three years of uni or college. IELTS is just an exam to test your English proficiency. It is not a substitute to a year’s worth of tertiary education.

      Want to qualify for next year? Go back to school even for just a year and not be 31 years old.

      Hope that helps.

    1. Hi Mimi

      If you read hard enough, you will find where to contact me. 😉

      Also, please ensure that your question was not discussed in any of my blogs so that I won’t repeat myself.

  34. hi maam,
    i just applied for passport last january 30, passport release will be on feb 24-27, it was delayed due to system inconsistencies.. will it be possible to still apply even if dont have a passport yet.. unless they will ask my passport code.. thank you maam

    1. Hi ailene

      There’s no passport code but there is a passport number. 😉

      Has your old passport been cancelled (punched)? If it hasn’t been punched then you may use that passport’s information IF it still has at least 15 months validity from 9 Feb 2017. If it has been punched anyway even if it still has enough validity, then you have to wait for your new passport.

      The system will reject your passport details if you do not have enough passport validity. Please read this other blog post for more information.

  35. Hello po. Kakatapos ko lang po mag CAP dito sa NZ tapos po naka job search visa po ako sa ngaun at mag eexpire po ung job search visa ko sa april 2017. Tanong ko lng po if pede ko po ba i present ung certificate ko as NZRN instead po ung diploma ko pa nung college ako?
    Isa pa po tanong. Since andito na po ako sa NZ e need ko pa po ba magpa police vetting in leui of nbi clearance? Tnx po

    1. Hi Ralph

      Ask yourself, will an NZRN registration certificate explicitly show what the INZ wants to know? It wants to know if you studied at least 3 years at tertiary level because this is a basis of your eligibility. What do you think? I have seen a registration certificate and it just informs people that you are a registered nurse.

      What if you just studied a diploma of nursing in other countries? That’s probably just like 2 years of study. Point is, INZ won’t be able to know from the reg cert how long you studied. It would not assume either. Just submit your diploma or TOR, okay?

      Regarding the NBI clearance, if you have submitted this on your previous visa applications (student/post-study work visa) then you won’t have to submit a new one for at least 2 years more SINCE you first submitted it.

      You don’t need the police vetting because INZ can do this for you.

      Hope that helps.

  36. Hi po.. my passport will expire on June 3, 2018.. will I still have a chance to get a slot po? If ever i’ll be putting my desired date of travel is March 2017, ok parin po ba yon? Hoping for your reply.. thank you so much! God Bless po!

      1. Hi ms. lab.. thank you po.. 🙂 and sorry for sending it twice on your other blog..
        Makakahinga na akong maayos. 🙂 thank you po! God Bless

  37. Hi Ma’am,

    Just want to ask if it is advisable to get an x-ray/medical exam before applying for the WHV.. In your experience, did you receive your medical result within 15 days for the submission of your visa requirements? How long did it take for you to get the medical result?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Claire

      Had a quick look at my old calendar/emails. I went to the clinic on the 6th of February then by the 10th of February I received an email notifying me that the results had been uploaded to eMedical. Please note that I only underwent the chest x-ray. Then I sent my documents to the VAC on the 14th.

      Thing is you will not receive a copy of your medical result unless you specifically asked for it. They would upload results to the eMedical (you won’t be able to see this system) as soon as they could and as long as the results have no abnormalities.

      As I mentioned in the blog, when your clinic appointment is finished they will give you a paper that will contain a reference number of your medical report. So it kind of doesn’t matter how long the results will be as long as you submit this reference number together with your other documents within 15 days.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Thank you so much for the info ma’am! Did you go to the clinic for the chest x-ray before the visa application opens or after you received the email from INZ?

          1. Hi Ma’am,

            I’m confused re the authorisation letters, should I give the letter to the bank and school to authorize INZ to verify/collect information on my behalf? So they really call banks and school to verify the applicant?

            And for my IELTS cert, should i give the original copy or I can just scan and have it notarized just like the other docs (diploma, tor, certificate of graduation)?

            Thanks again ma’am!

            1. Hi again Claire

              The authorisation letter goes to INZ. It is one of their requirements. Please read the blog again, I mentioned this.

              Your choice to give the original or not. They return original documents except for the medical information sheet and the police clearance.

              1. Hi ma’am where could I see a sample of the authorisation letter to INZ?

                In your experience, what time did you log in on the website for the whv? If I log in at 3am does the website expire? Did you apply while in the Phils?

                Thank you!

                1. Hi

                  You really should try to do it yourself. You’re trying to go to NZ where you will do everything by yourself. It doesn’t need to be fancy.

                  I authorise INZ to blabla my blablabla…

                  I logged in around 4:40 AM. I was in the Philippines. I think you can log in at 3 AM but keep it active, refresh or click something from time to time.

                  1. Ma’am, my name has Maria (but spelled as Ma.) When I made an INZ account it accepted Ma. and went through so i already have an account. I tried practising the other application form and it automatically fill in my first name with Ma. and it says that there should be no special characters. So I will just remove the period. Will there be a problem if in my INZ acct it spells Ma. and in the application form is only Ma? As you’ve said INZ is very strict.

                    Thank you!

                    1. Thank you! And thanks for answering our queries.. much appreciated ma’am!

                      On the application form, if I don’t have any travel dates yet can I just put a closer date or Feb 9, 2017? Thank you 🙂

                    2. And also I tried opening another country’s form just to have a look on the application form.. I did not submit it ofcourse. I just deleted the application. Would they know it and can possibly affect the visa application? (In case) or should I make a new account now?

                    3. Hi Claire

                      I had a copy of the form. If you looked around you would have seen it.

                      You don’t have to make a new account if you have deleted the other country’s form. Whether they’ve seen it or not, I wouldn’t tell you what I know. 🙂 I’ll let you deal with the repercussions of accessing another country’s form…

      1. Ok thanks, I thought only cards with visa and mastercard logo. Hehe

        Another one mslab, my aunt want to ask if is it possible to convert it to work/student visa?
        Also the authorization letter is that optional?

        1. Hi again Leb

          The bank statement is shown for your proof of funds. Credit cards with Visa or MasterCard logo are used for the payment of the application fee. Please don’t confuse these.

          Yes, it is possible to change your visa. Just make sure you meet the requirements of the new visa you are applying for.

          The authorisation letter is required. It is NOT optional. This is to allow INZ to verify the documents you will submit.

          Hope that helps!

  38. Hello mslab

    I have a question . Im planning to apply this coming 8 , I am a government scholar then may school will not release diploma or TOR . They can only provide me a certificate telling that i finished 4 years to that institution and they put on hold my TOR and diploma because government was not able to settle my tuition yet . Would that be Ok ? Pls email me .

    Your immediate response is highly appreciated.

    1. Hi Haris

      If this certificate is the only document your school can provide, then I guess that’s okay. It is important that they/you explain why the TOR, the diploma, or other proof are not available.

      May I ask if your school can provide at least a certificate of graduation?


      1. They can’t provide . Only a sheet of paper telling that i was able to complete 4 years degree . My degree . And reason they cant provide the diploma and TOR . And they also put the school hotline number . For any clarifications and confirmations

  39. hi maam, i am a new passport applicant.. thats why i have to wait for 20 working days for passport release on feb 24-27 2017.. i am worry because i dont have yet a passport to submit,i only have the official receipt from the dfa , if ever the immigration would ask me to send my passport/documents..

    1. Hi ailene

      Unfortunately if you currently don’t have a passport, you won’t be able to apply for this working holiday visa. The form asks for a passport number and expiry details so if you don’t have a passport, how can you provide these details?

      Kung tapos na ang appointment mo, pwede ka bang bumalik sa DFA at makiusap na i-expedite ang release ng passport mo?

      You can try again next year.

  40. Good day mslab, I would like to ask if where does the authorization letter will come from when it comes in verifying documents like COG, TOR.. is it will come from me or from the school?

    another is I have a relative from New Zealand, does including them in another information if I’m approved will be ok? or should I or should not include them?

  41. another if nakaabot or pasok po ako sa quota then hindi po pasado ang application ko pero nakapagbayad po ako, what will happen? may refund po ba for application fee?

    1. Hindi ka makakapasok sa quota kung hindi ka makakabayad. No payment = no slot.

      If ever naman na magka-slot ka at ma-decline ang visa application mo, walang refund. Mayroon bang bansang nagre-refund ng visa application fee kapag declined?

      1. Just want to make sure I got this straight cos I’m planning to try my luck this Feb 8 2018.

        There are only 100 slots. So to get a slot, you have to be one of the successful first 100 to fill up the online form and make payment. Meaning, you have to be online as early as what, 430 am MNL time to give you some time to warm up and prepare since it is practically a race. We need to be fast and accurate at the same time when filling up the form.

        Do I understand this correctly? Sorry in advance if not.

        So what happens when one of the first 100’s visa application got refused later on? What happens to that one slot and how do we apply for it? How will the other spectators get notified?

        Btw, thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience to fellow Pinoys. God bless!

        1. Hi Ate

          You’re understanding perfectly. That’s how it is. Although there’s no warm up as once 5 am arrives form is open.

          I don’t really know if they open slots when there’s a refusal. There are some anecdotal stories though saying that they got slots after the application period.

          No notification at all. I guess abangers palagj sa website, I did that in 2014 until I got tired of it.

          Good luck!

    1. Hi Mae

      I mentioned about debit cards. You can pay using debit cards. Or any card with Visa or MasterCard (not all cards with these logos are credit cards).

      If you really don’t have any, you would need to borrow because there’s no way you can pay for it without a card.


  42. @flippingchoices hi! I turned 30 last October and if granted a whv, would there be an issue if I arrive 31 y/o when applying for entry?

      1. I see.. Thank you for clarifying mslab! Another question: If copy was certified true by our registrar, would that suffice as a support doc? Or would i still need to bring it to a Notary?

  43. Hi,

    I just want to ask if its okay to apply even im in Middle East (Qatar)?
    I believe I have the requirements needed just not sure if I can apply if im outside of the Philippines.

    Thanks in advance!

  44. hi there im already here in new zealand as student with student visa and planning to apply for the holiday work visa, is there a posibility that i could get a slot? thank you

    1. Hi cris

      Why would you want to apply for a working holiday visa? When you finish your school, if you are qualified you can apply for a post study work visa which is better than the WHV.

  45. Hi mslab!

    Is IELTS really required? What does it mean by “Evidence that your tertiary qualification was gained from an institution where all tuition was in English”?

    I’m an HRM graduate and about to finish my Professional Culinary Arts degree this May.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi B

      The IELTS is not a requirement, not necessarily. The requirement is to prove that you have functional English proficiency. What you can use as proof you have functional English is to show evidence that your tertiary qualification has been taught in English or provide testing reports from IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

      Pakibasa po uli ang blog ha. Ibig sabihin po nu’n eh dapat tinuro in English ang degree mo sa HRM. Kukuha ka ng certificate of English as medium of instruction. Kung ‘di ka makakuha niyan kailangan mo na talaga mag-exam.

  46. Hi mslab,

    Thanks for sharing this very helpful information. Already finished the requirements and I’m going to use my brother’s credit card issued in NZ but I’m going to apply from PH. Sana walang maging problema 🙂 God bless everyone! Let’s wake up early tomorrow!

      1. Just to commend you for answering all those questions that I have been reading from the past two weeks here and your other guide blogs. Preparation of my requirements went smooth because of this. Hope the same way happens tomorrow though. God bless you, Mslab!

          1. Basically, I just went to INZ website and read about the details and limitations of the visa. Haven’t found any other links as detailed as your blog. All other questions I have in mind are already answered here at the comment section. 🙂

    1. Hi Marilou

      You can as long as you have a Philippine passport.

      You’re not sure if it has been asked because you haven’t read the comments section as well. Please also read my comment to Dolly.

  47. Thank you so much Mslab!! You are indeed a big help to all who’s really keen to get this visa ?

    Good luck to all of us! ??

  48. Hi mslab,

    Thanks for your informative post!

    Just wanted to ask about my current situation. I’ll be in Australia from Feb 11 – March 25. If ever I get to secure a slot, how can I submit my original reqts within the 15-day period? For example, how can I submit my passport? And the medical checkups – where can these be conducted if I’m in Australia?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hi Nikki

      You still have 2-3 days before your flight. Do your medicals or whatever in the Philippines. It will be more expensive in Australia.

      I’m not sure what the process is now but during the past years, all applications were processed in Manila even if the applicants were outside the Philippines. So tough luck for you if the same still applies this year.

      You have these choices:
      – You can try completing and submitting your requirements before you leave for Australia. Write a cover letter stating you cannot submit your passport since you will be travelling. Provide a copy of your passport and itinerary.
      – Ask a friend to do it for you. Bring him or her pasalubong. Write a cover letter stating you cannot submit your passport since you will be travelling. Provide a copy of your passport and itinerary.
      – Write to your CO if you can start complying after your travel. Provide evidences of your travel.

      Good luck.

  49. If ever im in nz using WHV. Can i stay with my sister while searching for a job or the WHV have it all arrange my accommodation.? If The WHV arrange it, do i have to pay them? How much?


    1. Ms Jona,

      Natapos ko rin up to payment.. mabagal talaga sya just be patient.. nung nag appear na ang “this site can’t be reached” i-reload nyo lang matutuloy din sya sa site.. un lang ginawa ko..

        1. Hi Alex

          There are two emails. One contains the documents to send, and the other one contains information about the medical.

          It’s best to ignore the latter one since the information has lapsed. No more paper medicals in the Philippines and most countries.

  50. WAHHH nasa medical part na ko ng biglang:

    This site can’t be reached

    The connection was reset.

    totoo bang magabal? o internet connection ko tlaga mabagal?

  51. aw.. ubos na:
    Scheme unavailable because: Unfortunately the available places for this Working Holiday Scheme have been filled and there is no longer a place available for you. You could check back on our website for details of when places reopen..

  52. Hi! I tried applying but did not make it due to passport issues. However a note said that I could come back once the issues are settled. Is it another application next year or could I be waitlisted if ever one does not qualify for this year? Thank you

  53. I woke up at 4:40 and logged in but when I opened site cant be reached, i tried using different browsers all the same. 🙁 kainis

  54. Hi Ms Lab,

    I was not able to get a slot for this year’s WHV, however I do wanna ask .. Would you recommend us getting Visit Visa and apply for a job there? or it would be difficult to do that? I wanted to go to NZ to travel but to work as well..

    1. Hi ellie

      If you’re loaded and you can afford not to work, then by all means go to NZ and try looking for work. You must not have any expectations though and you must leave before your visa expires (if you don’t find an employer).

      This pathway is very very difficult though unless you’re really really qualified.

  55. Hi Ms. Lab do I really need to submit the documents that are not explicitly required like NBI Clearance, Insurance, Diploma? Or will they be requiring those later on.

    Can I send you po the mail I received?


  56. Thank you sa mslab at nakakakuha ako ng slot this year. Grabe ang tibok ng puso ko ng mag 5am na.. tagal mag load.. pero nakaraos din

    Nag kamali pa ako sa email adress ko. Nag taka bakit walang confirmation email.

    Hayun tawag ako sa immigration buti na lang at my call back sila. Mali nga yung email. Buti mabait yung immigration officer sa line. Sinend ulit yung mga email. Sabi nys siguro kabado ako kaya nag kamali ako.. hayun tawa kami ng tawa. Updated na email ko din.

    Parang indiano yung immigration officer na babae at mabait sya.

    Thanks mslab ulit.

  57. Hi mslab. Just want to ask what’s the format/template for Letter of Authorisation? Your blog posts are a big help. Keep sharing. Thanks!

  58. Hi guys, nagcreate kami ng facebook group for all those na nakascore ng slot for WHV this year 🙂 Helpful when it comes to preparing your documents, everyone’s sharing their plans and all that. Let us know if you nakakuha rin kayo and keen to join the group para maadd namin kayo!

      1. Look for egpablo on facebook, she’s the one who started the group 🙂 message her to add you sa group chat hehe

      1. Look for egpablo on facebook, she’s the one who started the group 🙂 message her to add you sa group chat hehe

    1. Hi Letsgosago! That’s a great idea! I was able to secure a slot. What’s the name of the group? Can I also join? 🙂

      1. Look for egpablo on facebook, she’s the one who started the group 🙂 message her to add you sa group chat hehe

            1. Hi! Can you also add me to the group? My facebook email address is (redacted). Thank you! Hope to see you all in New Zealand this year 🙂

  59. Hi mslab, what if you secured a slot this year but was unable to submit the required documents in 15 days, can you still try securing a slot next year?

    1. Hi LJ

      I would contact the INZ Contact Centre or the case officer in that situation. I don’t really know. Everyone I know was able to comply with the submission of the documents.

      The deadline may be extended depending on the situation and your CO.

  60. Hi mslab,

    Regarding sa bank statement, would it be okay if the money isn’t atleast 3 months on the account? I can provide a history on my previous transactions. Would it be a problem if my latest transactions are somewhat big amounts. This is to cover the $4200. Pahelp po.

        1. Hi Gibbo

          You’re required to show proof of the money when you submit your documents AS I have mentioned here.

          Immigration officers also have the right to question you regarding your funds at the point of entry.

  61. Hi mslab,

    I would just like to say thank you to this blog post. This post help my sister a lot, when I saw this blog post. I shared it to my sister and friends in Philippines. Too bad, they’re not able to secure a slot but thank God and all glory to God my sister did secure a slot and now processing her documents. 🙂

      1. Thank you mslab! Is the WHV an e-visa now that you only have to print when granted or still a physical label visa? Coz I have received 2 attachments. One says submit a valid passport then the other one says Do Not Send passport, if the visa is approved they will send an e-visa. Thank you again!

  62. Hi mslab! Which insurance did you get? I was reading both insurance (Orbit and Southern Cross) but not sure which one I can change the travel dates.. Thank you! ?

  63. Hi, i really find your blog very helpful and very informative. For that, a million thanks, from all your kabayans interested to come to NZ., again thank you. Your effort is very much appreciated. I never seen a blog as complete and detailed as this one . One question though, since u dont want to share how u got a working visa in this blog, is this pathway for a working visa applicable for silver fern visa,? My email add is , i really hope u can share in my email how u got ur work visa.

  64. Hi, i would just like to know. Before application ba need na me plane ticket na to new zealand? Or application first, if approve tska pa lang kukuha ng plane ticket?

    1. Hi Shena

      No, you do not need a plane ticket before applying. ‘Di pa nga sure na may slot ka na bibili ka na agad ng tiket. Kung ‘di ka makakuha ng slot, sayang naman ‘yung tiket.

  65. 1.would you recommend taking medical first before applying?
    2.for Filipinos are we require for full medical or just a chest X RAY?
    3.for medical insurance do you recommend to write a letter undertaking that once i secure the slot i will buy a medical insurance?or much better to buy before applying?

  66. 1. What is your preferred schools/universities, and what specific course we can take in short-term or in 6 months?

    2. Would you know or can you give us a ball figure how much is the tuition fees and miscellaneous?

    3. How do we look then, for the employers? through what? How many working hours? how much is the salary base per hour?

    1. Hi Ems

      1. I believe you have to check websites of schools to determine which degrees or courses you can take in under 6 months. Google is your friend. I don’t have a preferred school or uni, I did not study here.

      2. I don’t know. Google is your friend.

      3. Google is your friend. Use job search websites as Seek, TradeMe Jobs, Jora, etc… You can also have walk-in applications when you’re in NZ so by walking, commuting, driving? Some people practise cold-calling… like calling HR depts of companies they like and asking if there’s a vacancy. Yup that’s a thing.

      Salary varies depending on the industry. Full time hours I believe is 35…

  67. Hi mslab may tourist visa ako sa new zealand valid for 1 month pero entry Date hanggang july 2018. Ok lang po ba mag apply ng working holiday visa kahit hindi ko pa ginagamit ung existing visa ko? Thanks.

    1. Hi Astrid

      You can use the visit visa to enter New Zealand in February 2018 and apply for the WHV here in NZ. Easier to apply here than in the Philippines (faster internet).

      But yeah you can apply for the WHV without ever using your visit visa. 🙂

      Hope that helps.

      1. Thank you so much mslab. Hopefully next year makakuha ako ng slot. Target ko makapunta sa Christchurch.

  68. Praying na makakuha ng slot and maapprove ang visa. Thanks mslab magpreprepare na ako ahead of time para everything runs smoothly.

  69. Hi Mslab,

    I am currently working in UAE, I believe it is possible for me to apply since it is online application but my concern is, would they prioritize those who applied currently living in Philippines? Coz I heard from one of my officemate that they would.

    1. Hi Shiela

      As a Filipino citizen, you can apply for the working holiday scheme for the Philippines. It does not matter where you live as long as you are a Filipino citizen.

      So no, what your officemate said isn’t true. No prioritisation for those living in the Philippines. To be fair they’re quite disadvantaged as the internet in the Philippines is slow.

      As I said here in this post, if you read it well, it is first come first serve so come 10 AM NZ time when the application opens, you must be online wherever you are in the world…

      Good luck.

  70. Hi there!
    I already got my WHS Visa but haven’t decided yet when to leave the country. I’m actually planning to stay in Wellington, is there a possibility, you know some Kababayans who needs a roommate? Also, is there a need to go to DOLE/DFA or any LGU/s before you travel to NZ? Thanks in advance!

    1. 1. Your choice when to go… do your research and due diligence. 😀 Plan properly!
      2. Try to look for a Pinoys in Wellington group.
      3. No need to go to DOLE/DFA or any LGU. What for?

      Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Evia

        Only asking as I am genuinely curious and in need of feedback… did this blog post or the other posts about working holiday not help you learn how to apply for the WHV? 🙂

  71. Hi! I am planning to take this WHV next year (Feb 2018). Pero 4th year college graduating student na ako, bale and graduation namin ay sa April 2018.

    According to PH WHV part Education, “You must have a tertiary qualification. After you apply online, we’ll ask you to provide a copy of your qualification, which must have involved at least 3 years’ full-time study.” Does this mean na pwede na ako mag-apply?

    One year full time study is equivalent to 48 credits, and I already have 158 credit points (3 years full time, 48 x 3 = 144, sobra pa.)

    Pero may nabasa po akong isang comment dito na dapat ay may hawak kang diploma.
    The age bracket for this visa is 18 to 30 years old, meaning, students who are 18 years old barely have a college diploma or 3 years full time study, pero pwede pa sila sa WHV.

    Pa’no po ‘to? Can I still apply? 🙁

    1. Hi Evia

      You are conveniently ignoring the first statement, “You must have a tertiary qualification.” Now tertiary education definition and study length period may vary depending on different countries so they put you must have studied for the qualification at least three years (this is the standard in NZ).

      Hindi nila sinabi na at least three years sa uni or college, pwede na. Gets?

      And regarding sa age, merong mga 18-year olds na tapos na ng college, they are rare but they exist. You must meet all the requirements of the visa so for Filipinos in reality siguro mga 20 somethings lang ang magka-qualify sa visa.

      So no by February 2018 and you have not graduated yet, you do not qualify. And please do not apply and try reasoning out, I know someone who misinterpreted the rules like you this year and was declined a visa. Sayang lang ang bayad.

      I sincerely hope that your motivation in getting the WHV is just to holiday because if you are going to go here as a fresh grad aiming to get work, you will have a very hard time in getting a subsequent visa.

      Hope this helps.

  72. Hi mslab,

    I would like to ask how did you do the reservation of your air ticket. I mean, it’s a 12-month entry visa, and you do not know exactly what will happen upon arriving in NZ, for example, you were able to find a job and you want to extend and your flight ticket does not permit because you made it like only 3 months, do you think it is better to make an extension on your return flight ticket? like make it up to 6 months before returning?

    I would highly appreciate your response to my inquiry.
    Thank you very much. 🙂

  73. Hi,

    Do I need to show a booked flight prior to applying for WHV?
    Also, regarding the bona fide. What document(s) should I provide?


    1. Hi Kace

      I suggest you read the other comments. Kaka-discuss lang 😀

      The application for the visa itself makes you bona fide. You want to travel New Zealand!

  74. Hello!
    Just a what if question:
    If ever I will be granted a tourist visa and eventually found a work in NZ…is it a requirement to have an IELTS before an employer could process a work visa?

    Thank u.;)

  75. Hi,

    I am interested to apply for this visa next year.. My question is, I have an aunt living in Auckland and she offered me to stay in their house, will this affect my application process on validity? (if given a chance to obtain a slot) Thanks!

  76. Hi Mslab! Thank you for this helpful post and sharing all of your experiences.

    I am now preparing all of the requirements for the upcoming Feb 8,2018 *cross fingers*. Btw, I have some questions and clarifications just to have peace in my mind.

    1. Let’s say they granted me this visa, can I change the date of intended travel?

    2. Do I need to purchase ticket upon submitting the needed documents or can i just submit an airline temporary reservation?

    I read in one of your post that they are going to return the original copy of docs. Is it better for me to submit the orig copy of diploma or a certified true copy of it?

    4. Lastly, upon departure here in PH or arrival in NZ, are they going to check our pocket money? I mean, do we need to show the money as it states on our submitted bank statement?

    Thank you for you time.

    1. Hello Jamie

      1. Answered in comments section here
      2. Answered in comments section in this post.
      3. Your choice really. I submitted my original diploma, I wished I didn’t since it came back with folds…
      4. In my experience they didn’t check. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t want to check yours.

      Good luck! I suggest reading even the comments section, added more info there…

      1. Thank you mslab! Thank you again for sharing! This is a great help for all of your co-Filipinos wants to go to NZ. See you soon! (Claiming it!) 🙂

    1. Hi iceman

      You have to ask INZ for the reason. 🙂 I wouldn’t know, I only followed it. I didn’t question it as it was a visa condition.

  77. Hi ms lab,
    I just want to ask if holding a visitors visa in NZ specifically in ChristChurch can get a job offer? Thanks.

    1. Hello CeeJay

      It would depend on a lot of factors if one on a visit visa will get a job offer… Your skills, your job experience, your CV making skills, your cover letter making skills, how you sell yourself, how badly a company may need your skills…. Location is irrelevant so asking whether or not a visit visa holder in Chch will get a job offer is moot.

      Good luck.

  78. Hi mslab,
    Thanks po sa info. Question lang po about sa OEC. I secured a slot this year and on the letter that the immig has given, di daw po naman required ang OEC. Pero confirm ko lang po if do i have to go to POEA for any other reason? Like yung seminar kailangan po ba magattend kung di naman required ang OEC?

    And last question po… sa airport po ba.. aside magpunta sa immigration do i need to do anything else? What do i have to present sa airport? Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Kay27

      Nope you don’t need anything else. Please read that letter for Philippine immigration again. 🙂

      Sa airport you have to pay travel tax of Php 1,620 before you depart.

  79. Hi Mslab,

    Thank you for this very helpful information. I would like to clarify something, for example I got the job and my first employer offers and willing to arrange my working visa sponsorship, is it possible to do/process while im on my first 3months job? Do you know Mslab what are the rules and procedures if that would be the case?

    Thank you so much, Mslab!

    1. Hi Jamila

      It is important to point out the difference between sponsorship and support. An employer does not sponsor a visa application, they support a visa application. If they sponsor a visa application they would need to use a sponsorship form and this is not required of a work visa application. 😉

      Anyway it’s your employer’s choice when to apply for the visa. Some employers want to use the probation period (3 months) first before supporting a visa application so you can use the 3 months on the WHV… some accredited employers support their employer’s visa application before employment commences…

      Talk with your employer…

      1. Thank you for correcting me. 🙂 Kung sakaling they would support me po sa work visa and naissue napo yun, magiging effective po ba agad yung work visa? Pano na po yung WHV ko?

  80. Hi MSLAB!

    Nice post you have here. May I know how long does it take for them to announce if you have been one of the lucky person to secure a slot for the WHV?


    1. Hi Cielo

      It’s not a raffle draw. If you get to pay after subitting your form then you have a slot. If the system doesn’t allow you from paying then the slots have been filled.

  81. ms lab, a few questions lang po:

    1. how much money did you have when you left for NZ?

    2. Did you make prior arrangements kung san ka mag rrent and all?

    3. How long before you were able to land a job in NZ

    4. How much (on average) is needed to survive one month in NZ if job hunting, living on a budget mostly cooking? (Rent, food, transpo)

    Sorry mejo maraming tanong i just want to be super ready for when the time comes, i Don’t want to ask money from my parents if ever ma short so if ever khit mga ball park figures lang pra mapag handaan. Thank you so much!

    1. 1. Php 250,000 converted to NZD at 30… I had around 8,000 NZD 🙂

      2. I have a friend in Chch.

      3. Not long after I started searching but that isn’t a permanent job. Casual lang.

      4. I really don’t know =) I didn’t count. Magastos kasi ako when I came here because I was on tourist mode. 😀 And mas mataas na ang bilihin ngayon.

      You can use this for ballpark figures ng bilihin –

      Rent in Chch around 150-200 p/w for a single person. Could be same or higher range with Auckland.

      Anyway, when I started having regular work, I could save 300 NZD of my ~600 NZD per week salary. That probably doesn’t help

  82. Hi good evening! I recently stumbled upon the Working holiday visa, and so far kumpleto naman ako sa requirements. I wanna ask kung gaano ka kabilis nag fill out ng application form? As in minutes lang ba? Hopefully makakuha din ako next year thanks!

    1. Hi MLBS

      Your username is familiar. 😀 Didn’t you submit an EOI for PR 189 in Australia?

      For the working holiday visa, the slots are filled within 10-20 minutes 🙂 I think for me it took 10 mins to fill out and submit the form…

      1. Hi again mslab I’m sorry nawala ako for several months. Yes I’m the same guy on pinoyau haha! Thanks for your reply ? Hopefully ph internet won’t fail me. Btw keep up the good job on replying to people’s questions ? I’ve read em all at yung iba talagang di ata nagbasa yet you still take time on replying ? All the best!

  83. Hi!
    Thank you so much for this very informative article.
    Regarding the payment of NZD208 during the application, can I use someone else’s credit/debit card?wala kasi ako sa ngayon.
    Thank you so much for your response.

  84. Hi,
    Do we need to do Medical before applying or can we do it once we confirmed we got the visa since medical is expensive….


    1. Hi Dmitri

      Did you read the article? I mentioned that technically only the Chest x-ray is required but if you are planning to find work in New Zealand and to stay, then it may be wise to undergo the medical as well.

      It’s still your choice.

  85. Hi.

    Just want to ask if you happen to know if in case you are not a college degree holder in the PH but you studied for 3 years. Are you still eligible to apply?

    Cheers in advance

    1. Hi Ed

      You need the diploma. You need to have completed the degree.

      And yup I know someone’s visa application being declined because of this requirement.

  86. This blog post is very helpful! and you’ve done a great job replying to all inquiries. I was able to read that visa processing takes 20 days, with your experience when did you submit your documents and when did you receive the visa. Is it within the 20 days period or it can be given later than that? Because I am trying to calculate the months if I can still commit one school year to my current job (if i’d be able to get a slot and all documents are okay) or risk resigning and hope for a slot. Thanks a lot 🙂

    1. Hi Roland

      Decision took 9 calendar days for me. Could be longer. You couldn’t time it because each of us is different.

      And it would be stupid to resign from work without a visa approval let alone without a slot. You have a year naman to enter NZ wag magmadali.

  87. Hi mslab,

    I read you blog and I find it very helpful.. I just want to confirm though just to be sure, coz i’m a bit confused. is the “English as Medium of Instruction” still acceptable for WHV? coz i read some blogs regarding SFV na hndi na dw ito acceptable for the said Visa. i’m asking coz the process of application for both is somehow the same, right.

    Thank you in advance! 🙂

    1. Hi Amelia

      I keep myself abreast of WHV rules because this is the visa I know best. If there had been changes you would’ve seen it here.

      Otherwise the Immigration New Zealand website should be your first point of information.

  88. mslab,

    hi, thank you for making things clearer, however meron po akong tanong, I have my original TOR since 2014, pero ang pupose is “for employment”, can I still use this? or much better have a nrw with with the purpose ” for visa purposes”? thanks

  89. hi ms. lab,

    regarding po sa bank cert & statement, kasi hind po pla pde mgrequest nun kpg representative lang, kasi nsa ibng bansa po ako.. ano p po kyang ibang way pra mprovidan sila ng proof of funds? pde ko b ibgay sknla yun passbook ko?


    1. Hi Ellen

      There are a number of things you could try:

      1. Try to contact your bank directly and ask if you could send a request through email and if they would send a statement through email as well. (Doubt this would work though as the Philippines has really strict banking policies).
      2. If you have online banking, download your statement if you can generate it or screenshot your online banking page and have it certified as true copy from the internet.
      3. Your passbook needs to be updated. If your passbook’s latest entry is recent (few weeks before application date) then you could send a certified copy of it. Please don’t send the original to keep it safe.
      4. Don’t you have money or bank account where you’re working now? It doesn’t have to be a Philippine bank account. Use your local bank’s statement.

      Hope this helps!

  90. Hi Mslab, could you explain the ” a years worth” bank statement as i might find it difficult to get a bank statement from any Philippine bank because im currently overseas working. Should a years bank statement from my payroll account suffice( I earn around 60,000 php a month)? Please help

    1. Hi Chris

      Could you please read again? I didn’t specifically mention to get a year’s worth of bank statement from a Philippine bank…

      Also… again as I reiterated again and again and again, showing one year is MY decision, MY experience. It doesn’t have to be necessarily your experience…

  91. I open a bank account only last week, can i use it as my source of funds even though its not more than 3mos?
    Do i need to get an IELTS, im a 4year graduate of business administration in NEUST? Thank you and Godbless

  92. Hi Ms. Lab,

    You’ve mentioned that the Passport needs to be 15 mos valid so that one will be allowed to process the application. So let say that my passport will expire on Aug 2019 that means I need to put May __ 2019 or earlier as the travel date right? Of course the visa will be approved. Then, what if I decided to travel around Aug 2019? So kulang na un. Is that still okay? Hindi ba ako mahaharang ng immigration officer pagdating ko sa airport if they notice na wala ng 15 mos validity ung passport ko? Thanks

    1. Hi jiejiethetraveler

      If your passport is expiring in August 2019 then the latest intended travel date you can put in the form for the online application form to go through is May 2018.

      Say your application in February 2018 is approved on the same month the start date of your visa will be the day your visa is approved. From that date you only have 1 year to enter New Zealand… So until February 2019.

      If you want to come to NZ in August 2019 then your visa approval should at least be August 2018… Ang layo na nun masyado from 8/2/2018.

      Coming to NZ in Aug is the least of your concerns, unang una paso na yung visa mo kung magkavisa ka man… and what country would let you travel with an expiring passport?

  93. Hi. May I know yung particular medical exams na ipapa undergo sayo for this particular visa aside from yung chest xray?? Thank you.

  94. Regarding the diploma, certificate of graduation and transcript of record, do i still need to have it red ribboned? Also, how will i be able to determine if my university has all tuition in english? Thank you

  95. Hi Ms Lab,

    Pwede po bang dalawang bank account statements ang isa-submit? Dalawa po kasi bank account ko, isa dito sa Dubai at isa sa Pinas. Hindi ba sila magtataka nun? O mas okay kung isang bank account lang ipapakita ko sa kanila? Ang problema kasi hindi umaabot ng 150k monthly yung napapasok na pera sa Dubai bank ko kasi parati ko wini-withdraw at pinapadala sa Pinas na account ko. Ok lang ba yun, as long as may transactions sa account ko dito sa Dubai? Thank you.

    1. Hi Lai

      Bakit po sila magtataka? Unang-una Philippine citizen ka, pangalawa sa UAE ka nagtatrabaho at doon ang address mo (unless hindi mo idi-disclose which is huh?!) So hindi bago na may lalagakan ka ng pera sa dalawang bansa. Alam naman ng mundo na maraming OFW.

      Ang requirement ay magpakita ng at least $4,200 NZD. Kung hindi umabot yung UAE bank account, eh di mukhang yung PH bank account ang makaka-comply sa rule… Saka wala naman pong nakalagay na dapat isang form ng proof of funds lang ang ilagay eh. Nakalagay dito: na marami silang kinds na tinatanggap, hindi lang isa. Kung may credit card ka na may balanse, ipasa mo rin kung gusto mo. Gaya ng inilista ko rito. And sabi ko rin dito “Exercise your best judgement.”

      Tandaan niyo lang na kayo yung magpapatunay na nami-meet niyo yung requirements sa WHV so diskarte niyo na kung anong dapat niyong ipasa. Yung iba transcript lang ang ipapasa, para sa kanila sapat na yun. Sige ok lang. Pero ako feeling ko nun kulang yun so pati diploma at kung ano pang maisip ko na pwede (pero siyempre pinag-isipan kung swak ba). May ilang TOR kasi na hindi clear kung graduate ka na. So mag-submit ng corroborating evidence.

      Isinulat ko itong mga posts hindi para sundin to a T (di por que di explicit na sinabi na pwede, hindi na pwede) pero para magsilbing guide lang at para basahin… sana naman po yung mga tanong natin ay hindi paulit-ulit. Twice niyo pinost yung nauna niyong tanong, binura ko na ang isa para hindi makalat. Tapos eto uli, halos katulad lang din ng tanong niyong una.

      Alam ko po hindi niyo ganun ka-alam mag-apply ng working holiday and lahat bago para sa inyo. Ang hiling ko lang ay to sit down and read everything again, take notes if you have to, and understand and analyse (don’t overanalyse) everything you’ve just read.

      Salamat po sa pagbisita.

      1. Maraming salamat po sa sagot nyo!

        Clarification lang, hindi pwede dito sa VFS Dubai branch ko isa-submit ang documents ano? Dapat sa VFS manila talaga?

        Thank you

  96. Hi po, ang WHV is 1yr na pwede ka pong magstay sa NZ. For example po Feb 2018 naapproved ka ng visa, dun po ba start magrrun ung validity ng visa nyo? Or magstart lang un kpag pumunta ka na ng NZ? Maraming salamat po

    1. Hi Angel

      Please read this post again. Visa conditions part. Every single one who’ve seen this recently “read” the post but still asks questions already discussed above. Pakibasa pong maigi 🙂

  97. I have read all the comments, and bravo! You answered all my questions. Thank you Ms Lab! The effort is much appreciated. You’re so patient with everyone too, repeating answers over and over again.

    For my case, I’m currently in London, so my biggest deal would be (if I do get a slot) is to get a representative to compile all my Philippine documents to submit over there.

    Anyway, I applied for an NBI clearance today at the Philippine Embassy here in London. And the hassle part is, they have you stamp all your fingers on this paper (high tech!) and then I’m supposed to come back after three days to get that paper and then I have to mail that back to the Philippines DHL style! Then my representative in the Philippines will have to go to NBI over there to submit it again. >< Somehow I feel they could have made things more streamlined.

    Finally, I am still debating if I send the passport or not send the passport all the way to Pinas (if I get a slot), considering I'm leaving and would be needing my passport by March 27. 'll try to really figure out how long these mailing things get and see if I can get my passport back on time.

    Thanks again! 😀 I'll be reading more!

    1. Hi MiciROX

      The NBI isn’t a requirement of the WHV though. 🙂 I removed it from this post because it looks like INZ doesn’t file it when they receive it on a WHV application.

      1. Really? They had a whole “how to get clearance” page pa kasi e! I bought it na for 23 pounds! Gaah. Thanks for the heads up! Ill still send it back na lang to Pinas with my tb, medical stuff, etc. from London (If I get a slot and see what they require). And have my representative choose what to submit. Thanks!

        I am curious though how safe mail is to send passports. Though I have seen your recommendation of just sending a letter maybe explaining why I can’t send in a passport at this time. Maybe I’ll just photocopy everything in there na lang. That seems a lot safer. I just hope it doesn’t affect them considering a particular application.

        1. Hi again

          Saan may nakalagay na how to get your clearance specifically for WHV?

          I wouldn’t send my passport if I were you, please refer to this: You can at least send a certified copy.

          Baka naman INZ Manila would be amenable to you submitting your original passport to INZ London (TTS UK) once an approval has been issued. Just explain your circumstances clearly in a cover letter (mag-rason ka na lang 😀 like needing your original passport in a foreign country).

          Good luck.

  98. Hi Ms Lab,

    Yung IELTS result, pwede bang ma-late ng ilang araw pag submit sa VFS Manila? Kasi sa Feb 3 ako mag tetake ng exam, lalabas ang result after 13 calendar days pa. 😐

    1. Hi EM

      Is your degree not taught completely in English? You don’t have to supply an IELTS test report if you have a certificate of medium of instruction.

  99. Ms Lab,

    Kelangan din po ba ng Leave Letter from my current company in case mag a-apply ako for WHV? Or di na kelangan ng ganito?

  100. GOOD DAY to you madam, I just want to ask if it is really needed to take an IELTS course and get the 4.5 score above? I am a bachelors graduate and currently working in KSA and I am really interested to go in New Zealand, Thank you for listening,

    Waiting for response .

    GOD BLESS!! To All.!!

    1. pls read again the requirements dear. it says you may get certificate of english as medium of instruction from your school. it’s way easier than taking ielts 😉

  101. Hi MSLB ! I’m literally smiling in every comment you have answered. ? I commend you for your long range of patience.

    May I ask if there’s a lot of option applying for permanent residency.. After ng WHV. Kasi iniisip ko, kung worthy b tlga mgrisk to get WHV and soon after, apply for other visa options. By the way gusto ko tlga is mgmigrate kaso I don’t have enough money to support my finances kung kuha ko ng student visa.

    Nabasa ko din na di mo dinidisclose ung diskarte mu pero if possible here is my email add

    1. Hi Allen06

      I cannot make the decision for you after all you are a human with your own decision-making capabilities.

      What I can tell you though is to research extensively. Marami nang nagbago sa immigration policies and mas mahirap na ngayon. I wouldn’t recommend the WHV for everyone… In fact if any of you commenters here disclosed sa mga comments niyo ang mga trabaho niyo, I would straight up provide my opinion kung feeling ko na magsa-succeed ka rito or hindi.

      I write guides how to apply for it BUT I expect that the prospective applicant would do the necessary due diligence of researching. I cannot answer definitively whether or not you will get residency after WHV because that is very subjective (depends sa swerte, sa job experience mo, sa demand ng trabaho mo rito, sa interview skills mo, sa degree ng pagiging helpful ng isang employer para mag support ng visa application ng foreigner, etc).

      I don’t disclose what I did even on emails. 😀 Basta ang masasabi ko lang work visa holder pa rin ako and the residency requirement changes directly affected me so naghahanap na ako ng Plan B 😀

      1. Thank you for your response Mslab.. I think wla nman mawawala kung itatry ko.. and wla naman dn magegain kung di ako susubok.. Goodluck on your journey..

        1. Hi Allen06, check mo yung list ng job shortages ng New Zealand. May mga job title dun and description ng mga priority workers nila. Dun nila inaassess yung points by your working experience, english language ability, proof of funds, tertiary qualification gained from an NZ institution etc. Tama si mslab, dami na nagbago sa immigration policy ng NZ. Good Luck!

  102. one last question i live in dubai for 3 years to proved na wala akong bad records do i need to provide police clearance from UAE government or NBI clearance from pinas

  103. Hi Ms. Lab, How to get evidence from School that method of teaching are all in english for me not to get ILTS anymore? Thank you very much.

    1. Mel, go to your registrar’s office, they should know this document. Costs around Php50 to Php80 to get one. Read the certificate carefully and ensure it’s cleary stated that english is the medium of instruction. I know one school that states in their MOI that 80% english is the med of instruction ? you may request to have it removed though. Hope this helps

    1. Hello linin!

      Mag basa po tayo. Hindi po sa lahat ng oras eh susupplayan ni mslab ng sagot mga enquiries natin lalo na kung andun lang din naman sa post nya yung kasagutan.

  104. Hi Mslab thank you for sharing this blog. May question lang po ako about as pag fill-up ng WHB, aabot po ba lahat dun sa payment procedure kung wala na po slot or after palang ng payment procedure sasabihin if may slot pa? Thank you very much and more power!

  105. Hello maam.

    Ask ko lang po, paano po mangyayari magiging employer? Sila po ba maghahanap ng employer for us kasabay po ng pagbigay nila sa atin ng WHV? Or tayo po bahalang maghanap ng employer po doon sa place pagdating natin.

    1. Hi Cheng,

      This is not working visa, secondary purpose lang un, and max work is just 3 months. This visa as its name implies is Working-Holiday Visa. you can work but not more than 3 months.

    2. Hi Cheng

      Looks like the true WHV is proving to be a very foreign concept to most Filipinos. There are agencies that cater to working holiday visa holders and they would try to find look for you——-kinds of work include the usual working holiday job, fruit picking, packing, etc. Such kinds of jobs are not for permanence. Very popular to WHV holders whose sole purpose in NZ is to travel. They’re only working for extra money.

      If you are aiming to find work in your field, then you are on your own, just like anyone else in this world. 🙂

  106. hello mslab! pwd ba na nasa ibang bansa yung mag aapply online in behalf sa akin kahit nasa pilipinas ako? i’ll just provide her the info. super bagal kasi ng internet sa current location ko. pwd ba yun? salamat po. pwd maka hingi email address nyo?

  107. Hi mslab!

    I’m currently residing here in Thailand and would like to apply for this visa, I would like to ask if what are the list of medical institutions here that are recognized by INZ and where can I submit all the required documents if ever, I will get a slot.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks you.

      1. Thank you po, mslab.

        Another thing po, meron po ako NBI Clearance from PH released last year, Oct 2017, Do I need to get another Police Certificate here in Thailand?

        Once complete na po lahat ng docs, Is it possible to send to the nearest VAC dito po sa Thailand or PH po talaga?

        Thank you po ulit.

  108. Good day!

    Can I secure a slot without entering passport details? My passport expired and I’m still waiting for my new passport details to be claimed this coming February 21, 2018.

    Thank you so much.

  109. Malapit na mslab. Super nakakakaba. Thank you for guiding us all. Now, it’s up to us. And Him up there. Thank you again 🙂

  110. after ko matapos within 7mins, then payment ubos na agad.

    I’m using 3 laptops with 60mpbs speed (inside PH)
    challenge: kung ano una mag load un n kc hindi pwede raw mag doulbe entry.

    thank you ulet MsLab!

    congrats sa mga nka kuha!
    Note: Ugaliin natin magbasa dito ?

    1. Same here, I was able to submit my application in about 5 minutes but was not able to secure a slot. My Application Status appears to be submitted but with pending payment.

  111. Wow ang galing nyu nman Magbasakapinoy.. dumedepende tlga sa internet connection.. lahat nman ginawa ko,.. 9:59 plng ngloload nko nkapasok ako tpos second section ayaw na mgload.. di ko na binabasa ksi kabisado ko na pero wala padin..

  112. Hi ms lab,

    I would just like to thank you for this post as I used this as a guide for my online application and i would also like to share my experience.
    Thank God I got a slot 🙂 inorasan ko. Saktong 5:00 am ako nagstart tas natapos ako ng 5:05 am. Smooth naman, konti lang yung lag. Fyi, nagcomp shop ako hahaha pinili ko yung nakafiber talaga.
    Anyway, ms lab, i have questions po dun sa email na natanggap ko. Send nalang po ako private message sa fb page nyo if you dont mind po.. thank you and more power!:)

  113. May question pa ako. Out of curiosity lang naman po. Is the grades considered when applying for this visa? Graduate ako but i dont have a good educational background. So need po ba ang good grades? Or proof lang talaga nanakatapos kang pag aaral? Hehe

  114. I have a question isa po ako sa nakakuha ng slot sa WHV, tanong ko lang po about sa insurance, dito po ba ako kukuha ng insurance or doon na sa newzealand, at the moment po waiting nkonsa decision na comply ko nmn po lahat ng requirements, thankyou in advance.

  115. Hi Mslab,

    I’m one of those who secured a slot on working holiday scheme. Reading your blogs, I was so sure na dapat sa Makati office issubmit yung mga requirements kaya last year palang kahit d ako sure kung aabot ako dun sa 100 e nagipon na ako ng mga certified copies ng original documents such as diploma, TOR, etc except for the passport since I need proof for the visa application like email from Immigration. Upon receiving an automated email about the requirements, nakalagay dun sa instruction na issubmit yung form in New Zealand Visa Information and Application Centre – Makati City Office. 2 days after, I received an email from a Thai immigration officer to submit all the scanned copies of my documentation to him. Hesitant pa ako nung una.. akala ko bogus so I called the Makati office pero hindi na daw sila ng nagpprocess ng visa for Immigration Government New Zealand. After submitting, nagbounce back yung email. Nkaleave ung immigration officer. So I forwarded the email to Working Holiday Team, kaso me automated email na mkakapagreply lang sila after 2 days or so. Yung due date sa 23 na.. nagwworry tuloy ako. Natagalan ako sa certified copy of passport since 10 “working days” tpos me holiday pa. Pina-expedite ko na ngaun.

    I need support from you guys.. do you know people who are you also doing the same? Sending scanned copies to the INZ Bangkok? Actually ngaun ko nga lang nabasa na me group pla. Hindi pa naaaccept ung pagjoin ko. I need support.. huhu!

  116. Hi! This is a question to everyone who got a slot:

    Paano niyo na-fill upan yung form in more or less 5 mins? Aside from copy-paste, may iba pa bang strategy? And any other tips aside from those stated here in the blog?


    1. On my experience, 2 hrs before nka-abang na ko. Nagpa-practice sa application form ng ibang countries (Wag mo lng isesend, delete mo din agad). Dumating sa point na nakabisado ko na yung form. Tinatrack ko din ung copy-paste speed ko dahil bored na ko. 2 min 5 sec ang record. 10 mins before mag 5am nagrerefresh na ko dahil ganun ako kaexcited.
      First time ko mag-apply infairness nakasecure nmn ng slot.

  117. helloo regarding the age requirement of 18-30 .. what if youre 30 yrs old next year by the time u will apply is that ok ? meaning i just got 30 this November then yeah.. so is that ok ? thanks planning to apply fo the 2019 working holiday visa… ty

  118. Hi,

    Thank you very much for the informative article! I am a backpacker but unfortunately I didn’t know about NZ WHV for filipinos until recently in Singapore when one friend told me I can apply for this visa and can travel for a year plus the bunos is I can work to support my travel expenses. Now I’m very interested and collecting informations I may need, thanks Mslab I’ve got everything I need to know ?? just one clarification though regarding the proof of funds, just recently took my savings from the bank for some investment but can put back the fund requirement if hopefully granted a slot this February or as an alternative is certification from financial company/stock broker valid or additional points? Your soonest reply is much appreciated ?

    Thanks a million!

  119. Hi!

    Say I get a slot, do you think it’s possible to retrieve your passport in the meantime once you’ve already submitted it?

    I have a short holiday 3 weeks after Feb 7, 2019 and I was thinking of submitting my passport in the hopes that the visa would be ready before I travel. But if not, then I was hoping I could ask them to return it to me for the meantime and then I will just bring it back after my travel. Do you think that’s possible?


    1. Hi Tin

      There’s been a change in 2018 visa processing… they weren’t required to submit physical documents but only scanned copies.

      If that would be the case this year then you’re lucky.

  120. Hi. I would like to ask if sa show money required ba talaga under your name? What if my Tito akong nandun ang yung bank statement niya gagamitin ko as he will be like my sponsor po.

  121. Hi po. Securing a slot doesn’t mean you will be granted the visa right? Upon securing a slot how many days will I need to complete the submission of the required documents? Also sa ielts, is it just general or acad? Thank you

    1. Hi Tessa

      This has been answered before and I had provided cues or directions or links on what other posts to read aside from this.

      Best to read the posts multiple times for maximum comprehension.

  122. hello mslab, i missed last year’s slot so im trying my luck again this year. i have read thru some comments that my active form from will be deleted before it opens again this year but im curious which page should i be refreshing the minute before PH whv scheme opens. is it on the page where i see my 2018 whv form showing as pending or on the usual page like your subject header for this blog? with my active form i cannot see the usual page if it’s what i need to refresh on the date of application. do you suggest that i delete my old application in order for me to see that page? many thanks for your answer.

  123. Hi Guys, sa mga kukuha ng whv 2019, eto ung dedicated Fb group natin 🙂
    search name: WHV Batch 2019 or click the link below

    Hi Ms. Lab, thank you for the guidance! 😀 (2018 batch), 2019 batch is for my GF :D.

  124. Hi Ms lab, do you think it’s okay if someone in New Zealand mag fill out ng application form ko / mag login ng account ko?

  125. Aww! Snaps. After 5:12AM PH time, scheme closed na. I’m already 30 by July this year. Better luck next year ulit. That would be my last chance. I hope I will get faster internet, dyahe din yung matagal magload ang page. My husband and I are trying various ways para makapunta ng NZ. ‘Til next year sa abangers na katulad ko! 🙂 Good luck po sa lahat ng nakakuha ng slots!

  126. Ms Lab, I got a slot huhu I’m so happy, first time ko lang kasi mag apply. Ikaw lang resource ko for this (aside from INZ official website ofc) so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    1. swerte mo rosie. what did you do? tips naman jan.
      also meron ba deadline na binigay sainyo kung hanggang kelan niyo lang pwede i submit requirements?

      1. Thanks, jenybeans!
        Nag crash din yung site nung nagttry ako pero di kasi ako frantically nagre-refresh. Minsan kasi mas nadedelay pa yung page pag sunud sunod ang refresh. Most helpful tip talaga is i-list down mo na lahat ng info beforehand para copy paste na lang 🙂

        Based sa email, we have to submit the requirements within 15 calendar days so nag start na akong mag request ng docs from my university kanina. Then magpapa xray na rin ako as early as Saturday.

  127. Good day, what if my school doesn’t provided any certified copy of my diploma (p.s it is one of my immigration requirement) also, when you submit your IELTS result, did you sent the original one? Looking forward for your response. Thank you!

  128. Hi Ms. Lab. Thank you for this very informative post. I have question lang po.

    1. How did you transfer your money from Philippines to New Zealand?

    2. If im not mistaken, once you arrive in NZ airport, their immigration will ask you for a proof of funds. Did you still show your PH bank statement or yung sa NZ bank statement na.

    Thank you so much for your response.

  129. Hi, I would like to ask if the occupational details is optional? I am employed(self employed) will I still be qualified to apply? Also is the refusal of entry to any country question in character part of the visa application is the same with the visa refusal? I have a visa refusal from a country I’m quite confused with the terms. Thank you.

  130. Hi mslab! This is a very informative blog. Thank You so much for this one.

    You mentioned that your got accepted for the Holiday Working Visa on your 2nd try. What happened on your first one?

    The application opens this Feb and I hope I get a slot.

  131. Anyone able to get a slot? Servers are very slow, can’t even fill out the forms properly without connection resetting 🙁

  132. Hi Ms. Lab,

    Thank you very much for your informative blog and tips 🙂 I luckily got a slot this year (after three tries). May I know how long did you wait for the third email? So far, I only received two emails )the second pertains to the medical requirement only.

    Thank you very much for your help. 🙂

  133. Hi Ms Lab!

    I already read something about my question, but I’d like to know if you really suggest to have the IELTS result ready prior to application? Do you think writing to the CO to let me follow up this requirement (for example few months after) would result to less chances that the visa application will be approved?

    I’m sorry in advance if I missed out reading on this in the comments. I’m still working on my research?


    1. Hi Cecille

      For the working holiday visa, they will accept proof of English as medium of instruction from your college/university so you don’t have to have IELTS or any other English test beforehand. If you cannot get this proof then, you would need to sit an English test of your choice and depending on what kind, you might need to have it beforehand because results take awhile to get issued and you’re only given 20 calendar days to submit the documents in support of your WHV application.

      Hope that helps!

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