Philippine Working Holiday in NZ Application Guide 2018 Edition

More than a year ago now, the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) completed a massive overhaul of its official website. Most webpages had been updated but Online Services and Immigration Online, the systems they use for visa applications, were not included. Sometime last year, I noticed they had finally updated the Online Services website which would mean the webpage layout for submitting visa applications for Silver Fern Visa and Working Holiday Visa and submitting Expressions of Interest for residency had changed—making my existing Philippine Working Holiday in New Zealand Application Guide obsolete! It is now at least three weeks until the Philippine Working Holiday Scheme opens once again. I hope I am not late in sharing with you the  Philippine Working Holiday in NZ Application Guide 2018 Edition. Again hopefully this helps applicants immensely in their fight for a slot.

Before Anything Else…

Have you read the main Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand for Filipinos post yet? Please read that first before reading this as you would know the basics before getting into the actual form. Please also have a look at the frequently asked questions.

Comments About the New Layout

It looks refreshing. I do not think they changed the backbone of the Online Services website and they only changed the design… Unfortunately they had removed an essential part of the form which is displaying right away which fields are required and which fields are not required.

Before, a required field looked like this:

It has a distinct red asterisk to show that it is a required field.

Now, it looks like this:

See the difference?

The form still requires this field and the system would prompt an error when necessary (e.g. when you type information in and delete it and when you save the form without filling out the form). It’s just that you do not know right away. Fortunately for you the required fields have not changed so you could cross-reference from the old form.

Error that shows when you type information in and delete it
Error that shows when you save a page of the form without filling it in

* A tip that I could say with this change is to not skip fields when you do not actually know which fields you can actually skip or not. If you skip fields mindlessly because you assume some fields are not required because the red asterisk is not visible anymore, the system will just slow you down by showing you error prompts.

Now that we have that out of the way, here is the step-by-step instructions:

1. Log-in to Online Services. The webpage address is this:

2. Click Click here to apply once you are logged in.

3. A list of countries would appear. Click Philippines.
– I like that they now show which scheme is open and which is not.

You can see here that the Philippine working holiday scheme is still closed so the page that would show after cliciking it is this:

Tip: This no-slot-available page must be the page you are refreshing before 10 AM NZDT. Refresh from time to time until ‘Apply Now’ appears.

Update 7/2/2018:
– A reader prompted me to check the form and it now shows this:

It says, “There is no scheme open for this country.”

Whichever screen that shows on application day, this should still be the page you will be refreshing.

Once the scheme is open you should see this:

When this shows click Apply Now.

4. The form should load next. It has the following sections:

A. Personal
– Personal details
– Identification
– Visa details (if applying from New Zealand)
– Occupation Details
B. Health
C. Character
D. Working Holiday Specific

Personal details


Error messages that may appear in this section depending on your answers:

– Appears when you put a birthdate out of accepted range.

  • Appears when you answer No to the credit card question.


Identification Type dropdown box:

Note: This form of ID is not required to submit.

Occupation details – still not required

Visa details – Only appears if applicant is in New Zealand.



Working Holiday Specific

– Only appears once you have finished the first three sections

Note: Your passport must be valid at least for 15 months (one year visa validity plus 3 months extra passport validity) from your intended travel date. You can set your intended travel date as early as possible. You do not have to travel to New Zealand exactly on this date. The immigration understands that plans can change.

If you do not have 15 months left on your passport validity, you will get this error message:

5. Once all the sections have checkmarks, scroll up then click Submit your Application.

6. Read and answer the declarations. Click Submit.

7. You will be notified you need to pay the application fee to secure your place. Click Pay Now.

8. Click Next Step – Proceed to Secure Payment Site.

9. Write Payer Name as instructed and click OK.

10. Select card type.

Only credit or debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo will be accepted.

11. Enter card details. Click Pay Now. The amount charged will be NZD 208 or the equivalent amount of your credit or debit card currency.

Tip: If you are using a debit card, please allot extra money for exchange rate fluctuations and foreign currency fee.

12. Check confirmation text from your credit card company (if applicable).

Please disregard the amount. The visa application fee was NZD 165 in 2014-2015.

This form has been published in a number of backpacking websites so please feel free to countercheck. The only difference is the country listed.

Again as I mentioned in the earlier guide, you should use this guide to memorise or at least familiarise yourself about the layout of the form. Plan your strategy properly. I used an Excel file to list my answers before and I only copied and paste. Others used other apps.

Please note that you are not to open forms of any other countries other your country of citizenship. I read somewhere on the internet that someone’s application was denied because she practised filling out another country’s application form some weeks ago and that application had gone through because the scheme she picked was visa fee free. I will not disclose what country it is so that it will discourage you to open forms of other countries. Otherwise it is still your risk to take.

If you have tried applying in the previous year and still have an active form, your form will be deleted before the scheme for the current year opens. I guess if you have an open Philippine Working Holiday Visa application form you can practise filling it out. You won’t be able to submit it anyway as this would appear:

Once again good luck, applicants! If you have any questions, please have a look at the frequently asked questions. If you still do not know what the Philippine Working Holiday Visa is, have a look in the Working Holiday Visa for Filipinos blog. Otherwise if the question still has not been asked, please do not hesitate to write on the comments section. Please note though that I am not a licensed immigration adviser so do not consider the information listed in this blog as professional advice.

182 Replies to “Philippine Working Holiday in NZ Application Guide 2018 Edition”

    1. Hi Salman

      I believe I couldn’t suggest anything for this that’s why I didn’t include technical issues. If the webpage does not load, what else can you do than refresh? Restarting the browser isn’t wise as you would lose your log-in session.

      There’s really nothing you can do than wait when the website has reached maximum number of requests (too many users)… If you are one of those who clicked the apply now button first then the higher the chance you are able to complete the application without or with minimal lagging.

      Problem with other applicants is that they log-in late and this is where they get stuck. 🙂

      Good luck.

  1. Hello mslab,

    Quite nervous with the upcoming whv applications. Was wondering if it would be alright to apply and if the screening process, if ever I do get through, wouldn’t be affected if I have an EOI submitted or in the process of submission?

    Thanks for your help. Truly.

  2. Hi, may possibility ba na makaapekto ung mga denied visa ko sa nz? 4 to be exact, 2 for visit visa and 2 for partnership? Sana matulungan mo po ako.

        1. Hi J

          There’s nothing in the character section that asks about a rejected visa application.

          Refused entry to country is not the same as visa denial.

          Refused entry eh yung may visa ka pero sa point of entry/immigration nung airport eh hindi ka pinermit pumasok ng bansa. Magkaiba yun ha.

      1. Hi ms lab, pano po kung aalis pa ako out of the country after ng application? Pwede po ba makapagsubmit ako ng docs after 13days after application?

          1. Hi

            I did this mistake last week, and informed the visa officer of this and apologised profusely. They did delete my “practice” application.

              1. I am lucky indeed. When i got the withdrawal letter it was 1 week before opening of the PH one.

                ive read the story of the girl who got declined on PK due to this and apparently she dug her own grave even further by doing other things that even worsened her case.

                Managed to get a slot this year too. God is good 🙂

                1. Hi Ana

                  Hmmm not sure what you mean by the girl digging her own grave by doing other things that worsened her case… what do you think she did that in your opinion worsened her case?

                  She didn’t do anything else (after the other country and PH submissions) by her own volition (other than try to get first application withdrawn), she was sent a PPI letter in the PH application which prompted/required her to respond.

                  1. You mightve missed it but a couple of months after her mistake and being sent a “declined” letter on the practice WHV application, she did a mock up AGAIN of signing up for an SMC EOI, which has a character question (have you provided false/misleading info in your previous visa apps). She answered “NO”, and PK people commented on how she shouldve been more honest.

                    At ang kulit lang talaga ni ate, puro kalikot ang ginawa sa INZ website. Sana hinayaan na lang niya yung account niya after she did her first mistake. and i dont know whats her explanation was after all this (kasi tinanong ulit siya), but i guess they didnt trust her anymore.

                    1. Hi Ana

                      We might be referring to different people kasi hindi naman nag submit ng EOI yung kakilala ko =) Might have missed that too.

                      Hindi rin pwedeng hayaan because this affects every single visa application with INZ, and if she seeked the right people, it’s easy to fix her mistake. 🙂 Huwag na lang mag insinuate because that doesn’t help anyone.

                  2. But i guess her case was bad to begin with. Malaki ang diprensya ng “withdrawn” sa “declined” kasi pag declined yun yung bad record talaga.

                2. I got luck yet i hope this may this serve as a lesson to everyone reading this that practicing on another scheme (regardless of country) is an unacceptable behaviour (they already put this on their official rules), and will definitely affect your future visa applciations negatively.

        1. You should inform that country scheme you applied for that you made a mistake and ask to withdraw the application.

          Your choice whether or not to continue with the PH scheme. Someone I know who did this before is now an NZ resident… another one can’t apply for any visa in NZ without proving he/she is of good character.

  3. Hi po mslab. Will it not affect my application po if ung expiry po ng passport ko na ienter upon application is less than 15mos then update them later kpag na renew ko na po?

    1. Hi Acd

      Have you read this at all? You won’t be able to apply because an error message will show if you entered your passport details with less than 15 months validity. In short hindi mo maisusumite ang applicatiob. Paki review naman itong blog po…

  4. Hi Mslab,

    Is it safe to skip the occupation part since it is not marked with asterisk on the old form? Nakakaba ang lapit na ng application day! Sobrang Thank you for sharing this new format of the form.

  5. Hi MsLab! I’ve tried opening other countries’ forms to see how the process looks like e, pero I’ve never submitted it. I always chose ‘complete later’ then deleted my form afterwards. And wala din naman nakalagay na active application sa account ko. Do you think it’s ok if I proceed with this account of mine or should I create a new account altogether? I’m thinking of the latter e haha thanks! 😀

      1. Here is what I did:

        1. Open other countries’ forms for WHV visa
        2. Put in some details, even if they are just gibberish (just to check the questions on the form). I intentionally leave some questions unanswered so that payment page will not come through.
        3. Select ‘complete later’ at the bottom of the page.

        Essentially, it saves the form, and gives me the option to edit it later. But when I log in to my account again to check my applications, my previous form (which is still unfinished) is still present right? 2 options go from there, edit and delete. So I choose the latter.

          1. Haha I was just paranoid because you wrote about that one person who practiced on other countries’ WHV applications and accidentally submitted it. There’s no application on my account as of the moment since I deleted them of course, but to be safe I’ll just make a new account. I’m really thankful I stumbled upon this page! 😀

            1. Hi MLBS

              It doesn’t really matter if you have a new account… if you did something wrong, they will still find it. 🙂 Gumawa rin ng bagong account yung accidentally nag submit nung nag apply siya for PH scheme. Wala ring use.

              1. Ow really?! I’ll be more careful haha. So far I’m already familiar with the form. No applications din na existing so sana that’s good. BTW did that person try to withdraw her submission before? O talagang nalaman lang nya na bawal nung nareject na sya?

              2. BTW I have another question… If I only took the chest xray during application of the visa, and down the line I take the full med exam, is that ok? Kinda short on funds currently e thanks!

                    1. Another stubborn one in the midst. 🙂 So you are for practising on other countries’ forms? Making such comments are dangerous as there are countries that don’t require payment of the visa application fee so hitting submit is a complete application. And most definitely a submitted application for a visa fee free country cannot be deleted. You are only able to delete the form as fortunately the country scheme you picked isn’t a visa fee free.

                      As I said I don’t know this new layout very well and admitted it. Before you are not able to delete forms, now apparently you can. Before making “corrections” could you please read first as it has been discussed before?

  6. good morning, my visa expiration is May 9, 2019, based on this guide, i can still apply. Will there be any violation of possible rejection once they’ve seen it? and also, will i need to send the actual passport? because I’m planning to renew asap.

      1. Sorry, I’ve read the answer to my question in the FAQ section, thanks!

        Follow up question po, in case makapasok po ako sa 100 quota, how much time do I have to submit the requirements?

  7. Hi mslab!

    Thanks for the updated information. Napaka helpful mo samin =)
    Hmm I think I am 98% prepared haha.
    Sabihan kita if ever man na maka secure ako ng slot on 08 Feb 2018.

    1. No, it won’t be. Mslab laid out the answers to the FAQs in this post:

      Your question is answered in Item #13 of that post:

      13. Will they refund my application if the application is declined?
      – No, there is no such thing as refunding application fees when the application is declined. There is no guarantee of visa approval when you get a slot and that does not mean there will be a refund.

  8. Hi! Good day! Do I have to take the IELTS and Medical exams before the application starts to make sure I secure a slot first or is it already required on the day of the application? Thank you!

  9. Hi mslab and fellow whv hopefuls!

    May I suggest that you take the PTE-Academic for your english proficiency certificate requirement. You can book a slot anytime, just register in their site. I got my test results in less than 24 hours but it usually take 1-5 days before you get an email notif for your score. They don’t provide an actual certificate but they send your official result to INZ. Just to be sure, print the PDF file they send via email and include it with your submission. They can use that as reference to look up your score. We know that IELTS might take more than 20 days and it might cause delays for your application. PTE-Academic is a computer-based exam and it will only take you 3 hours to finish the test. Don’t worry, they provide review materials in their site. Exam fee is more or less P10700. I hope this helps!

    Anyway, thank you for all the help mslabs. Will inform you if I ever secure a slot this year. *fingers-crossed* 😊

    1. Hi Zai

      Thanks so much for the suggestion. I refrain from suggesting to sit an English proficiency exam because it’s a bit costly, especially if you are paying for other stuff as well.

      It’s still the reader’s choice though. I might put this suggestion on the actual blog when I have the time. Cheers.

  10. Hello mslab.

    Thanks po for sharing and helping.

    May gusto lng din po ako iclear sa given name 1, given name2…..

    Kung Mark Joseph yung name ko.

    Given name 1: Mark
    Given name 2: Joseph

    Yung need kong ilagay?

  11. Hi mslab,
    Pano po yung part “Visa details – Only appears if applicant is in New Zealand.”

    Magappear lang ba yun if ung IP address po is from New Zealand.

  12. Hi. I’m worried kasi ang expiration ng passport ko is September 2018 and I intend to stay at NZ for 12 months. Hirap kasi magpa-appointment sa DFA kaya sa May 3 pa ako makakapag renew and ang target date of departure ko is June. Will that be still valid?

    1. Have you read mslab’s other post: 🙂

      Your question is answered in Item 10 of that post:

      10. My passport is expiring this 2018, can I still apply?
      – No, the system will not let you proceed. There is a question on the Working Holiday Specific section that asks when you want to travel to New Zealand. For example in 2018, the earliest date you can choose is the day after application day, 9 February 2018. From this date your passport must be valid for at least 15 months (12 months stay on WHV, 3 months allowance). So in this case, your passport must be valid until 9 May 2019. If your passport is expiring earlier this date then you must renew your passport as soon as possible and provide the new passport’s details in the application form. Note: Getting an appointment date is not enough.

  13. hi mslab! i accidentally opened an application form from other country. i didn’t enter any info in the form pero e click submit and then i deleted the application afterwards. ano na mangyayari ngayon? 😞 di ko kasi alam na bawal pala . what can you suggest?

    another question po. pwd ba na nasa ibang yung mag apply online in behalf sa akin kahit nasa pilipinas ako ? di ba yun bawal sa immigration? super bagal kasi signal sa current location ko. thanks a lot po

  14. another question po. pwd ba na nasa ibang bansa yung mag apply online in behalf sa akin kahit nasa pilipinas ako ? di ba yun bawal sa immigration? super bagal kasi signal sa current location ko. thanks a lot po

  15. i checked the history in my web browser. complete later yung na click ko tapos i deleted the application after. oki lang ba yun ? 😢

    1. Hi bruze!

      This clause is found on the WHV log in page. Hope this helps answer your question and put your mind at ease.

      “You can save your application details at any time and complete or edit them at a later date. If you decide not to submit your application, you can delete it.”

  16. Hi mslab,
    question po. You have mentioned above na “You can set your intended travel date as early as possible.” How soon po ang date na pwede ilagay dun? Like, 30 days after the application?

  17. Hi mslab!

    There’s a slight change made to the page whv hopefuls should be refreshing. I just saw it today but I think it will not affect the application in any way. Just wanted to inform you. 🙂

      1. Hi Bino

        I updated the post to show what she was referring to.

        Now it says, “Working Holiday Scheme status for Philippines: There is no scheme open for this country,” instead of the earlier blurb
        “slots have been filled” blabla…

      1. Hi mslab!

        You are very welcome. It’s the least I could do to help everyone. You’ve greatly helped us all. Thank you very much for your guidance! 🙂

  18. Hi mslab,

    Last year kasi I applied for whv but was not able to get a slot so under the working holiday scheme, ang nkalagay lang ay yung detials ng application ko last year.. Walang “click here to apply” . Will it autimatcally appear on Feb. 8?


    1. Hi Jaj

      You have to delete last year’s form to see “click here to apply”.

      The system should delete the old form though before application day so you would be able to see the link you are looking for.

      1. Thanks!
        I deleted it already but still I cannot see the link. Hopefully it will tomorrow.
        Another question, the only debit card I have with mastercard logo is the payroll. Is it ok to use this one for payment?

        1. Hi Jaj

          If you review this post again, you can only see the click here to apply when you login through ‘Check my applications’.

          If ‘Working Holiday Schemes’ is selected instead, you see the country list right away.

  19. Hi, I read the FAQ already and found that I need IELTS before securing a slot? I’m not seeing any part where I need to upload any document or score for IELTS? I may be blind or something, but can you clarify that?

    SO, If I did not take IELTS yet, I will not apply to this nalang? Please advise. Thanks!

    1. Hi Neil

      Please be reminded that you are making a declaration at the end of the application form that everything you have answered is true and correct. There is also a question saying, “Do you meet the specific requirements for the scheme you are applying for?” This means that at time of application you meet the requirements already.

      Are you not able to provide a certificate of medium of instruction from your tertiary school?

  20. i checked the history in my web browser. complete later yung na click ko tapos i deleted the application after. oki lang ba yun ? 😢

    another question po. pwd ba na nasa ibang bansa yung mag apply online in behalf sa akin kahit nasa pilipinas ako ? di ba yun bawal sa immigration? super bagal kasi signal sa current location ko. thanks a lot po

  21. Hi po. question, for the second form of id, there are only 3 options. I don’t have drivers licensce, what is the national id for Filipinos? and so I’m thinking the most applicable for a FIlipino would be the birth certificate but it is ok not to put the expiry date? thanks

  22. Hi MSLAB

    I’m planning to apply whv in behalf of my husband that currently working in Kuwait..
    Do you have any idea if there is an affiliated NZ hospital or clinic to conduct Chest xray in kuwait? Since the given timeline to submit all documents is 15 calendar days?

  23. Hi Ms Lab,

    This has been a great help!! I secured a slot! Time to complete the documents and pray that it would get approved!


    1. I applied for my cousin kanina as in katabi ko siya pero ako lang nagfill up since may experience nako sa pag submit, it took me 5mins smooth naman, even though I only have 2mbps. Kaya I think this time medyo mas okay na server nila. I was in the 2017 slot and to tell you, mas malala noon, kada page 1minute ang load.haha Sa mga di nakakuha, try niyo muna i assess guys kung gusto niyo NZ, ako kasi medyo di masyado,hehe

    2. I applied for my cousin kanina as in katabi ko siya pero ako lang nagfill up since may experience nako sa pag submit, it took me 5mins smooth naman, even though I only have 2mbps. Kaya I think this time medyo mas okay na server nila. I was in the 2017 slot and to tell you, mas malala noon, kada page 1minute ang load.haha Sa mga di nakakuha, try niyo muna i assess guys kung gusto niyo NZ, ako kasi medyo di masyado,hehe

  24. Hi Mslab, I was able to get in! Thanks to this blog! Though I haven’t received the confirmation email yet.
    To those who got in, were you guys able to receive the confirmation already?

    1. Ken let us be sad together huhuhu. Kailangan yata natin ng workshop sa filling up forms in 5 minutes. Gahd. Masayang experience hahahha.

        1. Hindi ako umabot kasi wala na daw slot. :'( Can’t sleep knowing I failed. hohooho abang tayo next year! Gawa tayo Fb page hahahha

  25. Me and my partner applied for this Visa. She is in New Zealand, as for me, I am in the Philippines.

    The traffic here was simply bad… Got a site cannot be reached error every time I clicked on Next. Nag-pa-Fiber pa naman ako na 50 MBPS. Walang nangyari. Haha!

    My love from NZ got a slot though. 🙂 Happy days. This is provided that I have a Fiber internet here in the Philippines and my partner has a freaking 2 MBPS for her internet.

    Thanks for the info Flip! Congrats sa lahat ng nakakauha ng slot. Mabuhay!

  26. Hello po guys. If you read through MSLaB blog malalaman nyo po which fields u need to answer to speed up your application. You have secured a slot po kapag your payment is accepted. If its pending it means po closed na po yung slot.

  27. hindi kami nakapasok ng kapatid ko.huhuh.pero salamat ng marami mslab.may isa pa ako chance next year. .hehehe.siguro punta muna ako nz with my existing visa pampalubag :)) then apply ulit

  28. hi ms. lab sobrang bilis talaga magclose/maubos ung slot kahit 15 mins ago plang na kakaopen nagcloclose na kaagad……

  29. Question mga kapatid. Halimbawa wxpiration ng passport ko is july 2019 next year..panu kungang entry ko sa NZ is Dec 2018 pa. Need ko ba kumuha ng new passport at patatakan sa NZ? Kasi diba tatatakan nila yung current passport ko? I’m approved!!!! Thanks sa post ma. Lab.

  30. A BIG congratulations to all those who secured a slot! Wishing you all the best in the future!

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the successful applicants today. (bleep)! Anyway, there is always next year.

    Now, that I have put that out. I would like to share my blow-by-blow experience for today’s application and, hopefully, one of the successful applicants can spare a few minutes of their time to share theirs. I would like to compare and learn so as to better my chances next year.

    08:50:00 NZDT Reset my modem/router to start fresh. Turned on my laptop.
    09:00:00 NZDT Log in to NZ Immigration website and went to the exact application page
    … Refreshed the page every 10 minutes to make sure the computer does not do any background task whilst in idle mode, which may slow the performance when the right time comes.
    09:59:45 NZDT Refreshed the page and still it shows “… no scheme available…”
    10:00:05 NZDT Refreshed the page and it is now showing “…timed out…” Honestly, I could not remember the exact message nor did I took a screenshot of it as I am now getting worried at this point in time.
    10:01:00 NZDT Refreshed the page for a whole minute and still “…time out…” message is appearing.
    10:02:00 NZDT Refreshed the page for a whole minute and still “…time out…” message is appearing.
    10:03:00 NZDT I decided to close the tab and clear the browsing data (history, cookies, cache) in the hopes that it might do the trick.
    10:04:00 NZDT Opened a new tab and went to the home page of the NZ Immigration website. Drilled my way down to the log in page.
    10:05:00 NZDT Logged in successfully. Started filling up the application.
    10:08:30 NZDT Trying to submit my application but it is now showing scheme is no longer available. (bleep)!

    10:16:00 NZDT Continually clicking the submit button for the past 7 minutes but same message that the scheme is no longer available.

    My thoughts… the system disconnected my connection as I have logged in prior to 10:00:00 NZDT to make way for those who are logging in after 10:00:00 NZDT. Then again, maybe I am just out of luck this time around. I hope to hear from the successful applicants for their experience. Did you log in prior to 10:00:00 NZDT or did you only log in just after the exact time? Am just trying to ease the pain. LOL.

    Also, there might be some WHV Batch 2017 lurking around right now, I would like to ask for first-hand confirmation if there was a slot made available after the 8th of February last year. If yes, how far from the 8th of Feb did you see that there is an available slot?

  31. Congrats po sa lahat ng nakakuha slot!

    Share ko lang po experience ko. Nafillup ko yung forms in about 8 minutes basta less than 10 min po. However, pagkacomplete ko ansabi filled na yung slots. So, tinignan ko yung info sheet page.. open pa naman ansabi kaya umasa pa din ako. After 30min po siguro ng pagtratry na magsubmit ng forms.. nasubmit ko din sa wakas…kaso kahit ilang beses ko itry magproceed sa payment.. filled na ang slots. Hanggang sa sabi na sa info sheet page ehh closed na…. Sad, mabilis pa naman yung pagload ng pages not compared noong silver fern application. It was heartbreaking indeed but life goes on.. I hope, makakuha na ako slot next time kasi mareach ko na din ang age limit :(.

  32. To those who had failed to secure a slot in 2017 and tried again this year, is it true that your existing application in your account was deleted prior to 10:00:00 NZDT? I am thinking I will let it stay there (pending application) until 2019 then just hit the submit button straight away when it opens again.

    1. Hi Bino

      It wasn’t a hunch. The old website GUI mentioned of this and I personally experienced it. With the redesign they forgot to put it back…

      If it was a hunch then I would have said they might.

  33. Hi Bino,

    So sorry for you also. I feel for you. I was really hopeful kanina kasi mabilis yung loading ng pages ko. I logged in before 9am nz time. I have two working stations, one connected to the wifi and the other to the ethernet or lan. I tried to refresh every once in a while. Then, pagkapatak ng a few seconds after 9:59am nzd.. nagrefresh ako sa lahat ng nakaopen na browsers ko. Yung LAN ang nagwork for me.. chrome na browser… but maybe out of luck, hindi pa din ako nakasecure ng slot kahit na less than 10 min tinatry ko na isubmit yung form 🙁 Di bale charged to experience.. may next year pa.. don’t lose hope.

  34. Hi Bino,

    The forms will be deleted before the application day for 2019. All applicants will go through the same process to be fair. Nasagot na po ni mslab yan before. 🙂

    Mag-aabang din ako baka may magcancel ng slots nila either sa silver fern or working holiday visa. Chances are very slim pero sabi nga nila there is no harm in trying. 🙂

    1. Hi, Faith!

      Thank you for your reply. I did read somewhere mslab’s comment regarding previous applications will be deleted prior to the opening of the WHV applications . However, I thought her comment that it will be deleted was her hunch not a first-hand experience. I could be wrong though.

  35. thank you so much mslab for sharing such helpful tips. finally i got a slot . 😊 God bless 🙏 it’s time to comply all the requirements.

    1. hi bruze,

      congrats on securing a slot! naparanoid ako sa pagoopen ng WHV form ng ibang countries to practice filling out the form. ginawa ko rin kasi yun. All is good as long as i-delete mo yung application, right? this won’t affect your current WHV application where you secured a slot?

  36. Hi Ms Lab,
    I just wanna say thank you so much sa mga guidelines mo dito. First time kong mag apply at nakapasok yung application ko. Sobrang grateful. Im planning to move to sa NZ by end of this year. Im an OFW sa Singapore. Tatapusin ko muna contract ko dito. Thank you & Godbless u more

  37. Hi Mslab,

    I just recently read this blog and I found this very helpful for everyone.
    By the way, I have some few questions po, if I got it wrongly, kindly correct me po and I apologize in advance. 🙂

    1. I compared this new application guide 2018 to 2017 version, and it’s now completely different. Medyo tricky cause, wala ng asterisk. Tanong ko lang po sana under:
    **Occupation Details – Do we need to skip this? Since on the 2017 version it was suggested to skip that part.
    **Visa details – In your opinion po, what details ang pwede ilagay dito? Never papo ako nakapunta sa NZ.
    **Working Holiday Specific – Since it’s my first time ko po mag aapply ng WHV next year, I think dapat ‘NO’ po ilagay ko.

    Please correct me Mslab if I didn’t got the information correctly. Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Jam

      A. I said, “Fortunately for you the required fields have not changed so you could cross-reference from the old form.” What can you infer from that?

      B. “Visa details (if applying from New Zealand)”
      “Visa details – Only appears if applicant is in New Zealand.”

      C. I purposely did not provide the answers for this form because that is too much spoon-feeding. I’d like readers to think for themselves and choose the appropriate answer depending on their situation.

      I really suggest that you read and re-read so as to not miss details.

  38. HI MS LAB
    Im Planning to apply for a tourist visa apart from working holiday visa , so that in case i cant make it during application sa working holiday visa is Id still be able to go in NZ , its imperative lng na i can go same day as my loved ones departure date .. so ang tanong ko is once ma approve ako sa tourist is di ba affected application ko sa for this holiday working visa?

    1. Hi Raynand

      You should not have more than one visa application at the same time. If your WHV is granted before the tourist one, the tourist visa will cancel your WHV…

      Not very wise.

  39. hello. i have an existing application from last year and it’s status is pending. will i be able to edit the form for this year and pay or do i have to delete the previous form and fill up the form again for this year?

    1. Hi Ian

      As I have answered in this blog so many times… the system will delete any existing application forms made during the last application round to make it fair for everyone.

      Swerte mo naman kung hindi ma-delete ang iyo.

  40. It’s the time of the year again for WHV scheme. Last year di ako naka-secure ng slot. Will try again my luck this Feb2019. I think it’s not how much your internet speed was, because I flew all the way to HongKong and checked-in to a 5-star hotel (because of their well-known hi-speed mbps connection), and unluckily wala padin. Iyak kaya ko nun! Yung damage sa pocket ko iba din e! Hahahahaha.
    Well, good luck satin guys! Hope we could make it this time!

  41. Hello po,

    I am planning to have a try to this NZ Holiday Working Visa, but I am currently working in another country and will just have vacation for 30 days in PH upon my application this coming 7 Feb. For occupational section maapektuhan po ba if I am going to fill up that working other county?

  42. Mslab pano po pag gumawala ako last year ng account pero nakalimutan ko po ung user name at password., anu po pwde ko gawin?

  43. Hello po MsLab

    Saan po kayo kumuha ng medical insurance nung nag apply po kayong visa? Same po ba yun sa mga SunLife banyan?

  44. Hi Ma’am,

    Good day,

    Just asking lang po, if it’s okay to apply for WHV even though I’m preggy then if ever makapasok after giving birth saka pupunta ng NZ. Although sa form may question if preggy, medyo hesitant pa din ako pero I’m trying my luck kasi I wanna to NZ talaga.

    Thanks in advance po. God bless.

    1. Hi Lorein

      You need to undergo a chest X-ray if you get a slot. It’s one of the requirements of the visa.

      I don’t know if the panel physician would allow a pregnant woman undergo the X-ray… I’m probably not the best person to ask. If you really want it, maybe you can do the research yourself.

  45. I just want to share a tip. Open 10 tabs of browser. Load nyo on each tabs. Pagka hit ng 9:59:57 click refresh. Then dun ka palang mag log in. Para hindi clear cache. Thank me later. I got a slot for myself and got one for my cousin last year.

    1. Hi Thank Me Later

      Your instruction seems vague. Did you mean to hit refresh on one of the tabs then go to the Online Services website to login?

  46. Hi. I’m confused with the middle name. Do I have to put it pa ba since Family name and Given name lang ang required? Or would I just ignore it and just input Family name and Given name?

  47. Hi mslab,

    clarification regarding the x-ray certificate needed for countries, not in low risk for TB like the Philippines. I know it doesn’t make sense getting an x-ray before when you still didn’t get the slot and waste your money for nothing, but when I was carefully reading the application guide under the HEALTH section that says “If you are a passport holder of a country NOT considered low risk for TB you may be required to submit an x-ray certificate WHEN YOU SUBMIT THIS APPLICATION” I’m just a bit worried so I just want to check with you as per your experience. Your reply is much appreciated.

  48. Hi ms lab,

    Question po. Do you think its a good idea to delete the previous/pending application so i will be refreshing nalang yung page with APPLY NOW ? Thanks. I have previous application po kasi. Sana makakuha ako slot this year. Thank youuuuuu 🙏

  49. Hi Ma’am.
    Good day!
    Just wanted to ask if I can use my dad/mom’s credit card for payment? or should the card be under my name? Your reply is much appreciated. Thank you.

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