Philippine Working Holiday Visa: Frequently Asked Questions

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a great holiday season. I have had some spare time so to be productive I collated the Philippine Working Holiday Visa frequently asked questions in this blog so here it is.

Before Anything Else…

Have you read the main Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand for Filipinos post yet? Please read that first before reading this as then you would know the basics and so that we can avoid repetitive questions, which plague the comments sections of this blog.

I will update this FAQ as necessary (if I get new questions or remember more tips or details).

Before Application Day

1. I am currently in my fifth (or third or fourth) year of study, will I meet the three-year tertiary requirement?
– No. The Philippine Working Holiday Visa information page in the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) website clearly states that “You must have a tertiary qualification.” In other words you need to have graduated first before you can qualify for the visa. Tertiary education definition and study length period may vary depending on different countries so they put you must have studied for the qualification at least three years as this is the standard in New Zealand.

2. I am a Filipino citizen living outside the Philippines, can I still apply?
– Yes as long as you meet all the requirements. The Philippine Working Holiday Scheme fortunately does not require an applicant to be ordinarily resident of the country named in particular working holiday scheme and to be living in the country of citizenship upon application (like China).

3. I currently live outside the Philippines, can I process my application in the nearest visa application centre (VAC)?
– No. Ever since the Philippine Working Holiday Visa Scheme opened, applications had always been handled by INZ Manila unless the applicant is currently in New Zealand on application day. In the latter’s case, the application will be handled by a New Zealand INZ branch.

Update: In 2018 INZ Bangkok handled the applications for the Philippine Working Holiday Scheme. Who knows if it might change this year?

4. I have family in New Zealand, can they sponsor me for this visa?
– The rules clearly stipulate that you must have the funds. If you need your family’s help in securing the funds, they must send you money and you should keep that money in an account in your name.

5. I cannot comply with keeping the money for three months or one year as mentioned in your blog, what should I do? / I have only opened my bank account recently, does it mean I cannot apply?
– I submitted a year’s worth of bank statement just to show I have held the money for a while and that the money really is mine. I want them to have no doubt. You do not have to do this. This was MY preference. Your circumstances may be different from mine so nope, you do not have to keep your money for a year. Just make sure when asked by the Case Officer where you got your funds, you are able to answer truthfully.

6. I am turning 31 this 2019, can I still apply?
– As long as you are still 30 years old on 7 February 2019, you can still apply.

7. Can I use a Philippine-based medical insurance provider?
– I think you could but do you not think it is better to use a New Zealand-based one just in case? It will be easier to claim against a New Zealand insurance company while in New Zealand.

8. Is there another payment method other than paying by credit card, debit card, or prepaid card with Visa or MasterCard logo?
– There is none. There is a question on the form whether or not you have a Visa or MasterCard card. If you answer no, then the system will not let you proceed.

9. Can I use another person’s credit card or debit card?
– Yes and please make sure you have the owner’s permission to use it. Please also make sure that the card has enough balance.

10. My passport is expiring this 2019, can I still apply?
– No, the system will not let you proceed. There is a question on the Working Holiday Specific section that asks when you want to travel to New Zealand. For example in 2019, the earliest date you can choose is the day after application day, 8 February 2019. From this date your passport must be valid for at least 15 months (12 months stay on WHV, 3 months allowance). So in this case, your passport must be valid until 8 May 2020. If your passport is expiring earlier this date then you must renew your passport as soon as possible and provide the new passport’s details in the application form. Note: Getting an appointment date is not enough.

11. I still have a valid visa in New Zealand, can I apply for this visa? / I am currently in New Zealand on a temporary visa, can I apply for this visa?
– Yes, as long as you meet all the requirements and except if you are holding a limited visa.

12. Can I practise on another country’s working holiday form?
– No. Someone I know practised on a visa fee free country and her application went through. She is not a citizen of that country. When she was able to get a slot in the Philippine working holiday scheme, her application had been denied due to false declarations. So nope. Do not do it.

13. Will they refund my application if the application is declined?
– No, there is no such thing as refunding application fees when the application is declined. There is no guarantee of visa approval when you get a slot and that does not mean there will be a refund.

14. I have filled out a form for last year’s application, can I use it this year?
– No, the system will delete the previous year’s form before the application opens for the current year.

15. Do I need to upload any documents during application?
– No.

16. Is there an interview?
– There is none. None that I know about.

17. What can I submit as proof of funds?
– Bank statements, credit card statements (with enough balance), bank drafts, traveller’s cheques. You cannot use investment portfolios and similar products.

18. Will I get the application fee back if I am not part of the 100 applicants?
– You will not be able to pay anymore if there is no slot available. No payment, no slot.

19. What can I use as National ID?
– The Philippines does not have an official National ID so you may use any other ID apart from the Driver’s Licence issued by the government. (e.g. PRC ID, UMID, voter’s ID, etc)

20. The birth certificate does not have an issue date.
– The issue date is printed on the receipt. If you do not have a receipt anymore, maybe you can choose your birthday.

21. I have family in New Zealand, can they apply in my name?
– I would not recommend this to be fair to everyone but I do know people do this. It’s your risk to take.

22. Do I need to register on the website before application day?
– Definitely. You would not have enough time to register on the application day itself. Please check this page to know how to register for the website.

23. Do you have an idea what answers will be asked on the form?
– Yes, have a look in this page.

24. Do I need to have the medical and IELTS before securing a slot?
– No for the medical. Your money will be wasted if you don’t get a slot and you won’t have anything to use the medical for. Yes for the IELTS or any other English exam if you cannot provide a certificate of medium of instruction from your school.

After Application Day

1. Do I need to submit a copy of the secondary ID I selected?
– No, they do not require the secondary ID to be submitted in my experience.

2. Do I need to send proof that I already have purchased medical insurance?
– No, in my experience I only needed to attest that I will buy travel insurance if my visa is approved. Although there had been reports from 2018 applicants that the Case Officer had asked for an actual insurance certificate like. Be ready to comply with the requirements, just in case.

3. If I am granted a visa, can I change my intended travel date?
– Yes, plans change all the time.

4. Do I need to submit an airline booking with my documents?
– No.

5. How long until they decide on my application?
– As long as the INZ needs.

6. I have a certified copy of a document issued many years ago, can I still use it?
– Yes, certifications technically do not expire. There are New Zealand institutions though that require certifications to be recent so be mindful of that in the future. INZ is not one of those institutions, in my experience. Although they will update you if they will not accept your documents and just comply within their stated deadline.

7. My transcript of records shows ‘for employment purposes’ (or insert any other purpose here other than visa application), can I still use it?
– Yes.

8. Can I send copies of my documents through email?
– No, please follow the instructions.

Update: As per the 2018 batch’s experience, they were required to submit the scanned documents through email. To be safe, just wait until you have instructions from your Case Officer.

9. How long do I have to submit my documents?
– 15 calendar days.

Please note that I am not a licensed immigration adviser so do not consider the information listed in this blog as professional advice. I am only answering out of my personal experience and my experience may not be similar with yours.

110 Replies to “Philippine Working Holiday Visa: Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Hi Ms. Lab, for verification lng po, yung sa insurance po, Do we need to write thru lettera stating that we will get an insurance before travel date or if incase lang na tanungin o hanapin ng case officer?

    Next po is, max of 3months per employer, for instance yung magiging work is pang umaga and then you have enough time pa to work, pwede parin po ba kumuha ng pangalawang work?

    Bank statement po – Yung money na required is hindi ko pa kumpleto pero konti nalang kulang, pero yung bank account ko is active naman sya nalalagyan monthly, yun nga lang, nawiwithraw din paminsa minsan. Sa opinyon mo po Ms lab, okay parin ba na magsubmit ako ng bank statement na atleast 3 or 6 moths kahit yung show money ko wala pang 1 month sa account?

    Thank you in advance.

      1. Hi again.Thank you for the immediate respinse ms lab. One last thing, cause i’ll be using my payroll account para po sa bank cert and bank statement (still savings account, right?) Since active and napapasukan dn kasi ng sahod ko. My concern ms lab, for example po na grant po yung whv, possible po ba na ibang bank account gmitin ko pag alis (still under my name) kasi as per my company, isusurrender namin yung atm nami (which i am going to use for my bank cert nad bank statement). So balak ko po sana itransfer lahat sa isang bank account ko po. Possible po kaya yun? Or any opinion nyo po sana mslab.

        SALAMAT PO. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Hi Anna

          Let’s not overthink things. As long as the bank account is in your name only you are able to acess your account. Even if the account is a payroll account, your employer does not have rights to view or access your account without your permission.

          If I were you I would use my payroll account NOW because that is where most of my banking history is (according to my understanding of your message, parang ginawa mo kasing main account ang payroll mo and like most Pinoys, walang sariling bank account) and this is most easily accessible. INZ does not discriminate against the type of your account naman, basta it’s from a legitimate bank. In New Zealand your main personal bank account is also where your pay goes… so walang designated payroll accounts dito.

          In the event that you would leave the company (maybe to leave for NZ), then it’s time for you to have an account of your own na gagamitin mo talaga or i-keep mo lang as cash as you please your choice (then convert to NZD IDK)…

          My take on the matter is this:
          1. Do you really keep all your money in a payroll account? When I was working in the Philippines every payday I transfer my pay from the payroll account to my own personal account which I actually use for most of my banking transactions… Curious lang ๐Ÿ˜€

          2. I guess you are thinking on what the repercussions of submitting your payroll account that would soon cease to exist once you leave your employer and showing another set of accounts in the future. As I said before as long as you are able to explain source of your funds then everything will be alright.

          Ultimately it’s your choice anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ And di pa naman sure na magkaka-slot ka so… huwag munang masyadong mag-worry about documentation, worry about getting a slot!

          Oks na po ba? ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Hello!

    Thanks for this post. Very helpful! But I do have concerns regarding when you moved to NZ after getting approved with the Working Holiday Visa? Nakapaghanap ka ba ng work agad? Are there tips where to find part time jobs or where to stay something like that? That will help us who are planning to apply on February 8th. Thank you again!

    1. Hi Ian

      1. Re: kung nakahanap ako ng work agad – I’m pretty sure I’ve answered this before in the comments section.
      2. Tips to find part-time jobs… I’ll think about this ๐Ÿ™‚ Although my goal for the meantime is to help prospective applicants in the application process… pero ‘pag sa praktikalan na I would want to let you swim, kaya hanggang ngayon hindi ako nagsusulat ng ‘tips’. Anyway again, I’ll think about it. There may be some things that only us who have lived here know… And pasensya na, I can’t write that much since I have a full time job that takes most of my hours. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll try harder…

  3. hello po mslab.

    Possible po ba na ichange ng employer ang contract from 3 months to regular if need ka nila to work permanently?

    1. Hi Ceasar

      Depends kung ano ang arrangement with your prospective employer…

      1. Yung iba fixed term lang talaga ang work tapos umaasang ma-support sila ng employer for a visa / baka magbago ang needs ng company.

      2. Yung iba permanent full time talaga ang nakukuha and ready ang employer to support a work visa application. Either nag-start na sila mag work while on a working holiday visa (because allowed to work up to three months on WHV) or mag-apply agad ng more appropriate work visa…

      Walang isang tamang sagot sa tanong mo. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks mslab.
        Sorry po sa madaming tanong pero lulubusin ko na po

        1. Based on your experience po, Gaano po ka in-demand ang mga IT Professionals sa NZ? I’m about to sacrifice my opportunity dito sa pilipinas to earn/save more money and at the same time explore NZ. Confident and Competitive naman po ako in terms of skills and experience(4yrs). Baka lang po mas preferred ng NZ employers ang mga NZ citizens or other countries.

        2. Meron ka po ba idea what would be the range of allowance for in a month to support the expenses(food, shelter) while looking for a job in NZ?

        1. Hi ceasar

          I am not an IT professional.

          1. Of course mas preferred ng NZ employers ang local. Hindi na kailangan applyan ng visa. And please read up on Kiwi-first policy. If hindi kailangan ng NZ yung skillset mo, wala kang demand. So your task is to know what NZ employers want in an IT professional…

          2. Varies very differently depending on your spending habits so I couldnโ€™t assign numbers for you.

  4. Hi Mslab, I would like to ask regarding the medical exam requirement. I am planning to give a full medical exam and chest xray just in case I get a regular working visa in NZ (base on your suggestion sa other post). I called St. Lukes and they were asking how long do I plan to stay in NZ. Do I write 1 year because yun ung nakaindicate sa terms ng WHV or is it okay na more than 1 year just to assume na I can get a regular working visa?

  5. Hi mslab ? tanung ko lang po once na nakapag apply napo sa inz online mag email po ba sila agad pag narecieve nila yung application mo? And ask ko lang po pag nag send na sila ng requiments saken and nakompleto ko sya agad within 15 days mag send po ba sila agad mg address kung san ko sya ipapasa?
    Thank you in advance ? btw iโ€™m here in christchurch new zealand hoping po na makakuha ng working holiday visa yung boyfriend ko ?

  6. Hi Ms Lab! Iโ€™m based in Dubai and planning to apply for WHV. Can I apply here and send my requirements to VFS Dubai? Or should I need to send this to VFS Manila? And also, I have bank accounts in Philippines and also another one here in Dubai. Alin pong bank account statements isa-submit ko, yung sa Pinas or yung dito sa Dubai bank ko? Or pwede both? Salamat po!

    1. Hi Lai

      1. Did you read this post at all? You canโ€™t send your application to your nearest VAC. INZ Manila = VFS Manila

      2. Ikaw ang bahala, pera mo yan. As I said above hindi naman bawal mag-apply pag nasa labas ka ng Pinas. So lalong hindi rin bawal mag-send ng proof of funds na nasa labas ng Pinas… Personal preference na po ito…

  7. Hi Mslab, ask lang po sana ako if possible vah na yung gagamitin kong card for payment sa slot if may chance ay hindi ko po pangalan?I mean, wat if makisuyo lang sa kaibigan kasi siya lang ang may Visa or Mastercard?Possible po vah yun?Thanks

    1. Hi Chel

      Pwede po bang basahin niyo po uli itong post? Kakastress po ang comment niyo kasi na-discuss ko na ito. As in. Paalala lang po uli na reading is essential. Ang pagbabasa ay mahalaga. Good day!

  8. Madam, may mga suggestion po ba kau for cheap medical insurance na pdeng i-avail. At incase na madecline ung application for holiday visa in NZ ay pde padin magamit for other country?

    1. Hi Shirley

      1. Lots are available. Please use Google.

      2. You can cancel the policy if your visa wonโ€™t be granted. The travel insurance can only be used in NZ. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hello po confused lang po ako about sa 3 yrs tertiary requirements..kase sa pinas 2 yrs grad or 4yrs or 5yrs grad dba po?..
    ung 2 yrs graduate po ba eligible sa working holiday visa?..thanks po.

    1. Hi Axl Rose

      Kaya po sila naglagay na at least three years na degree na natapos kasi iba iba ngang number of years na inaaral per country.

      Yung 2 years diba less than 3 years? So hindi pwede. Yung 2 year study sa Pinas hindi po tertiary degree yun. Ang tertiary degree ay bachelors degree.

      Ano po ang confusing?

    1. Hi dels

      The very first question of this FAQ answers your question… If unang tanong palang di mo na nabasa, paano pa kaya yung iba? ๐Ÿ˜€


  10. Thank you for sharing. This is a very helpful post. Would just like to ask if IELTS is required for the Workinf Holiday visa? Thanks in advance.

  11. Hi Ms. Lab, thank you for all the info! Sobrang helpful.
    I just want to clarify something.I understand that I have to enter the details (first name, last name) upon application and the details must be the same from what is in my passport. I already got married pero di ko pa po na update ang passport ko. (So as my husband). The problem is, our slot for the passport sched is on feb 20 pa, and mag turn 31 na po kami by that time. Will it matter in the later part kung ang gagamitin po namin eh ung mga existing passport namin na, single pa ang status at ndi pa po nabago ang last name ko. Ano po kaya ang wise thing to do? Thank you in advance Ms. Lab. God bless you!

  12. Hi Rachel

    1. Have you had a look at the actual form? Yung screenshots? If you had you would know what the answer is. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Regarding age, have you read the answer to question # 6 (before application day)?

    3. Wala namang civil status sa passport data page… And hindi naman required magpalit ng pangalan kapag ikinasal… ang rule of thumb is use the name on your main ID.

    4. I hope the reason you both are renewing is not that the passports are expiring… otherwise you wouldnโ€™t be able to apply naman.


    Hope this helps. Please please read and analyse more carefully next time. Kakapagod pong magpaulit-ulit… sensya.

  13. Just made a decision to apply and looks like I have all the requirements ready. Thanks for this guide! It’s now up to my internet speed, then. ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. Kakastress yung di nagbabasa :))

    1. Hi Amor

      Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’ve been told by someone to just ignore those who don’t read pero di ko talaga mapigilan haha. Tapos sunud-sunod pa sila… Hay. ๐Ÿ™‚ Paano tayo makakapag-abroad kung hindi tayo natututong magbasa at umunawa? ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. hi ms. lab another question po , pde bang gamitin ung joint account na nakapangalan samin 2 ng fiance ko ? for funds?


  15. Hi,

    Will INZ / VFS return the original documents I submit (IELTS, Transcript, Certifications, etc.)?

    Also, I’m hesitant to submit my original diploma – can I just send a photocopy of it along with the original certificate of graduation?


    1. Hi AVC

      VFS returns originals. They make copies of what you submit.

      Itโ€™s okay not to submit originals as long as you have certified copies.

      Refer to this to know the form in which documents must be submitted:

      Please note electronic form submissions does not include WHV applications as you are not required to upload documents upon application. There are other visa applications that are purely electronic (pdf / jpg files are attached with an online form).

      Good luck. Hope this helps.

  16. hi

    question about sa form po
    since suburb is a required field as per the old form. i should put N/A tama po ba? since my city is taytay and province is rizal. correct me if im wrong..

    under health section
    for the question, have you spent more than 3 yrs in a country not considered to be low risk of tb = answer is yes. tama po ba?

    asking for your guidance on these. thank you in advance

  17. Thanks mslab. I learned a lot and had fun reading your blog and especially your comments to people’s queries! I’ll try my luck (with many prayers) on this WHV. Warm regards from Jakarta!

  18. Hi Miss Lab,

    Do you know if may chance magreopen sila ng slot for WHV within few days ulit?Nangyari na po ba siya last year?Pangalawang attempt ko kasi magapply ngayon; the challenge was crash ng crash yung website and it will take a while bago magload despite of the stable connection I have. Tapos pagdating sa submit button after 15 mins puno na daw agad.

    Thank you and kind regards.


    1. Hi mslab, do you know if possible to get a job whether temp/contract/perm if you’re under tourist visa? we tried so hard applying for WHV, kaso walaaaa ๐Ÿ™ Pending for payment ako ๐Ÿ™

        1. Thank u mslab. Youโ€™re blog is super hopeful. 5mins nasa payment part na ko eh. kaso ayun. di pa din pumasok. so i guess hindi pa sya para sakin. but thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Hi Ms. Lab,

    I already submitted my application and I wasn’t able to proceed in the page wherein your debit/credit card details is needed that means I haven’t secured a slot right? There’s an error message saying that you could check back our website for details of when places reopen. My payment status is just pending. Do you have any idea when is the reopening of working holiday visa? Is it next year again? Or should I just monitor the status of my application ?

    Sorry it’s my first time to submit WHV that’s why I have many questions.

  20. Hi there a same situation as of my son..he got a slot but until now its been 3 days he never receives any email..hope u can reply asap..thank you

  21. Hi Ms. Lab, I just want to ask if when you arrive in New Zealand did the immigration asked you to show the documents that you’ve sent during the process of your visa, and as far as I know when you request a bank statement here in Philippines there no bank name written on the paper just your account name, number and the balance on your account as well as your transaction is the New Zealand immigration account accept that bank statement?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Rhona

      When I ask for a bank statement in the Philippines I make sure that they use the paper with their letterhead at least on the first page.

      They did not look for my documents when I entered New Zealand but Immigration Officers can exercise their prerogative. They have the right to check if you have the correct requirements upon entry. ๐Ÿ™‚ Better safe than sorry!

  22. Hi ! If the result of the chest xray is positive inTB but not the INZ has aby provisions regarding this matter?thanks..

  23. Hi Lab, I’m already here in New Zealand with a Working Holiday Visa and my current employer offered me a full-time job, can I ask what are the documents that I need to submit to the process of transferring my Working Holiday Visa to a Working visa and how long it usually takes?

    Your response will be highly appreciated.


    1. Hi Rhona

      Please check the Immigration NZ website… not sure what your job is so I wouldnโ€™t know what kind of visa you would be eligible to apply for.

      Hereโ€™s the most common employer-supported (not sponsored) work visa types

      Essential skills work visa
      Long term shortage skills list work visa
      Talent (Accredited Employer) work visa

  24. Hi mslab! I am planning to apply WHV nextyear, one of the requirements mentioned is the bank Cert with NZD 4,200 or local currency equivalent, my question is should I open a dollar account here in the Philippines before leaving to NZ? I am bothered by the thought that how can I access my account in NZ to sustain my living expenses there.Hoping for your guidance about this matter. Thank you.

    1. Hi Riza

      Why would you need to open a dollar account in the Philippines? Last I know, they don’t issue debit cards for foreign currency accounts so if you put your money there I do not think you will be able to access your funds.

      What I did when I arrived here, I brought part of the money in NZD, then left the rest on my PHP bank account with a debit card tied to it. I also have a credit card so I could use the money in the account to pay for the credit card bill… The money I brought here to NZ I deposited in a local bank account here.

      If I were to do it again, I will bring all my money in NZD (max 10,000 NZD as per customs) then deposit it here… that way I’ll have access to all my money. There’s a high risk involved since carrying lots of cash involved but just keep safe…

  25. Good evening po,

    I’m just bothered po about using my Certificate of English as Medium of Instruction (just issued this month, December 2018). I graduated po may of year 2012 pa will it be okay to use it as proof of English proficiency or should I just take IELTS? . Kasi matagal na run when I graduated.

    I have read almost all of your blogs . Thank you for trying to help your kababayans.
    I’m kind a scared tho coz you are like vice ganda when you’re pissed .
    Thank you po ulit and hope to hear from you po. God bless and HAPPY NEW YEAR ??

    1. Hi Angel

      Meron ba sa rules na nakalagay na dapat specific na year ka nag-graduate at dapat naka-apply ka na ng WHV +n years after graduation? Nakita mo na rin ba yung form? It should be somewhere on this website.

      Ang iisipin mo ay kung yung lahat ng requirements ay na-meet mo ba.? Kung sakaling makakuha ka ng slot at may problema ang INZ sa ipapasa mong dokumento, sasabihin naman nila sayo.

      Minsan kailangan din ng common sense ate…

  26. Hi po. Just wanna ask whether the documents such as financial statements, proof of medical insurance and english proficiency certificates are required to be submitted on the day of the application or would they only be asked for once i successfully get a slot? thanks so much in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Hello.

    Thank you for share good informations and spend your precious times for many people. I’m preparing to apply WHV on Feb
    I have to hurry to fill out the application. But I worry because the Network is not good. how long does it time takes for the slots to close?.. on average, is it less than 10 minutes?

  28. Hi mslab,

    I have a concern regarding my misspelled middle initial on my birth certificate. In the event that I secured a slot, would this be fatal during the submission of documents? I’m sorry if this has been addressed before, I’ve only learned about this WHV today. Thank you and I hope you’ll respond!

    1. Hi Curious

      Did you mean the middle name? Do you already have a passport which has the correct middle name?

      For the WHV, you won’t have to submit your birth certificate anyway so no biggie as long as your passport and supporting documents (diploma etc) have the correct details. But for other further applications you really have to have it fixed not to be hassled in the future.

      1. Hi mslab,

        Yes, sorry I meant middle *name. I’ll try to have it corrected as soon as possible haha. Thank you for your time and for responding. God bless!

  29. can we use prepaid cards such as gcash mastercard to pay for the application?
    (I know mslab will eat me alive but watdahek para sigurado haha)

  30. Hi. Good day!

    Do we have to put N/A or leave the item blank for those questions that aren’t applicable to me such as the additional given names and fax numbers etc?

    Thanks in advance

  31. Hello po, tanong ko lang po if ever mka kuha ng slot.
    -Kailngan ko ba ipasa declined letters ko before (working visa&visitor visa) Last 2017&2018
    -Pwde ko po ba magamit un Medical na ginamit ko before sa pag apply ng working visa
    -Pwede ko pa po ba mgamit un English Language Proficiency na kinuha ko last year sa school ko?

    Salamat po!

  32. Hello po, tanong ko lang po if ever mka kuha ng slot this Feb 7 whv Ph.
    -Kailngan ko ba ipasa declined letters ko before (working visa&visitor visa) Last 2017&2018
    -Pwde ko po ba magamit un Medical na ginamit ko before sa pag apply ng working visa
    -Pwede ko pa po ba mgamit un English Language Proficiency na kinuha ko last year sa school ko?

    Salamat po!

      1. Hnd ko npo kailngan un mga declined letters ko ipasa pa sa immigration?
        Ilang yrs po b bgo ma expired full medical?

        1. Hi Kristina

          1. Why would you submit your decline letters when it’s not on the list of requirements?
          2. You’ve experienced filling out work visa forms… you should know from there when your medical’s expiry would be…

  33. hey ms lab,

    I noticed on #10, you said the validity of your passport has to be within 15 months starting the date of application. On your example above: date of application: Feb 2018, so your passport will expire on May 2020.

    but if you are going to count from February 2018, the passport will expire on May 2019. I’m not sure if I may be missing something?

    Thanks for your blog by the way, very informative! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Hello,

    just wanted to ask, what if I am able to secure a slot, however I have an upcoming travel on Feb 22nd (after the 15th calendar day which is the due date), is it possible to ask for consideration or extension for submitting documents?

    Thank you.

  35. Hi. Where can I contact the Officer thru phone? Can I submit original copies? Is it only Chest Xray or do I need Urine and Blood test also? Can I submit thru email, mal, or personally? Thanks.

  36. Hi. so i will probably submit only certified copy of my TOR and diploma not required to red ribbon? thank you

  37. Hi Ms. Lab

    I am planning to apply po for WHV scheme this coming 2019. I donโ€™t have any relative or friend po sa NZ. If I could get a slot and in Godโ€™s will maapprove yung visa, I just want to know If they are helping to seek accomodation or matutuluyan in case since wala pa po ako kakilala sa NZ? or I should seek accomodation on my own? Thanks in advance sa reply. Godspeed po.


  38. Hi Ms. Lab

    I am planning to apply po for WHV scheme this coming 2020. I donโ€™t have any relative or friend po sa NZ. If I could get a slot and in Godโ€™s will maapprove yung visa, I just want to know If they are helping to seek accomodation or matutuluyan in case since wala pa po ako kakilala sa NZ? or I should seek accomodation on my own? Thanks in advance sa reply. Godspeed po.


    1. Hi Berna/Christine

      It’s not the immigration’s responsibility to take care of your accommodation, that’s your job. I suggest that you research further… daming other blogs and there’s information in YouTube as well.

  39. Helo
    Pwd po ba ibng tao sa ibat ibang bansa mag apply para sa akin.? 3 accounts pero pangalan q lahat para mas itaas ang chance makakuha ng slot?

    1. Hi ms lab. I have pending application from last year and when i logged in it shows edit,submit, delete. When the WHV opens this year, can i directly submit my application or do i need to click “apply now” and start from the begginning?

  40. Hello po mslab, i kept losing my password account on INZ online services, di naman po ba makakaapekto ito sa application ko?

  41. Hello po mslab, i kept losing my password account on INZ online services, di naman po ba makakaapekto ito sa application ko?
    Pangatlong account kona po ginawa ko.

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