Philippine Passport Renewal in Wellington

In my previous blog I shared where you can renew the Philippine passport in New Zealand. In this blog I will list out the steps to make your Philippine passport renewal in Wellington as hassle-free as possible.

Gathering the requirements

1. Identify the requirements for Philippine passport renewal in Wellington
You can find the requirements listed on the Philippine Embassy in Wellington website.

Or if you do not want to leave this page, here are the requirements:

  • Confirmed appointment –
  • Personal appearance – Unlike New Zealand, the Philippines does not allow couriered applications.
  • Wear a collared shirt
  • Accomplished application form
  • Original existing passport (current or expired) – original passport is to be submitted as they would punch holes in it.
  • Photocopy of data page of passport
  • Self-addressed courier bag (size 1 – NZD 3.50; recommend size 2 for families – NZD 4.50) with signature required upgrade (NZD 6.00)
  • Cash (NZD 90.00 per passport holder) – Please do not bother with bank cheques.

2. Print and fill out the appropriate ePassport application form
Adult Renewal Passport Application form
Minor New or Renewal Passport Application form

Please make sure to write legibly as the consular officer will copy your details from this form.

3. Go to the nearest New Zealand Post (NZ Post) and buy a courier bag
The passport will fit a size 1 red courier bag (red bags are only used for domestic mail). You can buy it for NZD 3.50 (file image says $3–they have increased fees since this blog was written). You must also buy a signature required upgrade which costs NZD 6.00. This upgrade would give your courier bag a tracking number and would require a signature upon delivery (does not need to be yours, may be your housemate). NZ Post employees will stick the tracking number to your courier bag and to your receipt.

NZ Post Courier Bag with Signature Required Upgrade
NZ Post Scanned Receipt

Remember to write the receiver’s name (your name) and address on the front.

Trust me, if you are coming from outside Wellington, buy and bring the courier bag wherever you are coming from. Looking for an NZ Post in an unfamiliar city will give you headaches.

4. Withdraw cash from your bank
We are so used to EFTPOS transactions in New Zealand that you will assume that the Embassy will have the capability to accept EFTPOS payments. Nope. They do not. They accept bank cheques but they would require you to pay more than the NZD 90.00 fee since cashing the cheque will incur fees from the bank. Save yourself the hassle and bring New Zealand dollar notes. Bills. Cash.

5. Organise all your requirements in one envelope or bag
You can save time rummaging through your bag for your documents, right?

6. Book an appointment
Since June 2016, the Philippine Embassy has implemented a no walk-in policy. You can book appointments through this website.

Getting to the PHILIPPINE Embassy in Wellington

Depending on where you live you may have to fly or drive to Wellington. Once in Wellington you may have to use the city’s public transportation system, MetLink, or get taxi services. Here are the Philippine Embassy in Wellington’s contact details:

Office Hours (Consular Services): Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Address: 50 Hobson Street, Thorndon, Wellington 6011 New Zealand
Phone Numbers: +64 4 890 3741; +64 4 890 3742; +64 4 890 3744
Fax Number: +64 4 890 3740
Mobile Phone Number (24/7 Emergency Hotline): +64 22 074 6517
Facebook Page:
Note: Replace +64 with 0 if calling within New Zealand; drop the area code 04 if calling within Wellington

This is the facade of the Philippine Embassy in Wellington. Take note!
Renewing the Philippine passport at the Philippine Embassy

Upon entering the building (or house?) you will step into the reception area. To your left is an entryway that would lead you to where the waiting area and the transaction counter are.

Philippine Passport Renewal in Wellington
I know I have an old picture. Hello PNoy!

Press the bell on the counter to be attended to by a consular officer. Hand the consular officer your requirements and he or she will issue you a receipt. He or she will then ask you to read some guidelines.

Philippine Embassy in Wellington Receipt
Passport Application Reminders

You will be called to a room where the consular officer will take your photo, collect your fingerprints, and encode your information to Department of Foreign Affairs’ passport issuing system, and ask you to verify what he or she typed. Correct information if needed, submit the old passport, and you are DONE!

Where the action is.
Waiting game for the passport release and delivery

In my experience it took almost three (3) weeks (a day short) before the package arrived in my doorstep. I had read stories on Facebook groups that the waiting period reached more than the estimated release period so I am glad it arrived earlier than it should.

Opened courier bag.

I did not fill out the sender’s details side of the courier bag so they put a sticker with their contact details. I remember when you go to a mobile outreach, they ask you to write it down to save them from printing more stickers, obviously. 🙂

The bag contained both my now-invalidated passport and my new passport.

Philippine Passports – Old and New

Hopefully this post has helped you in renewing your passport in Wellington. The process for mobile consular outreach renewals should also be similar, only the venue changes. If you have renewed your passport and you are reading this, I hope you would share your experience in the comment section below. Otherwise, please let me know if you have questions. 😀

31 Replies to “Philippine Passport Renewal in Wellington”

  1. Hi, is there not a way to keep the old passport while waiting for the new one? We’re in a foreign land, it’s weird not to have your main form of identity. Can we not opt out of the courier service and just go to the embassy to pick-up our new passport so they can invalidate our new one?

    1. Hi set

      Don’t you have a New Zealand driver licence? That ought to be more powerful than the passport. Safer to carry too.

      If you’re in Wellington yeah you can do what you mentioned you want to do. Just tell the person who’s getting your biometrics.

  2. Hi my mother just renewed her passport and got the new 1 in 2 weeks only but the old passport was not returned. Is the old passport still needed? Her permanent resident sticker is there does she needs that to get a transfer of visa?

    1. 1. Her passport should have been returned as INZ still needs it. Gently ask the embassy why it wasn’t returned. Write a cover letter stating the old passport wasn’t returned…

      2. Accomplish INZ 1023 form. The visa still needs to be transferred. It’s literally the only condition left on the PRV, transfer visa to new passport when passport expires. NZD 110 is the fee.


  3. Hi , Question , what if you have the visa on ur old passport , need mo bang i transfer yun sa new pasport na or pwedeng gamitin pa yung visa sa new passport

    1. Hi Francisco

      You need to transfer your visa to a new passport.

      If you want a sticker on your passport you should fill the INZ form 1023 and submit it with your passport to INZ. Fee for a transfer is NZD 110.

      If you want an eVisa instead to get it free, request for it in a letter and submit your passport with it to NZ.

  4. Hi,

    I live in Auckland and I want to renew my passport via a courier, is this allowed? No need for personal appearance in Wellington?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Moira

      One of the requirements listed here which I copied from the Philippine Embassy in Wellington’s website is personal appearance. One cannot do away with this because biometrics and the photo are collected during the passport renewal appointment.

      Please read the instructions more carefully next time. Thanks.

  5. Hi, need help po. Does anyone here know how to request for passport extension? We are planning to go to ph but my daughter’passport will expire in 4months. We are planning to book on 27nov due to some emergency back home.. Thanks for any advice. 🙂

  6. Hi. My student visa will expire on Jan 2019 and I plan to get a post study visa, but my passport expires on July 2019. So right now I plan to renew my passport first before applying to post study visa. is it okay not to transfer my student evisa to my current passport? or do I need to transfer student visa then apply post study visa?


  7. Hello, I ws just wondering how long the passport renewal process is. Some say it’s between 8-10 weeks while others say it’s 2-3 weeks. Which one is the most common? Thank you

    1. Hi Thea

      It really depends how quick the Embassy transmits the details to the DFA in the Philippines then how quick DFA deals with it. They quote a longer processing time (6-8 weeks) to save people from disappointments if the passport does not come quick enough. I got mine in three weeks, I think? Some waited for a shorter time… some longer. And since I am not the Embassy, I couldn’t tell you what the most common duration is… I’m sorry I couldn’t give you an exact answer.

  8. Hi!

    This article is truly helpful! I will be renewing my passport on the 8th of February and had booked an appointment already. However, I would just like to ask a few questions:
    (a) Does the copy of the passport data page have to be a certified true copy or can it be a plain photocopy?
    (b) The requirements listed on the email sent by the Philiipine Immigration with the verification of my appointment includes the NSO birth certificate. This isn’t in the list on your blog so I’m wondering if they need this or not? Or if they do, do they require a photocopy or the original copy?


    1. Hi Louiza

      a. No need to be certified as you’re carrying the original anyway.
      b. Not required for holders of ePassports if you have seen the news.

  9. HI!

    Just processed the renewal of my passport in Auckland last week and I borrowed my old passport since it is the only identification needed when I take the English exam this week.

    After the exam, to whom and to where do I address or send my old passport?

    Thanks a lot!

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